Wagering Contest is Starting

Our monthly wagering is about to begin!

Only a few hours left until we start our monthly Bitcoin wagering contest. The contest will last for exactly one month, from midnight UTC on the first of the month until the end of the month 23:59 UTC. Wagering contests will be running every month. We expect the competition among players to be tough in order to win the prizes below.

Prizes are:
1st price will receive 0.25 BTC
2nd place will receive 0.1 BTC
3rd place will receive 0.05 BTC

Place your bets

Wager amount is added up from all of the games we offer (not just Dice), so you can play your best game and compete for one of above prizes.

The CryptoGames staff wishes you the best of luck. Game on! ;)

Wagering contest

Wagering contest starts in July!

From now on we'll be doing monthly wagering contests on all games combined. For start, contest will run only on bitcoin bets.

bitcoin wagering contest

First bitcoin monthly wagering contest starts on first day of July 2016 from 0:00 UTC time. Contest will end every last day of the month at 23:59 UTC time. Three users who'll wager the most on all games (dice, slot machine, blackjack and lottery) every month, will receive rewards on their account.

Prize pool:
Winner of contest will receive 0.25 Bitcoin,
second place will receive 0.1 Bitcoin,
third place will receive 0.05 Bitcoin.

Leaderboard can be found under Rewards, tab Contest.

Good luck and have fun!

Account security

Account Security

We at Crypto-Games are taking security seriously, that's why we're encouraging players to set their email, password and two factor authentication. LongID or personal ID can be lost, therefore it is not recommended that it be used as the only protection of your account. This applies not only on our website, but on all websites using peronal ID links.
Make sure to password protect your account with a good password that's at least 10 characters, no words from dictionary, contains a random combination of upper and lower letters, numbers, and special characters (!,",#,$,%,&,/,(,),=,?). Once you set up your password, you will be sent a confirmation email. We don't allow temporary (disposable) email addresses, so make sure you enter a "real" one. The confirmation email will be sent to your address instantly and after you receive it in your inbox, confirm it as soon as possible by clicking on the link inside the email.

2 factor authentication

After confirming your email, set up google two factor authentication. Shortened, 2FA is a combination of your password and a one-time password which changes every 30 seconds.
To enable it, go to the "Your Account" page, then the “Security” tab where you have an option to enable this advanced security option. You will be shown a QR code that can be scanned by your phone and you're done. Doing all this ensures you are secured with your email, password, and 2FA code on your login page and for every withdrawal request. We're encouraging all users to set these security precautions in order to protect their accounts.

Wagered Coins Prediction Contest

Accurately predict the total amount of wagered coin and win 0.05 BTC!

On the bitcointalk forum, a prediction thread created by our user our moderator Lutpin is currently active.

At the beginning of each month, Lutpin will be selecting one of our supported coins for the contest.
You then have to predict how much the total wagered amount (all users combined) of that coin will be for the entire month.
Lutpin will use the "last 30 days" number on the last day of each month to determine the winners.

This month's coin is Bitcoin!


- You have to play under his referral link - click
- You have to be Junior Member or above to join this promotion
- Your crypto-games.net account has to be "Private" or above, which is a faucet level of 2 or more on at least 1 coin
- You have to sign up under the link provided above (else a consolation prize will be handed out)
- Don't edit your posts, if you want to alter your prediction, delete them and add a new one
- Only 1 account/entry per person each month, don't try to cheat!

- 0.05BTC for the one with the closest prediction (if signed up under the above link, else a 0.01BTC consolation will be given)
- 0.025BTC for the second closest prediction (if signed up under the above link, else a 0.005BTC consolation will be given)
- 0.01BTC for the third closest prediction (if signed up under the above link, else a 0.002BTC consolation will be given)

Catch the winning spirit!

API Betting

Betting with API

Crypto-Games is supporting betting with API (Application Programming Interface) where you can build your own betting bot to suit your needs.
To use API, you need to secure your account with email and password, then you can get your personal API key under the "Your Account" page on top right of the website.
Detailed documentation for API is available here: https://api.crypto-games.net
bitcoin dice api

If you don't know how to code a bot, you can use an existing one made by Seuntjie. It is available here. Make sure you always download bots from reliable sources, and not from some blogs/short URLs, because there is a chance it will steal your coins.
With bots you can use various strategies, like D'alembert, Labouchère, Martingale, Reverse-Martingale, Fibonacci, etc.
Good luck!