Happy 2017!

Best wishes from Crypto-Games team!

May the year ahead brings you good luck, fortune, success and lots of love. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Challenge time

Crypto-Games Challange

Accept our challenge on Video Poker, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Dice and win 0.005 BTC for each bet fulfilling requests below

Video poker:
Hit Four Sevens, Straight flush or Royal flush
Video Poker BetID must be 99000 or higher.

Hit 2 Blackjacks in a row.
Blackjack BetID must be 1626500 or higher.
If you split hand and you receive blackjack on both hands, it counts as two blackjacks.
When you split hands - one blackjack will count in row as well
Only player's Blackjack counts, the dealer's does not.

Hit 4 or 5 coins in the middle line.
Slot BetID must be 5711000 or higher.

Hit 2 sevens in a row.
Must be a PROFITABLE bet (you must make profit on this bet).
Roulette BetID must be 789800 or higher.

We're looking for betID with roll 1.111, 2.017, 2.222, 3.333, 4.444.
Each roll will be awarded once.
Minimum bet is 0.000003 BTC, 0.0004 DASH, 100 DOGE, 0.0004 ETH, 1 GRC, 0.001 LTC, 0.02 PPC, 0.0003 XMR
Dice BetID must be 830900000 or higher.

Each challenge is rewarded with 0.005 BTC which will be added on Crypto-Games account.
Maximum of 5 rewards per game (5 rewards on Video poker, 5 rewards on Blackjack, 5 rewards on Slot, 5 rewards on Roulette and 5 rewards on Dice) will be dealt.

PlayMoney bet does NOT count as valid bet.
At least 3 active days on your account

When you hit it, post your BetID(s) in bitcointalk forum thread with your nickname and game you played.Code:

Claims will only be valid on the forum.

Challenge will end on January 1st 2017 at 7:00 UTC.

Free holiday coins!

Happy holidays from Crypto-Games!

Visit Crypto-Games.net during holidays, receive free coins, participate in chat games and post your nickname in bitcointalk thread for up to 0.01 BTC!

800 Million Play-Money

Player LocoDice hit 800 Millionth bet

Congratulations to player LocoDice for hitting 800 Millionth bet. We recorded a video:

Player received 800 Million Play-Money as reward. Amount is equal of 0.16 Bitcoin.

Congratulations again!

800 million bets

800 million bet bounty

We're 5 million bets away from hitting another round BetID. We'll be giving away 800 million Play-Money to player who'll hit it.

Players can convert Play-Money to 8 coins.
Winner must report in chat in 5 minutes to claim a reward!

Video Poker

 We added new game!

We're proud to present our new, 6th game - Video Poker!

You can play three variants of poker, most popular Jacks or better, Tens or better and Bonus poker! Video poker can be played for free with nine coins!

Start playing and win up to 12 Bitcoin with one bet hitting Royal Flush!

Big Lotto draw for top wagering players

 Monthly HUGE lottery draws!

Beginning in January we will be conducting 3 special lottery draws at the beginning of every month. Free lotto tickets will be dealt to the players who wager the most in Bitcoin, Doge, Ether and Litecoin (LTC from August). The prize pools are given below:

10 highest BTC wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 BTC lottery tickets
10 highest DOGE wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 DOGE lottery tickets
10 highest ETH wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 ETH lottery tickets
10 highest LTC wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 LTC lottery tickets

The 1,500 lottery tickets for each of the three coins will be dealt in the following way:

1st place 500 free lotto tickets
2nd place 350 free lotto tickets
3rd place 200 free lotto tickets
4th place 150 free lotto tickets
5th place 100 free lotto tickets
6th place 60 free lotto tickets
7th place 50 free lotto tickets
8th place 40 free lotto tickets
9th place 30 free lotto tickets
10th place 20 free lotto tickets

Lastly, these special drawings are not exclusive! Any player will be able to buy-in for a chance at these large drawings. We hope you enjoy, and as always, catch the winning spirit!

777.777.777 bet!

Sevens on horizon! 

Everything will be in style of sevens in a few days!

Roll the BetID 777.777.777 on dice and win 77.777 DOGE + 77 DOGE Lotto tickets

Bite this opportunity

Invest notice

Change of investment share

We would like to notify our investors of an upcoming change to our investment program. Beginning December 1st, 2016, investors will share a 70% cut of the casino profit. This will change from the original 80%. This change is being made to accommodate the rapid growth of the site as more support will be required and additional administrative costs will be incurred. If you wish to divest your funds as a result of this change, please do so prior to December 1st 2016.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope you catch the winning spirit.

