We Added Roulette!

Today we added a new game - Roulette

Who doesn't know one of the most popular games in casinos, Roulette? We finally added this simple, but still, deeply complex game for beginners and advanced gamblers.
In order to play Roulette, players must place bet(s) on the table. After clicking spin, the computer will spin the Roulette wheel. A small ball is sent around the spinning wheel and, after a few seconds, the ball settles in one of the wheel partitions.

Bitcoin roulette
There are many Roulette variants, but we chose European Roulette, which offers the lowest house edge at 2.7%.

Payout table for Roulette:
Odd Numbers (Impair)     1:1
Even Numbers (Pair)     1:1
Black Numbers (Noir)     1:1
Red Numbers (Rouge)     1:1
1 to 18 (Low, Manque)     1:1
19 to 36 (High, Passe)     1:1
1 to 12 (P12, first dozen)     2:1
13 to 24 (M12, second dozen)     2:1
25 to 36 (D12, third dozen)     2:1
Column bet     2:1
Single Number / Straight     35:1
Split (2 numbers)     17:1
Street (3 numbers)     11:1
Corner / Square (4 numbers)     8:1
Six line / Double Street (6 numbers)     5:1

Plese remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy!

500 Million Bets

Half a billion bets on our Dice game!

In few days we'll reach half a billion dice rolls made by players at Crypto-Games.net!

Overall, more than 3,000 lottery tickets (worth 0.1 BTC, 250,000 DOGE & 5 ETH) will be given away for free during the celebration.

Winner of the 500 millionth bet receives:
500 x lottery tickets BTC
500 x lottery tickets DOGE
500x lottery tickets ETH
That's total of 0,05 BTC, 125k DOGE, 2.5 ETH

Bets: 500 mio +1 and -1 receives:
100 x lottery tickets BTC
100 x lottery tickets DOGE
100x lottery tickets ETH

Bets: 500 mio +2 and -2 receives:
50 x lottery tickets BTC
50 x lottery tickets DOGE
50x lottery tickets ETH

Bets: 500 mio +3 and -3 receives:
25 x lottery tickets BTC
25 x lottery tickets DOGE
25x lottery tickets ETH

Another 450 tickets will be dealt in chat, so be active!

Ethereum Hard Fork

Hard fork due today

Today, at around 13:30 UTC on block 1920000, an Ethereum hard fork will take place because of the DAO hack in June. Miners should support the hard fork in order to recall the DAO hack event and refund the stolen Ether to DAO token holders.
Ethereum hard fork

You can watch what's happening live: Fork.ethstats
And here is a countdown clock

Because of this event, we'll disable Ether deposits and withdrawals until the hard fork is finished and everything is back in place. Other coin deposits and withdrawals will work normally. We're sorry for inconvenience.

Maximum Number of Online Users

New record of online users at the same time!

Yesterday we had a new record for the number of online users at the same time. We were waiting for the day that we would exceed 200 online users and we did it! The new record is 207 online users and it happened July 12th, 2016 around 21:00 UTC :)

online users

We're happy to add another milestone met in our achievements! We have our eyes on the next one, which is rapidly approaching. It is 500 million bets made on our Dice game, that's right...half a billion bets! We'll reach this milestone in less than a month and then comes our 2nd birthday, yaaaay for us. We're going to have a party ;)

Bitcoin Halving - Halving Our House Edge

We are halving our house edge together with the Bitcoin halving

Today, based on the halving clock, the Bitcoin block reward will be halved from 25 Bitcoins to 12.5 Bitcoins. When miners started to mine Bitcoins, they were rewarded 50 Bitcoins for sealing a block on the blockchain ledger. In November 2012, the reward was halved to 25 Bitcoins, and now it's decreasing to 12.5 Bitcoins.

With the halving event we're doing the same, but not halving rewards. We are halving our house edge! Meaning, you'll have a higher chance for winning! House edge halving will take place around the Bitcoin halvening event and will last for few hours.

Bitcoin halving

Join us for this amazing event and catch the winning spirit at CryptoGames!

Fast Dice Bets

Lightning fast bets on dice game!

Today, on July 4th we're having a NO delay promotion for our dice game! You can bet as fast as possible even on low bets and try your new betting strategy.

This promotion will last a few more hours, until the evening (if you're in the UTC timezone). Currently we're hosting around 115 bets per second and will probably see 7 million bets made in the next 24 hours – a new record! Meanwhile, we're working on one new game, which will be ready to play in August ;) Stay tuned!