New coin added - STRATIS!

New coin joins the family!

On August 29th 2017 we added STRATIS on
With Stratis you can play six games, that's Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Plinko. Besides playing you can invest in bankroll, swap coins, tip players and most important have fun!
Totaly that's our 10th coin added on site!


Update: BIP91 and BCC

Since our last blog post about BIP148 and chain splits, the situation around bitcoin’s scaling has evolved. Mainly, BIP91 locked in and activated, and a group around viaBTC announced their plan to hard-fork bitcoin on August 1st.

BIP91 – A success?

With BIP91 locking in a few days ago and activating two days later, currently all blocks are signaling support for BIP141 (SegWit), in numbers, that’s 144 of the last 144 blocks. Unless miners renege on BIP91, which seems unlikely at this point, this should be sufficient to keep BIP148 from enforcing and to avoid both a chain split and chain reorganization due to BIP148, situations which have been explained in our contingency plan. As this was the main goal of BIP91, it seems like a huge success so far.

In reaction to BIP91 locking in, we have already increased the required amount of confirmations to 3 (for deposits) and 6 (for withdrawals). We will stick to those numbers until SegWit is locked in via BIP141, which most likely will happen in 3 weeks. You can track SegWit activation using this tool.

BCC – Hard fork preparations


Bitcoincash (BCC) is the name of a hard-fork off bitcoin’s chain planned to happen on August 1st. We’ve previously promised to allow investors access to all resulting chains, and we will stick with that promise. CryptoGames is not going to list or support BCC, but we are going to pay out BCC to investors and players. Here’s the details how:
Every user with a total amount (active balance + investment) of more than 0.01 BTC on their account will be eligible to claim their BCC. At the point of the fork, we’ll create a snapshot of user balances and everyone will receive the equivalent to their BTC balance in BCC.

In order to get your BCC, you need to set a BCC address for your account, you can do this starting right now. To set your BCC address, visit Your Account -> Settings -> BCC address on the far right. Make sure you save the address and double check it is correct. We suggest using addresses you control the private key to, but an exchange address works too.

Users will have 12 days after the fork to set their BCC addresses and receive their coins. After that, we will stop accepting new BCC addresses and you will lose your claim due to failing to meet the deadline. Should you have set your address in the 12 day window, but not get a payout yet, don’t worry, old requests will still be processed. Due to the complexity of the distribution and the huge amount of users to consider, it may take up to 10 days for the BCC distribution to start. Remember: Deadline to provide your BCC address is August 12th at 12:00 UTC.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Should you have any more questions, or expect issues during the process of claiming your BCC, either visit our chat and look for one of our staff to help you, or contact our support team via

Crypto-Games BIP148/UASF contingency plan

As more and more questions regarding the possible events around August 1st reach us, we’d like to give a short explanation of the current situation. Here is our overview of expected events, together with preparations & resulting actions. This statement is regarding BIP148 and the potential UASF/chain split following its activation. As details are still not firm and subject to change, parts of this statement may be outdated at some point, but we will try to keep everything up to date. We hope you understand things may move at a pace faster than we can supply information & updates.

1. General situation
The general situation is already well known and documented across several sources. In short, BIP148 nodes will try to orphan blocks not signaling for Segregated Witness to force miners into voting for & activating the soft fork. More detailed explanations of what BIP148 is and how it intends to achieve its goals can be found at the following website (note this site supports BIP148 and is not impartial):
BIP148 nodes are scheduled to start with this undertaking on midnight August 1st (0:00 UTC). During this event, those nodes might cause a chain split. In case of a chain split some nodes may propagate confirmed transactions that other nodes may not accept or recognize. Confirmation scoring might be unreliable for some time, resulting in transactions possibly disappearing from your wallets or being on chains other people do not accept. If this situation occurs, it will be for a short but unknown amount of time. A more detailed version of this summary can be found at the following site (this source will be updated as things progress, keep an eye out for upcoming additions):
Afterwards, there will either be one generally recognized chain, which means everything will go back to normal and we can resume using bitcoin. Conversely there will be several competing chains, in which case further action from both services and users will be needed. This is described in the section regarding our specific preparations for these events.
Please note, although neither BIP148 activation nor a chain split are guaranteed to occur we at Crypto-Games believe it is important to be prepared for all possible outcomes during the next weeks and thus provide this guide together with taking some preparations.

