Chat rules

Hello there, I am a Moderator in Many of you may have seen me in chat, my nickname is Void3999.

In this blogpost I will talk about the chat rules. The first place to look for the formal chat rules is in the chat rules page on the site. However, in this post I will be providing justification for many of the rules we enforce and provide clarity on why they exist.

Chat rules

First and foremost, the admins and moderators prefer an easy to read and fun chat. Having one provides an enjoyable gaming atmosphere and improves the morale of our site visitors and players. Our main theme at Crypto-Games is gambling with Bitcoin and alt-coins where the chat is there for help, stress relief, and fun. At this point, I will go through each of the rules and plainly explain their purpose. I will also be providing pointers on how to increase your earnings from our in-chat RainBot for fun and profit. 

#1 We would like to keep the chat clean. So do not spam. 
  • Spamming/flooding is one of the most common chat abuses we see users commit. In simple terms, chatters may not post the same line repeatedly, post multiple off-topic messages, post extensive monologues, or copy and paste larger pieces of text from a another site such as Wikipedia and other similar sources.
  • We understand players using phones and tablets accidentally press the send button, just try to be more careful after the first or second accident.
  • RainBot can pick up on spam/abuse and will adjust rain accordingly.
#2 No cursing. Do not be purposefully offensive or insult other people.
  • Again, we aim to have a clean, fun, and enjoyable chatting atmosphere. Insults and arguments do not belong in chat, please take them elsewhere.
  • It is koshur to avoid intense conversations about religion and politics. Also, refrain from racism, sexism, or highly controversial statements.
  • If a user can't understand something, don't attack him or her; try to explain with different words or simply ignore the user if they cannot be helped in English. 
#3 Insulting or offensive nicknames are not allowed.
  • Insulting nicknames is referring to nicknames that contain curse words, blatant sexual references, racism, or sexism in any language, but especially in English.
  • When you choose a nickname you need to do a little research. Google the name you want to use, sometimes you may not be aware that it is offensive in a different language. 
#4 Do not post messages consisting of only a few characters , like "lol" or smileys.
  • This is by far our most controversial rule. Given our chat box only has a few lines, if many users post 'lol' or a single word messages every few seconds, the chat would be cumbersome to read.
  • Even though that chat history keeps recent messages for review to see what other users wrote before you, we prefer a cleaner chating experience. Not to mention, exessive short messages will clear the chat history much faster and can make it harder for someone logging in to see the history on the current conversation.
  • Moderators are able to make note of frequent abusers which may factor into potential mutes.
  • Since RainBot factors in character count on messages, it is smart to stick to more substantial chat messages.
  • RainBot is colorblind and will not factor in any green-text !rolls, !tips, or !flips into your potential rain.
#5 Respect [ADM]s/[MOD]s and their decisions , they have that tag  for a reason. Naturally , we expect players to also show respect towards other players.
  • Respect in chat is key.
#6 Asking for tips or rain in chat, may it be specific to one person , to the chat in general , or in a roundabout manner is not allowed. Begging is also not allowed.
  • I am gambler myself.  I find it hard to ignore beggars and dislike the negative vibes they give off. Please avoid the easy trap of begging for freebies.
  • You are more likely to receive a surprise tip or gift for being a good conversationalist. 
#7 We do not allow you to advertise other sites. Posting a link might be considered advertising, depending on the situation. If you want to be safe, please ask for permission first.
  • Avoid mentioning or promoting similar other gambling sites or your referral link for any site.
#8 Opening URLs in chat is at your own risk.
  • We are not responsible for what others post in chat. As such, links from other players may send you to a site that contains malware, viruses, or content your would prefer not see see. 
#9 Speaking in the English channel must be conducted only in English.
  • Other languages may be used in the International chat channel
  • This rule is to avoid making chat the tower of Babel
#10 We do not tolerate any (arbitrary) scam accusations. All our games are provably fair.
  • If you have a question or concern regarding the validity of Crypto-Games, first, check the provable fairness of your bets for yourself. Then, email support for further issues.
  • Complaining in chat for losses and subsequent scam accusations will result in a mute.
#11 Do not write in all caps letters because it is considered shouting.
  • This is the ensure the chat is a calm, fun, and enjoyable experience.
#12 Do not offer or ask for loans.
  • Since we do not regulate loans (via tipping) on Crypto-Games, we cannot ensure that they are paid back. As such, only loan out amounts you are willing to lose.
Rainbot 101
Now for the fun section. I will be providing tips on how to increase your RainBot gains legitimately in this RainBot 101 course.

Believe it or not, there was a time when tipping and RainBot didn't exist in chat. Rain was easily exploitable by spamming. Since then, the admins have implemented a more elegant RainBot solution.
The idea behind RainBot is simple. RainBot will send out random amounts of coin at different time intervals to up to 6 of the most active chatters. To calculate your rain, RainBot will factor in the quality of your messages as well as your total character count since the last rain. Given this knowledge, here are a few tips to increase your rain.

TIP #1 : Don't push too hard for a big rain during your first days. You will be noticed as a spammer or inconsistent chatter by the moderators and may be flagged by RainBot for lower rain. Simply have patience, greet people, ask questions, and have fun!

TIP #2 : When you write a chat message you must wait a little for a response from other users, unless what you try to say is too long for one message. RainBot will notice if you start monologues with yourself to increase your character count. Conversation should really be between two people, not with yourself.  

TIP #3 : Avoid typing big numbers when you mention low amounts of a coin. For example, don't type 0.00000177 BTC, instead type 177 satoshi. RainBot weighs special characters and numbers lower, so spamming long numbers or punctiation like !!!!!! will not increase your rain.

TIP #4 : When you want to start a conversation where someone else is interested, try to not talk about yourself. Find some topics or subjects the other chatters are interested in and build on those. This can be similar to how they say women find comments about their beauty the most interesting. I can assure you no matter what the gender, we all enjoy converstations where the other is positively talking about us.

TIP #5 : Expand your greetings creatively. Instead of just "Hi," maybe add in their name. To make it even more significant, type the name instead of paste it,  remove any number at end to make it more personal 

Example - my nick is Void3999 , but calling me void is much better.
(fine detail - first capital reduced to small or vice-versa)

And please, if you are to greet more than 2 people, don't write one line for each one. Make a general greeting such as 'hello chatters' or 'hi everyone.' If you have the patience, greet each one individually after waiting for their response.

I am a well known spammer and troll, so i will end this 'flood' attack here ... I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned something.

Void3999 used a casual writing style, this verison was proofread and edited by Twistedx2