Monero added!

New coin joined the family!

On October 11th we added Monero on Crypto-Games.net.
You can play 4 games with monero, that's Dice, Slot, Roulette and Blackjack. Besides playing you can invest in bankroll, exchange to/from other coins, tip players and most important have fun!
Totaly we have 9 coins to play with, would you like to see more of them? ;)


Chat rules

Hello there, I am a Moderator in Crypto-Games.net. Many of you may have seen me in chat, my nickname is Void3999.

In this blogpost I will talk about the Crypto-Games.net chat rules. The first place to look for the formal chat rules is in the chat rules page on the site. However, in this post I will be providing justification for many of the rules we enforce and provide clarity on why they exist.

Chat rules

First and foremost, the admins and moderators prefer an easy to read and fun chat. Having one provides an enjoyable gaming atmosphere and improves the morale of our site visitors and players. Our main theme at Crypto-Games is gambling with Bitcoin and alt-coins where the chat is there for help, stress relief, and fun. At this point, I will go through each of the rules and plainly explain their purpose. I will also be providing pointers on how to increase your earnings from our in-chat RainBot for fun and profit. 

#1 We would like to keep the chat clean. So do not spam. 
  • Spamming/flooding is one of the most common chat abuses we see users commit. In simple terms, chatters may not post the same line repeatedly, post multiple off-topic messages, post extensive monologues, or copy and paste larger pieces of text from a another site such as Wikipedia and other similar sources.
  • We understand players using phones and tablets accidentally press the send button, just try to be more careful after the first or second accident.
  • RainBot can pick up on spam/abuse and will adjust rain accordingly.
#2 No cursing. Do not be purposefully offensive or insult other people.
  • Again, we aim to have a clean, fun, and enjoyable chatting atmosphere. Insults and arguments do not belong in chat, please take them elsewhere.
  • It is koshur to avoid intense conversations about religion and politics. Also, refrain from racism, sexism, or highly controversial statements.
  • If a user can't understand something, don't attack him or her; try to explain with different words or simply ignore the user if they cannot be helped in English. 
#3 Insulting or offensive nicknames are not allowed.
  • Insulting nicknames is referring to nicknames that contain curse words, blatant sexual references, racism, or sexism in any language, but especially in English.
  • When you choose a nickname you need to do a little research. Google the name you want to use, sometimes you may not be aware that it is offensive in a different language. 
#4 Do not post messages consisting of only a few characters , like "lol" or smileys.
  • This is by far our most controversial rule. Given our chat box only has a few lines, if many users post 'lol' or a single word messages every few seconds, the chat would be cumbersome to read.
  • Even though that chat history keeps recent messages for review to see what other users wrote before you, we prefer a cleaner chating experience. Not to mention, exessive short messages will clear the chat history much faster and can make it harder for someone logging in to see the history on the current conversation.
  • Moderators are able to make note of frequent abusers which may factor into potential mutes.
  • Since RainBot factors in character count on messages, it is smart to stick to more substantial chat messages.
  • RainBot is colorblind and will not factor in any green-text !rolls, !tips, or !flips into your potential rain.
#5 Respect [ADM]s/[MOD]s and their decisions , they have that tag  for a reason. Naturally , we expect players to also show respect towards other players.
  • Respect in chat is key.
#6 Asking for tips or rain in chat, may it be specific to one person , to the chat in general , or in a roundabout manner is not allowed. Begging is also not allowed.
  • I am gambler myself.  I find it hard to ignore beggars and dislike the negative vibes they give off. Please avoid the easy trap of begging for freebies.
  • You are more likely to receive a surprise tip or gift for being a good conversationalist. 
#7 We do not allow you to advertise other sites. Posting a link might be considered advertising, depending on the situation. If you want to be safe, please ask for permission first.
  • Avoid mentioning or promoting similar other gambling sites or your referral link for any site.
#8 Opening URLs in chat is at your own risk.
  • We are not responsible for what others post in chat. As such, links from other players may send you to a site that contains malware, viruses, or content your would prefer not see see. 
#9 Speaking in the English channel must be conducted only in English.
  • Other languages may be used in the International chat channel
  • This rule is to avoid making chat the tower of Babel
#10 We do not tolerate any (arbitrary) scam accusations. All our games are provably fair.
  • If you have a question or concern regarding the validity of Crypto-Games, first, check the provable fairness of your bets for yourself. Then, email support for further issues.
  • Complaining in chat for losses and subsequent scam accusations will result in a mute.
#11 Do not write in all caps letters because it is considered shouting.
  • This is the ensure the chat is a calm, fun, and enjoyable experience.
#12 Do not offer or ask for loans.
  • Since we do not regulate loans (via tipping) on Crypto-Games, we cannot ensure that they are paid back. As such, only loan out amounts you are willing to lose.
Rainbot 101
Now for the fun section. I will be providing tips on how to increase your RainBot gains legitimately in this RainBot 101 course.