2. Preparations taken by Crypto-Games
In order to prepare for the potential split and network disruption, Crypto-Games will deactivate all transactions starting early July 31st (12 to 24 hours before BIP148 activates). This means both deposits and withdrawals will be paused. The amount of time needed for the situation to resolve is unknown, so we cannot predict when transactions will resume. However, we’d rather pause transactions for longer than resume them too soon.
If there is only one resulting chain, transactions will resume once everything has settled and users can continue using the site as before - depositing coins, gambling and investing, withdrawing profits…
If there are several resulting chains, things are a bit more complicated. Crypto-Games plans to give investors access to their coins on all resulting chains. As a service, we already experienced a chain split with ETC/ETH some time back. Investors were asked to provide ETC addresses and we made payments the amount of their active investments at the time of the split. We continued to accept ETH on the site and as bankroll.
The situation for BTC will be similar. Crypto-Games will request addresses from investors for any resulting chain we no longer support. We will then pay out their share of forked coins. Due to the complexity of this task, the distribution on alternative chains might take several days or even weeks following the event. We strive to do this the correct way and aim to do no damage to investors keeping their coins on the site during this time.
No matter of the outcome, Crypto-Games is preparing to deal with all possible situations.

3. During the events
During the events, we’ll try to keep everyone updated about the current status of the network and any possible, unexpected changes. If you are at any time worried or feel the need to reach out, join our chat and speak with one of our staff. They will be briefed on the situation and able to provide any important information. Also, make sure to keep an eye on news, both on our site (via the ribbons), blog (updates to this post and additional posts), social media and other platforms (e.g. bitcoin news sites or discussion communities). Make sure you cross-check any news using different, independent sources.
But most importantly: Do not panic. Keep your calm.

4. After the events
Once the dust settles and everything is resolved we will post updates on our blog to inform every one of what happened and how to proceed from that point. Investors will also be notified via an email announcement. Please wait for the updates and read what changes might be necessary before sending transactions to or from our wallets. Also, remember that the process might require some additional adjustments to our system, so bear with us should it take longer than expected. This is to ensure there are no cases of lost coins due to any possible issues with unsupported chains.

5. Questions?
If after reading this post you still have questions about the possible events or the security of funds stored at Crypto-Games, please feel free to contact us via email at We will assist you to the best of our abilities.

Litecoin Lottery

New Lottery!

Besides Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, we offer Litecoin lottery!

The draw takes place once per week, on Tuesday. Each ticket costs only 0.02 LTC.

Catch the winning spirit!

New Game - Plinko

We added another game - Plinko!

Our 7th game, plinko joined the house! Win up to 5 B Bitcoins with single ball drop!

Catch the winning spirit!

How to - in Russian

Как обезопасить свой аккаунт от взлома

При первом посещении Crypto-Games вам будет присвоен персональный ID, который будет в дальнейшем использоваться для входа на сайт. Свой ID можно просмотреть в окне Your Account > Settings, после чего стоит записать его или добавить в закладки. Он будет иметь вид URL ссылки, например:СЛУЧАЙНЫЕ_ЧИСЛА Чтобы снова зайти в свой аккаунт на Crypto-Games, вам нужно просто перейти по вышеуказанной персональной ссылке.

