Crypto-Games BIP148/UASF contingency plan

As more and more questions regarding the possible events around August 1st reach us, we’d like to give a short explanation of the current situation. Here is our overview of expected events, together with preparations & resulting actions. This statement is regarding BIP148 and the potential UASF/chain split following its activation. As details are still not firm and subject to change, parts of this statement may be outdated at some point, but we will try to keep everything up to date. We hope you understand things may move at a pace faster than we can supply information & updates.

1. General situation
The general situation is already well known and documented across several sources. In short, BIP148 nodes will try to orphan blocks not signaling for Segregated Witness to force miners into voting for & activating the soft fork. More detailed explanations of what BIP148 is and how it intends to achieve its goals can be found at the following website (note this site supports BIP148 and is not impartial):
BIP148 nodes are scheduled to start with this undertaking on midnight August 1st (0:00 UTC). During this event, those nodes might cause a chain split. In case of a chain split some nodes may propagate confirmed transactions that other nodes may not accept or recognize. Confirmation scoring might be unreliable for some time, resulting in transactions possibly disappearing from your wallets or being on chains other people do not accept. If this situation occurs, it will be for a short but unknown amount of time. A more detailed version of this summary can be found at the following site (this source will be updated as things progress, keep an eye out for upcoming additions):
Afterwards, there will either be one generally recognized chain, which means everything will go back to normal and we can resume using bitcoin. Conversely there will be several competing chains, in which case further action from both services and users will be needed. This is described in the section regarding our specific preparations for these events.
Please note, although neither BIP148 activation nor a chain split are guaranteed to occur we at Crypto-Games believe it is important to be prepared for all possible outcomes during the next weeks and thus provide this guide together with taking some preparations.

2. Preparations taken by Crypto-Games
In order to prepare for the potential split and network disruption, Crypto-Games will deactivate all transactions starting early July 31st (12 to 24 hours before BIP148 activates). This means both deposits and withdrawals will be paused. The amount of time needed for the situation to resolve is unknown, so we cannot predict when transactions will resume. However, we’d rather pause transactions for longer than resume them too soon.
If there is only one resulting chain, transactions will resume once everything has settled and users can continue using the site as before - depositing coins, gambling and investing, withdrawing profits…
If there are several resulting chains, things are a bit more complicated. Crypto-Games plans to give investors access to their coins on all resulting chains. As a service, we already experienced a chain split with ETC/ETH some time back. Investors were asked to provide ETC addresses and we made payments the amount of their active investments at the time of the split. We continued to accept ETH on the site and as bankroll.
The situation for BTC will be similar. Crypto-Games will request addresses from investors for any resulting chain we no longer support. We will then pay out their share of forked coins. Due to the complexity of this task, the distribution on alternative chains might take several days or even weeks following the event. We strive to do this the correct way and aim to do no damage to investors keeping their coins on the site during this time.
No matter of the outcome, Crypto-Games is preparing to deal with all possible situations.

3. During the events
During the events, we’ll try to keep everyone updated about the current status of the network and any possible, unexpected changes. If you are at any time worried or feel the need to reach out, join our chat and speak with one of our staff. They will be briefed on the situation and able to provide any important information. Also, make sure to keep an eye on news, both on our site (via the ribbons), blog (updates to this post and additional posts), social media and other platforms (e.g. bitcoin news sites or discussion communities). Make sure you cross-check any news using different, independent sources.
But most importantly: Do not panic. Keep your calm.

4. After the events
Once the dust settles and everything is resolved we will post updates on our blog to inform every one of what happened and how to proceed from that point. Investors will also be notified via an email announcement. Please wait for the updates and read what changes might be necessary before sending transactions to or from our wallets. Also, remember that the process might require some additional adjustments to our system, so bear with us should it take longer than expected. This is to ensure there are no cases of lost coins due to any possible issues with unsupported chains.

5. Questions?
If after reading this post you still have questions about the possible events or the security of funds stored at Crypto-Games, please feel free to contact us via email at We will assist you to the best of our abilities.