Believe it or not, there was a time when tipping and RainBot didn't exist in chat. Rain was easily exploitable by spamming. Since then, the admins have implemented a more elegant RainBot solution.
The idea behind RainBot is simple. RainBot will send out random amounts of coin at different time intervals to up to 6 of the most active chatters. To calculate your rain, RainBot will factor in the quality of your messages as well as your total character count since the last rain. Given this knowledge, here are a few tips to increase your rain.

TIP #1 : Don't push too hard for a big rain during your first days. You will be noticed as a spammer or inconsistent chatter by the moderators and may be flagged by RainBot for lower rain. Simply have patience, greet people, ask questions, and have fun!

TIP #2 : When you write a chat message you must wait a little for a response from other users, unless what you try to say is too long for one message. RainBot will notice if you start monologues with yourself to increase your character count. Conversation should really be between two people, not with yourself.  

TIP #3 : Avoid typing big numbers when you mention low amounts of a coin. For example, don't type 0.00000177 BTC, instead type 177 satoshi. RainBot weighs special characters and numbers lower, so spamming long numbers or punctiation like !!!!!! will not increase your rain.

TIP #4 : When you want to start a conversation where someone else is interested, try to not talk about yourself. Find some topics or subjects the other chatters are interested in and build on those. This can be similar to how they say women find comments about their beauty the most interesting. I can assure you no matter what the gender, we all enjoy converstations where the other is positively talking about us.

TIP #5 : Expand your greetings creatively. Instead of just "Hi," maybe add in their name. To make it even more significant, type the name instead of paste it,  remove any number at end to make it more personal 

Example - my nick is Void3999 , but calling me void is much better.
(fine detail - first capital reduced to small or vice-versa)

And please, if you are to greet more than 2 people, don't write one line for each one. Make a general greeting such as 'hello chatters' or 'hi everyone.' If you have the patience, greet each one individually after waiting for their response.

I am a well known spammer and troll, so i will end this 'flood' attack here ... I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned something.

Void3999 used a casual writing style, this verison was proofread and edited by Twistedx2

600 Millionth Bet Giveaway

Our 600 Millionth bet is close!

In a few hours, we'll achieve 600 million bets made in Dice.

Dogecoin lottery

In celebration, we'll be giving away free Dogecoin lottery tickets for the next Dogecoin lottery draw. The player who hits the 600 millionth bet will receive 400 Dogecoin lottery tickets (worth 100,000 DOGE)!

PS: Rainbot is filled with DOGE ;)

New feature - Exchange!

Crypto-Games now has its own built-in exchange!

You can now exchange from one coin to another directly on Crypto-Games! Whether it's from Bitcoin to Ethereum or from Peercoin to Dogecoin, you can now exchange your cryptocurrencies without leaving the site. To use this new feature, simply navigate to the "Withdraw" tab on top of the site and go to “Exchange”. There are no extra fees; the exchange rate is posted before you execute a trade.

altcoin exchange

Cryptocurrencies are exchanged from the Crypto-Games (from Kewl and Joter85) bankroll. By doing this, other investors are not affected by this new feature. Users can only exchange 10 times in 24 hours. This is to prevent abuse. Happy (ex)changing!


We've all heard of the famous Cryptolocker, and if not, it is definitely something you should be aware of. Cryptolocker is known for infiltrating your computer or device, locking down your stored files in some way and threatening to delete them if you do not meet their demands. The demands typically come in the form of money using a prepaid card or Bitcoin. Victims are given a time limit to meet the demands before their files are lost. Sound scary enough? The question then is; how do you avoid this?

What is it?

Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like; it holds your computer files hostage where you, the victim, need to pay a costly ransom to get it back or your data will be lost forever. Victims are given no other choice as ransomware was made to launder money, and to rake in a profit. Payments must be made on a browser like Tor, but in most cases, on a generic browser over an unencrypted network. In the case of Cryptolocker, which is now considered obsolete among the various types of ransomware, it encrypts your files making it nearly impossible to recover your files as decrypting the algorithm takes time and loads of computing power. Fortunately, there's already been a fix to Cryptolocker, and it's possible to get rid of it, but there are many ways to avoid things like this in the future - and it's much simpler than you think. There are over a dozen varieties of ransomware (Locky, Zepto, CryptXXX) and for most of them, there's no easy fix.

