Millions, Millions, Millions

We achieved the 400 million bet mark

Yesterday we achieved 400 million bets on our Dice game! We would like to thank all our players; we couldn't do this without you.
As a reward, we gave away 1,000 Bitcoin lottery tickets to our players. Our lucky winner was user Lutpin who won first place and a 0.192 Bitcoin prize! Second place belongs to user Pokerface who won 0.0336 Bitcoin. Third place was user HelpMyWallet accompanied by a 0.0108 Bitcoin reward. We congratulate all the winners!

After hitting the 400 million bet mark, we had a giveaway for hitting number 44.444 on our Dice game. User Frijol hit it first and received an additional 0.05 Bitcoin reward! We congratulate him also.
bitcoin lottery

In the next few days we'll have a couple hour long maintenance to archive old bets, to update our servers, and to keep betting as smooth as it is now.

Our next milestone is close - half a billion bets!

400 million bets

400,000,000 bets on dice game!

Our next milestone:

400 million bets

Full rules for the reward:

- be the first to hit a roll with the result 44.444 and a betID over 400,000,000
- bet at least 100x the minimum betsize on that roll
- don't bet with PlayMoney
- have an account with 5 or more active days
- report your bet to

 Additionally, we're currently giving away over 1000 free tickets

(worth 0.0001BTC each; for the lottery round this saturday) in chat,
don't miss it!

Blackjack Contest Results

Our Blackjack contest is finished

For more than a month we ran a Blackjack competition for who would be the first to receive four Blackjacks (Ace and a Ten value card) in a row. It was a hard task and from the beginning to the end of the contest, players made 213,965 bets! The chances of getting four Blackjacks in a row are 1:195,286, so it finished almost right on time!

Bitcoin blackjack

The rules were simple:
Minimum bet was 100 credits on all bets. PlayMoney bets were not counted.
Blackjack BetID had to be 486483 or higher.
If player split their hand and received Blackjack on both hands, it counted as two blackjacks.
When player split their hand, one Blackjack was counted as well.

We started with a reward of 0.05 Bitcoin, but increased it all the way to 0.2 Bitcoin.

User IlliterateBG was the winner given the bets below:

He received two Blackjacks in his first hand and got lucky on his second and third hands. We gave him 0.2 Bitcoin as promised.

Congratulations again from the Crypto-Games team!

New Front Page Design

We improved the look of the front page!

In May of 2016, we revamped the web design of our front page to be more appealing. This was the previous look of Crypto-games:
Old design of

And here's the new design:
New design of

Website is now mobile friendly, so you can play on your phone without zooming.

mobile cryptogames website

We will continue to improve our user interface in to future to further improve the user experience.

Blackjack Contest

Win an additional 0.2 Bitcoin in our Blackjack contest!

Our Blackjack contest has been running since April 9th, 2016 with the goal being to get four Blackjack hands in a row (Ace + 10 value card). Since the start of the contest, over 200,000 hands has been dealt.

The first person to have four Blackjacks dealt in a row at will receive an additional 0.2 Bitcoin!

Minimum bet is 100 credits (0.0001 BTC, 0.01 DASH, 0.01 LTC, 100 DOGE, 0.002 ETH, 1GMC, 10 GRC, 0.02 PPC) on all bets. PlayMoney does NOT count as valid bet.

Blackjack BetID must be 486483 or higher.
If you split your hand and receive Blackjacks on both hands, it counts as two Blackjacks.
When you split hands, one Blackjack will continue the streak as well.
Only players Blackjacks count, not dealers.

When you hit four Blackjacks in a row, send an email to with your winning BetIDs.

Catch the winning spirit!

First Blog post

Welcome to our Crypto-Games blog! This is the first blog post ;)

We will update this Blog regularly with posts, articles, and news from!