Никому не сообщайте и не теряйте свой персональный ID. Без подтвержденного адреса электронной почты вы не сможете получить доступ к своему аккаунту в случае утери своего ID. Установить пароль и подтвердить электронную почту можно во вкладке “Security” окна “Settings”. После установки вы получите письмо с просьбой подтвердить изменения.
Для еще большей безопасности, вы можете подключить двухфакторную аутентификацию через приложение от Google. Если вы не знакомы с этими мерами безопасности, вы можете прочитать больше здесь и здесь.  В случае утери вашего мобильного устройства, обратитесь в поддержку по адресу (заявка будет рассмотрена нашими сотрудниками в течении 24 часов).

Что делать, если вы забыли пароль

Если вы не можете вспомнить свой пароль, нажмите “Lost your password?” и в появившемся окне введите адрес электронной почты, к которой привязан ваш аккаунт. Если письмо не пришло в течении 20 минут, проверьте папку “Спам”. При успешном изменении пароля вам придет оповещение “Change successful”.

Как сделать депозит

Чтобы пополнить свой игровой счет, вам нужно открыть окно “Deposit” из меню “Your Account”. В появившемся окне вам будет сообщен персональный адрес, на который необходимо перевести криптовалюту. Баланс будет зачислен после одного подтверждения в сети. Если у вас не работает кнопка Deposit, вам нужно удостовериться, что в вашем браузере включены cookies.

Минимальные суммы для депозита:
•    0.0001 Bitcoin
•    0.005 Ether
•    0.01 Litecoin
•    100 Dogecoin
•    0.01 Monero
•    0.01 Dash
•    6 Gridcoin
•    0.1 Peercoin

Как вывести средства 

Чтобы вывести средства, откройте окно “Withdraw” из меню “Your account”. В появившемся окне, вам нужно ввести желаемую для вывода сумму в поле “Amount for withdrawal”, а в поле “Your wallet address” – адрес своего кошелька. В подменю “Transaction speed” можно выбрать размер комиссии транзакции, который будет влиять на скорость вывода средств. “Free” – вывод без комиссии, в некоторых случаях может занять до нескольких дней; “Normal” – нормальная комиссия сети; “Fast” – увеличенная комиссия для более быстрых транзакций.

Минимальные суммы для вывода:
•    0.002 Bitcoin
•    0.05 Ether
•    0.1 Litecoin
•    500 Dogecoin
•    0.2 Monero
•    0.05 Dash
•    60 Gridcoin
•    1 Peercoin

101% Payout on Lottery

Higher payouts on Lottery rounds

We're increasing Lottery payout to 101%! Players will win more than they put in the pot.

That's making us the only lottery with EV+ which is rare in the world of gambling.
Investments are not affected by this, funds goes from owners.

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Cloudflare Bug

All players should change credentials

A bug was recently discovered with Cloudflare, which Crypto-Games use for DDoS protection and other services. Due to the nature of the bug, we recommend as a precaution that you change your Crypto-Games security credentials:
•Change your password
•Clients who use API key should generate a new key

You should similarly change your security credentials for other websites that use Cloudflare (see link below for a list of possibly affected sites). If you are using the same password for multiple sites, you should change this immediately so that you have a unique password for each site. And you should enable two-factor authentication on every site that supports it.

The Cloudflare bug has now been fixed, but it caused sensitive data like passwords to be leaked during a very small percentage of HTTP requests. The peak period of leakage is thought to have occurred between Feb 13 and Feb 18 when about 0.00003% of HTTP requests were affected. Although the rate of leakage was low, the information that might have been leaked could be very sensitive, so it’s important that you take appropriate precautions to protect yourself.

Here are some links for further reading on the Cloudflare bug:
• TechCrunch article:
• List of sites possibly affected by the bug:
• Announcement on Cloudflare blog:

Crypto-Games Support Team

1 Billionth bet celebration

We're approaching 1 Billionth Dice bet!

Compete for huge rewards!

The player that places the first BTC bet after Bet ID 999.999.999 will receive 0.1 BTC, the player that places the first DASH bet after Bet ID 999.999.999 will receive 2 DASH, and so on.