Ransomware Cryptolocker

How can I avoid it?

Always check if a site where you're inputting login data has SSL enabled or not - this can be verified by a lock in the top right of your searchbar, or by a green searchbar. In our case, Crypto-Games has SSL enabled, so there's almost no risk of your data being tampered with as long as you've confirmed that the site is indeed Crypto-Games and is not a scam site. Next, look at the URL and check if it's spelled correctly. Some sites will take advantage of a typo and advertise themselves on other websites or even on Google - one example of this was http://blockchian.info, a phishing site that was designed to take passwords and usernames of Blockchain.info users. Notice that it's spelled Blockchian and not Blockchain. While it may seem insignificant, Blockchain.info and Blockchian.info lead to two very different sites.
Never visit suspicious links or open suspicious emails, especially with compressed attachments like .zip, .7z, .rar and others. Viruses and ransomware have evolved to the point where they can open themselves automatically through Java or other Flash-based code, and it's never a good idea to click any links or open any emails that seem out of place. Everybody tells you this, but it's actually very effective in avoiding both ransomware and viruses. Always keep your software updated (Java, Adobe Flash, PDF readers, antivirus software, etc.)
Never answer an eMail or chat message from anybody pretending to be from Crypto-Games that seems out of place. We will never ask you for your password! Just to double-check, visit our official Twitter at https://twitter.com/crypto_games we'll keep you posted on any breaches or incidents there.

How has this affected Bitcoin?

Many new forms of ransomware do not have a 'cure' yet - you won't be able to remove the ransomware in most cases. This is a good reason why you should always backup all of your files, and sometimes even your whole computer. If you fall prey to one of these traps, you can always restore your documents and programs and you'll essentially have lost nothing. It can sometimes be annoying, but it's well worth the time - security is your first priority. We recommend using external drives for backup; they provide the quickest file transfer speed, which sometimes is irrelevant, but it may matter in this scenario. Larger backups may take longer periods of time. You can also use smaller drives from more essential files or files that need to be readily accessible for another level of redundancy.


What if I get infected?

Many new forms of ransomware do not have a 'cure' yet - you won't be able to remove the ransomware in most cases. This is a good reason why you should always backup all of your files, and sometimes even your whole computer - if you fall prey to one of these traps, you can always restore your documents and programs and you'll essentially have lost nothing. It can sometimes be annoying, but it's well worth the time - security is your first priority. We recommend using external drives for backup; they provide the quickest file transfer speed, which sometimes is irrelevant, but matters in this scenario. Larger backups may take longer periods of time, although you can store additional files on smaller flash drives, which can be more convenient but offer much less storage space for the most part.


Ransomware can be potentially devastating if you store valuable documents on your computer. This is why it is a good idea to always back up your computer to ensure that you'll have minimal losses if something does happen. While nobody thinks it'll happen to them, it could potentially attack you and you could lose a lot of money. We hope this guide has helped you out in some way or form; it doesn't only apply to ransomware, but to malware in general.

Account Security

How To Be Safe

These days, it seems like everybody's getting hacked- Bitfinex, Mt. Gox, you name it! But what about your Crypto-Games account? It's definitely a possibility, so we've created this article to help you secure your account- and help you do it right!


It seems like everybody takes password strength lightly these days- we're all focused on 2FA and the newest security protocols when the lowest-level security measures can be what stops a hack. When setting a password, we recommend you make the password at least 10 characters long, with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and a special symbol. Why? Given current technology, even a 9-digit password will take at least 9 years to hack, and 10-digit is almost impossible to hack for that matter. Technology does change, but for now, we recommend that you follow our guidance. Try memorizing your password as well; those 'remember password' checkboxes use cookies to store passwords. Therefore, when you clear your browser cache, your browser will 'forget' the password. You definitely don't want that happening! Never share your password with anyone, not even support. If you receive an email from someone claiming to be a Crypto-Games staff/support and asking for your password, do not respond. We will never ask you to reveal your password.


