Update: BIP91 and BCC

Since our last blog post about BIP148 and chain splits, the situation around bitcoin’s scaling has evolved. Mainly, BIP91 locked in and activated, and a group around viaBTC announced their plan to hard-fork bitcoin on August 1st.

BIP91 – A success?

With BIP91 locking in a few days ago and activating two days later, currently all blocks are signaling support for BIP141 (SegWit), in numbers, that’s 144 of the last 144 blocks. Unless miners renege on BIP91, which seems unlikely at this point, this should be sufficient to keep BIP148 from enforcing and to avoid both a chain split and chain reorganization due to BIP148, situations which have been explained in our contingency plan. As this was the main goal of BIP91, it seems like a huge success so far.

In reaction to BIP91 locking in, we have already increased the required amount of confirmations to 3 (for deposits) and 6 (for withdrawals). We will stick to those numbers until SegWit is locked in via BIP141, which most likely will happen in 3 weeks. You can track SegWit activation using this tool.

BCC – Hard fork preparations


Bitcoincash (BCC) is the name of a hard-fork off bitcoin’s chain planned to happen on August 1st. CryptoGames is not going to list or support BCC, but we are going to pay out BCC to players. Here’s the details how:
Every user with a total amount (active balance) of more than 0.01 BTC on their account will be eligible to claim their BCC. At the point of the fork, we’ll create a snapshot of user balances and everyone will receive the equivalent to their BTC balance in BCC.

In order to get your BCC, you need to set a BCC address for your account, you can do this starting right now. To set your BCC address, visit Your Account -> Settings -> BCC address on the far right. Make sure you save the address and double check it is correct. We suggest using addresses you control the private key to, but an exchange address works too.

Users will have 12 days after the fork to set their BCC addresses and receive their coins. After that, we will stop accepting new BCC addresses and you will lose your claim due to failing to meet the deadline. Should you have set your address in the 12 day window, but not get a payout yet, don’t worry, old requests will still be processed. Due to the complexity of the distribution and the huge amount of users to consider, it may take up to 10 days for the BCC distribution to start. Remember: Deadline to provide your BCC address is August 12th at 12:00 UTC.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Should you have any more questions, or expect issues during the process of claiming your BCC, either visit our chat and look for one of our staff to help you, or contact our support team via support@crypto-games.net.