To claim a reward, the player must report in chat in 5 minutes.

Catch the winning spirit!

Withdrawals - Q&A

Withdrawals – The Most Common Questions and Answers 

In our last blogpost, we explained what to check when doing a deposit and what possible problems could occur during the process. Todays post will be focused on withdrawals, the site sending coins to you. Like with deposits, there are a few things to keep in mind and a few questions that come up again and again. This post aims to answer the most common.

What do I have to consider before requesting a withdrawal?

In order to withdraw any coins, all of your deposits need to have at least 2 blockchain confirmations. You can check if they do by looking at your deposit history or looking up the transactions on a block explorer of your choice. Further, you will have to validate the request via your email, so make sure you got access to your mail address as well. Now check the bitcoin or altcoin address you want to withdraw coins to, make sure there aren't any typos and/or errors in the address and you have the right address for the coin you want to withdraw. If you have checked all these, you’re ready to request a withdrawal.

What speed should I choose for my withdrawal?

We offer different withdrawal speeds. You can move a withdrawal slider from left to right. The lower fees means slower confirmations times, while transactions with the highest fees are confirmed faster. Users in a hurry should opt for the fast withdrawals, while those that don’t mind a long wait (even a week or more) might prefer using a free withdrawal. Free withdrawals are possible on all coins except Monero, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Generally, for the average user, we suggest the medium option, as it is a good mix between keeping the fees low and ensuring a fast confirmation time.

I’ve requested a withdrawal but there is no transaction yet, what now?

First, make sure you’ve confirmed the withdrawal request via the link sent to you by mail. If you have done that, wait a bit. Should there be no transaction after a few hours, get in touch with the support team. In some rare cases, a withdrawal needs to be confirmed manually, which means it takes a little time before the transaction is sent.

My withdrawal was sent, but is unconfirmed, can the site speed it up?

No, once a transaction is sent, there is nothing the site can do to get it confirmed, you will have to wait on the network to do its job. You can influence the speed for future transactions by choosing a higher fee/speed when requesting the withdrawal, but for this one you will have to wait it out.

I have requested a withdrawal but I don’t want it or don’t need it anymore, can I cancel it? 

After a withdrawal has been confirmed via the email link and the transaction was sent, there is no way to cancel a withdrawal, you will have to deposit the coins back into your account if you want to continue playing.

What happens with a withdrawal if it doesn’t get confirmed via mail?

If you do not confirm your withdrawal via the link sent to you by mail, or if the mail doesn’t reach you for some reason, the request will be canceled after 24 hours. In this case, the coins will be added back to your account/your balance.

Can you resend a transaction if it doesn't get confirmed? 

No, we're not resending transactions.

How should I determine the fees for my transaction? 

For Bitcoin transactions, you can check the Bitcoinfees website.


I paid 0.0005 BTC for withdrawal fees, but blockchain shows it was paid less, why? 

We pay 0.0005 BTC (for normal withdrawal) fees per one kB. It is not possible for us to give good estimates, or an estimate at all, of how large your transaction will be. When a transactions size is lesser than a kB, the transaction fee is lower than 0.0005 BTC accordingly. says "Transaction rejected by our node", what now? is unreliable when it comes to checking transactions. Instead check or whichever block explorer you prefer. If it's visible in at least one of these block explorers, then your transaction has not been rejected.

Coinbase told me they did not receive any coins and they has been refunded to Crypto-Games. Will you send it again? 

We're not resending any coins, unless it was rejected on ALL block explorers (for example,,,, etc) and transaction was actually canceled. Monitor and keep track of your transactions on those block explorers.

Deposits - Q&A

Deposits – The 6 Most Common Questions and Answers.

As we’re getting a lot of questions about when deposits will be credited, why they are showing as pending, or sometimes not showing up at all, here is a short Q&A about the frequent questions we receive regarding when deposits will be credited and why they are showing as pending (or sometimes not showing up at all).