2FA has been a very good technological advance in terms of protection- unfortunately, you'll need a phone to do this, but it's a very good way to secure your account. The most common way of utilizing this method of security is to simply turn it on! 2FA will send a text to your phone asking for confirmation that you want to use this as your 2FA device. Once you enter a code to confirm it, you'll be all set! Each time you login, you'll need to use a code sent to your phone- this can be a hassle, but assuming you've already logged into your account on one device, you won't need to use 2FA for a while. While not the most secure way of protecting your account in the world, 2FA ensures that both devices (computer and phone) are needed to log into an account, thereby increasing security. 2FA can also be hacked- yes, it is possible because no security method is unbreakable That's why we recommend putting up multiple layers of security, so that if one layer fails, there's redundant layers to stop it. An example of a potential threat can be found on Androids where some screensavers CAN view your phone's screen and potentially hack your 2FA or PIN. More ways 2FA can be hacked are:
  • Someone could gain access to your 2FA device or OTP list (lost or stolen phone, device, or OTP lists).
  • A malicious application (like a trojan horse) that you install on your device steals your 2FA data.
  • Real-Time Phishing (the phisher asks for your OTP, then uses it immediately).
  • Insecure set up (for example, using Google Voice with your SMS based 2FA).
  • Man in the middle attacks (hackers insert themselves between your web browser and the web site, and steal your 2FA credentials as they are transferred).
  • Phishers pretending to be technical support tricking you into disabling your 2FA.
  • Phishers pretending to be you trick your technical or customer service support into disabling your 2FA.
  • Getting access to your 2FA via hacking some other related site (for example, breaching your cell phone provider's web site).
As you can see, 2FA is indeed a good way of ensuring security, but there are still vulnerabilities. That's why we've taken several measures to ensure that nobody can get into your account! We'll explain some more risks next.

Using Unique Passwords For Each Site

This is another big one- while you may be tempted to use only one password for all sites, this is a very, very bad idea. If one site happens to be fake or gets hacked, your data could be potentially leaked, and you could lose access to all of your accounts. This is one of the easiest things to fix by simply writing down the passwords for each site that you may not be able to remember. Physical storage has been and will always be one of the most secure ways to store data as it can't, for the most part, do anything bad. Although some programs offer to 'automatically enter' passwords for each site and save them, this is actually a bad idea; if that software gets hacked, all of your passwords will be openly available.

Public and Unsecure Computers/Networks

This is another very obvious risk that can be remedied. When using public computers, make sure that you DO NOT click remember password; in fact, just try to stay away from public computers at all times if you plan on accessing a site that requires a password. Your password could be logged very easily as you don't know what's on the computer. With public networks, somebody can easily view all connections and data being transferred on the network with the click of a button; the risk is very real. We recommend using your default firewalls and VPNs whenever possible on those connections. These are easy mitigations where, for the most part, you probably won't be hacked this way.


Since it is very easy to be hacked anywhere, these tips don't just apply on Crypto-Games. These tips can be used on any computer or device. Being hacked is a real risk, and we hope we've helped you out with these simple and easy tips. Please contact as at support@crypto-games.net if you have any questions about the security of your Crypto-Games account.

Crypto-Games is 2 Years Old!

2 Years of Hard Work

On August 21 2014, me (Kewl) and Joter85 started with Crypto-Games.net. Basically, it was an upgraded version of DogecoinMachine.net, only it included Bitcoin and Litecoin in addition to Dogecoin. We knew we would add more games, so we did not include “slot” or “slot machine” in the domain name.
Crypto-Games August 2014
First version of Crypto-Games in August 2014
The picture above shows the original front page. Looking at it now, it feels like something is missing :) We were and still are adding new things almost every day to make Crypto-Games better and to offer a greater gambling experience.

Soon after launch, we added a simple Dice game without autobot and then slowly added features, games, and coins.

We would like to thank our moderators; we couldn't do this without you guys! Some of the moderators said goodbye, some joined our team not so long ago. The current team is composed of Lutpin, Accountant, DemiGod, Void3999, Hohen, and recently less active Adzino and Juan.

We're growing slowly but steadily. This is evident in our increases in daily visitors, wagered amount, investments, number of bets, the number of maximum players at the same time, and so on.

If you missed the celebration, you can still receive free Bitcoins if you're at least Jr. Member on the Bitcointalk forum, and if your Crypto-Games account is at least 10 days old or you have wagered more than 2 Bitcoins. Here's the bitcointalk thread.
As always - catch the winning spirit!

2 years Celebration!

Birthday Party at Crypto-Games

We're turning 2 years old on Sunday (21st August)!

Crypto-Games.net 2 years old

We'd like to celebrate this very special day together with you.

