Millions, Millions, Millions

We achieved the 400 million bet mark

Yesterday we achieved 400 million bets on our Dice game! We would like to thank all our players; we couldn't do this without you.
As a reward, we gave away 1,000 Bitcoin lottery tickets to our players. Our lucky winner was user Lutpin who won first place and a 0.192 Bitcoin prize! Second place belongs to user Pokerface who won 0.0336 Bitcoin. Third place was user HelpMyWallet accompanied by a 0.0108 Bitcoin reward. We congratulate all the winners!

After hitting the 400 million bet mark, we had a giveaway for hitting number 44.444 on our Dice game. User Frijol hit it first and received an additional 0.05 Bitcoin reward! We congratulate him also.
bitcoin lottery

In the next few days we'll have a couple hour long maintenance to archive old bets, to update our servers, and to keep betting as smooth as it is now.

Our next milestone is close - half a billion bets!