What are deposits?
To cover all bases, when we talk about deposits, we mean crypto-currency transactions (we’ll focus on bitcoin transactions here, things are similar for the altcoins our site features) originating from your wallet or your wallet provider (when using web wallets), going towards the wallet of our site. Deposits are regular transactions and can be handled as such.

What should I do before I deposit coins?
Before any deposit, make sure to double check the address you are sending to. Go to the deposit window and compare the address you have with the address shown. If they match, you’re ready to send coins to your account.

When will my deposit be credited?
We credit deposits to your account after the regarding transaction has 1 network confirmation. If you don’t know how to look up whether your transaction has a network confirmation yet, here’s how to do it: First, you need the transaction ID, you should get it from your wallet. A transaction ID is a simple hex-string and can look like this for example, ead5359ff13509220b44742b92551192d57be989f0f5622059d2138b176974b0. Now that you have your transaction ID, you can check if your transaction has the required network confirmation on any block explorer (we suggest using Enter your transaction ID and check the section saying “Confirmations:”. If it shows “unconfirmed”, you'll have to wait until it shows 1 confirmation for your deposit to be credited.

My deposit is showing as pending, do I have to do anything else?
As explained above, deposits are only credited after getting confirmed by the coin’s network. Before that, they show up as pending. You can’t gamble, tip or invest the coins as long as they are just pending. The only thing you can do is wait, neither the user nor the site can speed up the process, in the pending phase, the coin’s network has to pick up the transaction and confirm it. If you are consistently experiencing long waiting times for your deposits to be credited and are annoyed by such, consider using higher transaction fees on your future deposits. A higher transaction fee increases the priority on your transaction and makes it more likely to be included in a block, hence getting a confirmation.

I’ve sent a deposit but it doesn’t show as pending, what’s wrong?
On some coins, we can’t show pending deposits due to the structure of their network. Ethereum is an example of such a coin. If your deposit on another coin does not show up, don’t panic. Sometimes transactions don’t reach our nodes due to mempool related issues. Wait for your transaction to get confirmed, most deposits are credited at this point. If your transaction is confirmed and still nothing is showing up, get in touch with the support staff.

Any further questions?
In case some things are still unclear or you have issues with your deposit that are not being covered by the questions/answers above, you can contact our support team ( They are abled to help in single case scenarios and provide further insight.

2.57 BTC Jackpot!

Congratulations to player WildTiger for amazing Jackpot!

WildTiger won an amazing Dice Jackpot, 2.5769 BTC!

Winning BetID was 919924877 and result of bet was 77.777

Refund Policy

Crypto-Games Refund Policy

As many of you are aware, we at Crypto-Games do not offer our players refunds. This no refund policy is in place for a variety of reasons.

Since we have received questions regarding this policy, we would like to provide transparency and justification. Factors that went into this policy are as follows:
  • Refunds would have to be dealt using investor funds since our casino is crowd-funded
    • This would require investor consensus for a refund on a case-by-case basis
    • Consensus would be cumbersome given the number of investors
  • Refunds are not dealt to players as the casino does not request refunds when players win
  • The terms of service place the onus of willing and deliberate gambling on the player
  • If the services malfunction, the bets made during the period in question are void as to avoid any conflict
As you can see, there are a variety of safeguards and reasons why we cannot offer refunds. We hope this provides clarity on our policy. As always, have fun and catch the winning spirit!

900 million dice bets

900 million bet bounty!

Few million bets left and we'll reach another milestone.

Full rules for the reward:
  • Hit a dice roll with betID 900,000,000
  • Bet at least 0.0000005 BTC, 0.005 Dash, 50 doge, 0.005 LTC, 1 GRC, 0.0025 ETH or 0.05 PPC, 0.00005 XMR
  • Don't bet with PlayMoneyHave an account with 10 or more active days
  • Report in chat in 5 minutes
 Catch the winning spirit!