In the spirit of this special event, we are offering the following promotions:
- A 0% House Edge (on Dice) promotion, running for a few hours
- A total of 0.1 BTC given away in chat via our Rainbot system
- A lottery ticket giveaway for chatters
- A huge bitcointalk giveaway open to (almost) everyone

Catch the winning spirit at Crypto-Games!

Ethereum Classic

On July 20th, 2016, Ethereum (ETH) underwent a hard fork as a result of the DAO hack. On July 21st, 2016 a new coin was born - Ethereum Classic (ETC). Its characteristics are the same, except it is running on a separate (the old) blockchain. All users who had Ether (ETH) invested on 20th July, thus own the same amount of Ethereum Classic (ETC).

ethereum classic

Investors had total of 2,380 ETH invested on 21st July at our website and, as nice gesture, we will give those investors the same amount of ETC as the ETH they had invested on 20th July.

We Added Roulette!

Today we added a new game - Roulette

Who doesn't know one of the most popular games in casinos, Roulette? We finally added this simple, but still, deeply complex game for beginners and advanced gamblers.
In order to play Roulette, players must place bet(s) on the table. After clicking spin, the computer will spin the Roulette wheel. A small ball is sent around the spinning wheel and, after a few seconds, the ball settles in one of the wheel partitions.

Bitcoin roulette
There are many Roulette variants, but we chose European Roulette, which offers the lowest house edge at 2.7%.

Payout table for Roulette:
Odd Numbers (Impair)     1:1
Even Numbers (Pair)     1:1
Black Numbers (Noir)     1:1
Red Numbers (Rouge)     1:1
1 to 18 (Low, Manque)     1:1
19 to 36 (High, Passe)     1:1
1 to 12 (P12, first dozen)     2:1
13 to 24 (M12, second dozen)     2:1
25 to 36 (D12, third dozen)     2:1
Column bet     2:1
Single Number / Straight     35:1
Split (2 numbers)     17:1
Street (3 numbers)     11:1
Corner / Square (4 numbers)     8:1
Six line / Double Street (6 numbers)     5:1

Plese remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy!

500 Million Bets

Half a billion bets on our Dice game!

In few days we'll reach half a billion dice rolls made by players at Crypto-Games.net!

Overall, more than 3,000 lottery tickets (worth 0.1 BTC, 250,000 DOGE & 5 ETH) will be given away for free during the celebration.

Winner of the 500 millionth bet receives:
500 x lottery tickets BTC
500 x lottery tickets DOGE
500x lottery tickets ETH
That's total of 0,05 BTC, 125k DOGE, 2.5 ETH

Bets: 500 mio +1 and -1 receives:
100 x lottery tickets BTC
100 x lottery tickets DOGE
100x lottery tickets ETH

Bets: 500 mio +2 and -2 receives:
50 x lottery tickets BTC
50 x lottery tickets DOGE
50x lottery tickets ETH

Bets: 500 mio +3 and -3 receives:
25 x lottery tickets BTC
25 x lottery tickets DOGE
25x lottery tickets ETH

Another 450 tickets will be dealt in chat, so be active!

Ethereum Hard Fork

Hard fork due today

Today, at around 13:30 UTC on block 1920000, an Ethereum hard fork will take place because of the DAO hack in June. Miners should support the hard fork in order to recall the DAO hack event and refund the stolen Ether to DAO token holders.
Ethereum hard fork

You can watch what's happening live: Fork.ethstats
And here is a countdown clock

Because of this event, we'll disable Ether deposits and withdrawals until the hard fork is finished and everything is back in place. Other coin deposits and withdrawals will work normally. We're sorry for inconvenience.

Maximum Number of Online Users

New record of online users at the same time!

Yesterday we had a new record for the number of online users at the same time. We were waiting for the day that we would exceed 200 online users and we did it! The new record is 207 online users and it happened July 12th, 2016 around 21:00 UTC :)

online users

We're happy to add another milestone met in our achievements! We have our eyes on the next one, which is rapidly approaching. It is 500 million bets made on our Dice game, that's right...half a billion bets! We'll reach this milestone in less than a month and then comes our 2nd birthday, yaaaay for us. We're going to have a party ;)

Bitcoin Halving - Halving Our House Edge

We are halving our house edge together with the Bitcoin halving

Today, based on the halving clock, the Bitcoin block reward will be halved from 25 Bitcoins to 12.5 Bitcoins. When miners started to mine Bitcoins, they were rewarded 50 Bitcoins for sealing a block on the blockchain ledger. In November 2012, the reward was halved to 25 Bitcoins, and now it's decreasing to 12.5 Bitcoins.

With the halving event we're doing the same, but not halving rewards. We are halving our house edge! Meaning, you'll have a higher chance for winning! House edge halving will take place around the Bitcoin halvening event and will last for few hours.

Bitcoin halving

Join us for this amazing event and catch the winning spirit at CryptoGames!

Fast Dice Bets

Lightning fast bets on dice game!

Today, on July 4th we're having a NO delay promotion for our dice game! You can bet as fast as possible even on low bets and try your new betting strategy.

This promotion will last a few more hours, until the evening (if you're in the UTC timezone). Currently we're hosting around 115 bets per second and will probably see 7 million bets made in the next 24 hours – a new record! Meanwhile, we're working on one new game, which will be ready to play in August ;) Stay tuned!

Wagering Contest is Starting

Our monthly wagering is about to begin!

Only a few hours left until we start our monthly Bitcoin wagering contest. The contest will last for exactly one month, from midnight UTC on the first of the month until the end of the month 23:59 UTC. Wagering contests will be running every month. We expect the competition among players to be tough in order to win the prizes below.

Prizes are:
1st price will receive 0.25 BTC
2nd place will receive 0.1 BTC
3rd place will receive 0.05 BTC

Place your bets

Wager amount is added up from all of the games we offer (not just Dice), so you can play your best game and compete for one of above prizes.

The CryptoGames staff wishes you the best of luck. Game on! ;)

Wagering contest

Wagering contest starts in July!

From now on we'll be doing monthly wagering contests on all games combined. For start, contest will run only on bitcoin bets.

bitcoin wagering contest

First bitcoin monthly wagering contest starts on first day of July 2016 from 0:00 UTC time. Contest will end every last day of the month at 23:59 UTC time. Three users who'll wager the most on all games (dice, slot machine, blackjack and lottery) every month, will receive rewards on their account.

Prize pool:
Winner of contest will receive 0.25 Bitcoin,
second place will receive 0.1 Bitcoin,
third place will receive 0.05 Bitcoin.

Leaderboard can be found under Rewards, tab Contest.

Good luck and have fun!

Account security

Account Security

We at Crypto-Games are taking security seriously, that's why we're encouraging players to set their email, password and two factor authentication. LongID or personal ID can be lost, therefore it is not recommended that it be used as the only protection of your account. This applies not only on our website, but on all websites using peronal ID links.
Make sure to password protect your account with a good password that's at least 10 characters, no words from dictionary, contains a random combination of upper and lower letters, numbers, and special characters (!,",#,$,%,&,/,(,),=,?). Once you set up your password, you will be sent a confirmation email. We don't allow temporary (disposable) email addresses, so make sure you enter a "real" one. The confirmation email will be sent to your address instantly and after you receive it in your inbox, confirm it as soon as possible by clicking on the link inside the email.

2 factor authentication

After confirming your email, set up google two factor authentication. Shortened, 2FA is a combination of your password and a one-time password which changes every 30 seconds.
To enable it, go to the "Your Account" page, then the “Security” tab where you have an option to enable this advanced security option. You will be shown a QR code that can be scanned by your phone and you're done. Doing all this ensures you are secured with your email, password, and 2FA code on your login page and for every withdrawal request. We're encouraging all users to set these security precautions in order to protect their accounts.

Wagered Coins Prediction Contest

Accurately predict the total amount of wagered coin and win 0.05 BTC!

On the bitcointalk forum, a prediction thread created by our user our moderator Lutpin is currently active.

At the beginning of each month, Lutpin will be selecting one of our supported coins for the contest.
You then have to predict how much the total wagered amount (all users combined) of that coin will be for the entire month.
Lutpin will use the "last 30 days" number on the last day of each month to determine the winners.

This month's coin is Bitcoin!


- You have to play under his referral link - click
- You have to be Junior Member or above to join this promotion
- Your crypto-games.net account has to be "Private" or above, which is a faucet level of 2 or more on at least 1 coin
- You have to sign up under the link provided above (else a consolation prize will be handed out)
- Don't edit your posts, if you want to alter your prediction, delete them and add a new one
- Only 1 account/entry per person each month, don't try to cheat!

- 0.05BTC for the one with the closest prediction (if signed up under the above link, else a 0.01BTC consolation will be given)
- 0.025BTC for the second closest prediction (if signed up under the above link, else a 0.005BTC consolation will be given)
- 0.01BTC for the third closest prediction (if signed up under the above link, else a 0.002BTC consolation will be given)

Catch the winning spirit!

API Betting

Betting with API

Crypto-Games is supporting betting with API (Application Programming Interface) where you can build your own betting bot to suit your needs.
To use API, you need to secure your account with email and password, then you can get your personal API key under the "Your Account" page on top right of the website.
Detailed documentation for API is available here: https://api.crypto-games.net
bitcoin dice api

If you don't know how to code a bot, you can use an existing one made by Seuntjie. It is available here. Make sure you always download bots from reliable sources, and not from some blogs/short URLs, because there is a chance it will steal your coins.
With bots you can use various strategies, like D'alembert, Labouchère, Martingale, Reverse-Martingale, Fibonacci, etc.
Good luck!

Millions, Millions, Millions

We achieved the 400 million bet mark

Yesterday we achieved 400 million bets on our Dice game! We would like to thank all our players; we couldn't do this without you.
As a reward, we gave away 1,000 Bitcoin lottery tickets to our players. Our lucky winner was user Lutpin who won first place and a 0.192 Bitcoin prize! Second place belongs to user Pokerface who won 0.0336 Bitcoin. Third place was user HelpMyWallet accompanied by a 0.0108 Bitcoin reward. We congratulate all the winners!

After hitting the 400 million bet mark, we had a giveaway for hitting number 44.444 on our Dice game. User Frijol hit it first and received an additional 0.05 Bitcoin reward! We congratulate him also.
bitcoin lottery

In the next few days we'll have a couple hour long maintenance to archive old bets, to update our servers, and to keep betting as smooth as it is now.

Our next milestone is close - half a billion bets!

400 million bets

400,000,000 bets on dice game!

Our next milestone:

400 million bets

Full rules for the reward:

- be the first to hit a roll with the result 44.444 and a betID over 400,000,000
- bet at least 100x the minimum betsize on that roll
- don't bet with PlayMoney
- have an account with 5 or more active days
- report your bet to support@crypto-games.net

 Additionally, we're currently giving away over 1000 free tickets

(worth 0.0001BTC each; for the lottery round this saturday) in chat,
don't miss it!

Blackjack Contest Results

Our Blackjack contest is finished

For more than a month we ran a Blackjack competition for who would be the first to receive four Blackjacks (Ace and a Ten value card) in a row. It was a hard task and from the beginning to the end of the contest, players made 213,965 bets! The chances of getting four Blackjacks in a row are 1:195,286, so it finished almost right on time!

Bitcoin blackjack

The rules were simple:
Minimum bet was 100 credits on all bets. PlayMoney bets were not counted.
Blackjack BetID had to be 486483 or higher.
If player split their hand and received Blackjack on both hands, it counted as two blackjacks.
When player split their hand, one Blackjack was counted as well.

We started with a reward of 0.05 Bitcoin, but increased it all the way to 0.2 Bitcoin.

User IlliterateBG was the winner given the bets below:

He received two Blackjacks in his first hand and got lucky on his second and third hands. We gave him 0.2 Bitcoin as promised.

Congratulations again from the Crypto-Games team!

New Front Page Design

We improved the look of the front page!

In May of 2016, we revamped the web design of our front page to be more appealing. This was the previous look of Crypto-games:
Old design of crypto-games.net

And here's the new design:
New design of crypto-games.net

Website is now mobile friendly, so you can play on your phone without zooming.

mobile cryptogames website

We will continue to improve our user interface in to future to further improve the user experience.

Blackjack Contest

Win an additional 0.2 Bitcoin in our Blackjack contest!

Our Blackjack contest has been running since April 9th, 2016 with the goal being to get four Blackjack hands in a row (Ace + 10 value card). Since the start of the contest, over 200,000 hands has been dealt.

The first person to have four Blackjacks dealt in a row at will receive an additional 0.2 Bitcoin!

Minimum bet is 100 credits (0.0001 BTC, 0.01 DASH, 0.01 LTC, 100 DOGE, 0.002 ETH, 1GMC, 10 GRC, 0.02 PPC) on all bets. PlayMoney does NOT count as valid bet.

Blackjack BetID must be 486483 or higher.
If you split your hand and receive Blackjacks on both hands, it counts as two Blackjacks.
When you split hands, one Blackjack will continue the streak as well.
Only players Blackjacks count, not dealers.

When you hit four Blackjacks in a row, send an email to support@crypto-games.net with your winning BetIDs.

Catch the winning spirit!

First Blog post

Welcome to our Crypto-Games blog! This is the first blog post ;)

We will update this Blog regularly with posts, articles, and news from Crypto-Games.net!