Huge rewards for top wagering players

We decided to increase rewards for monthly wagering contest, starting with November 2017. As usual, the contest will last for exactly one month, from midnight UTC on the first of the month until the end of the month 23:59 UTC.

New prizes for Bitcoin contest are:
1st price will receive 0.5 BTC
2nd place will receive 0.25 BTC
3rd place will receive 0.1 BTC
4th place will receive 0.05 BTC
5th place will receive 0.025 BTC

New prizes for Ethereum contest are:
1st price will receive 2.5 ETH
2nd place will receive 1.25 ETH
3rd place will receive 0.5 ETH
4th place will receive 0.25 ETH
5th place will receive 0.1 ETH

New prizes for Litecoin contest are:
1st price will receive 8 LTC
2nd place will receive 4 LTC
3rd place will receive 1.5 LTC
4th place will receive 0.75 LTC
5th place will receive 0.35 LTC

Besides above rewards, free lotto tickets will be dealt to the players who wager the most in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether and Litecoin. The prize pools are given below:

10 highest BTC wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 BTC lottery tickets
10 highest DOGE wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 DOGE lottery tickets
10 highest ETH wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 ETH lottery tickets
10 highest LTC wagerers will receive a total of 1,500 LTC lottery tickets

The 1,500 lottery tickets for each of the three coins will be dealt in the following way:

1st place 500 free lotto tickets
2nd place 350 free lotto tickets
3rd place 200 free lotto tickets
4th place 150 free lotto tickets
5th place 100 free lotto tickets
6th place 60 free lotto tickets
7th place 50 free lotto tickets
8th place 40 free lotto tickets
9th place 30 free lotto tickets
10th place 20 free lotto tickets

Any player will be able to buy-in for a chance at these large drawings. We hope you enjoy, and as always, catch the winning spirit!

"Bitcoin Gold" (BTG) Hard-Fork Contingency Plan

General Information: 

Once again, we’re looking ahead at an upcoming Bitcoin hard-fork and a resulting split of the network. If you haven’t read former contingency plans, we suggest you take a look at our BIP148 contingency plan here, and at our UAHF/Bitcoin Cash contingency plan here, in order to get a better understanding how Crypto-Games handled these splits in the past and what you can expect from this upcoming split. Besides the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash split, we have previously managed investors funds during the ETH/ETC split. As a service, this will be the third time we distribute coins resulting from a chain split to our users.

Bitcoin Gold (initially announced as BitcoinGPU / BtcGPU back in August, commonly referred to as BTG) plans to split off the Bitcoin network with block 491407, which is expected to be mined on October 24th (02 UTC, possibly earlier or later, due to variance in block times). Key change of the fork is the switch of the mining algorithm from Bitcoin’s current SHA256D to Equihash (an algorithm currently also used by ZCash / ZEC and a few other projects), with the goal of replacing SHA256D ASIC mining equipment with GPU “home mining”, an attempt to increase decentralization in mining and to “give ordinary users a chance to mine”. Besides the new mining algorithm, BTG will also change the address format, to ensure replay protection and to avoid confusion between transactions on the BTC legacy chain and the new BTG chain. A full overview of changes, participating team members, confirmed supporting services, and more can be found on the official website for BTG:


Preparations taken by Crypto-Games: 

We will disable Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals in the early morning hours of October 25th, once we’re getting closer to the forking block. Afterwards, a full snapshot of user balances will be created (including both active game balance and their investments at the time of the snapshot). All users who have a total balance of over 0.01 BTC at the time of the snapshot (either as active game balance, as bankroll investment, or as a combination of both) will be eligible to claim their BTG. Crypto-Games will only allow withdrawals of BTG; we do not plan to support the new chain in any other way, meaning that you will not be able to deposit BTG, and you will not be able to bet with the BTG you are eligible to due to holding BTC on Crypto-Games during the split.


October 25th: 

Unlike last time, the fork is expected to go smoothly on October 25th. There’s no disruption of the Bitcoin network (legacy chain) expected this time, as similar events to what BIP148 could have caused on August 1st don’t exist this time. Once the fork has taken place, and we have verified that there has been no disruption on the BTC chain, transactions will quickly resume. This is probably going to happen on the same day as the split. Should there be any unexpected changes or disruptions, we will do our best to keep everyone informed about those. Please monitor our chat, as well as the news ribbon on the site during that day, to make sure you don’t miss anything.


After the BTG fork:

A short time after the fork, we will publish a site update including an interface where users can set their BTG addresses they want to use to claim their coins. The time limit for this claim will be exactly 3 weeks after the fork, meaning that all users have to set their BTG addresses before November 15th. Afterwards, no further addresses will be accepted and outstanding distributions will be lost due to the user failing to meet the deadline. This deadline is final, so please make sure you’ve set your address prior to this date. An in-detail explanation of the claiming process with further information about the BTG distribution will be published on our blog shortly after the fork, once the update has been published. Due to the complexity of the distribution and the huge amount of users to consider, it may take few days for the BTG distribution to start.

update November 11th: We are still waiting for the BTG team to release a stable wallet and a public blockchain. Withdrawals will be delayed until then. Users will have 3 weeks to set their BTG walled address, after we publish a site update including an interface where users can set their BTG addresses.

Further questions?

If you’ve got further questions regarding either the general situation around the Bitcoin network considering this chain-split, or the specific handling of the split by Crypto-Games, feel free to get in touch with us. You can either do this in our chat (look out for our moderating staff, they are briefed on the situation and should be able to give you answers), in our bitcointalk thread (which can be found here) or directly via mail to, where we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

October ’17

Greetings fellow gamblers! We are thrilled to say that we are one of the biggest crypto-gambling communities out there. We started as a minnow with a very small userbase, but thanks to our hard-working team who dedicated their precious time to developing one of the best crypto casinos, we have managed to become a whale and can no longer be considered a minnow. We now proudly stand as one of the best casino with a very strong userbase. Our community is getting stronger and expanding swiftly with new users joining every day. As days go by and new users join, we are relentlessly working by adding more features to make your experience more pleasant and sweet.

From this month onwards, we have decided to update our blog with additional monthly summarization of activities that have taken place along with a small preview of future updates.
September has been a really crazy month for us! Around 92,100,000 bets have been placed during the last month, which is an average of 3 million bets per day, quite amazing. Currently we have a grand total of 1,678,000,000 bets played since the beginning, and expecting to hit the 2,000,000,000 (two billion) mark within the next three months. Considering the value of all coins in BTC, a total of 151,767 BTC* has been wagered, which is currently worth around 655,977,951 USD! Stunning, isn’t it?

Not just the wagers, our bankroll is also steadily growing, thanks to the investors whose trusts we have managed to gain through our strong dedication and strict security. All credit goes to the them for whom we can openly boast of being the largest crowdfunded casino! Currently our bankroll holds a total of around $15,378,636 USD which is approximately 3,558 BTC. All our investors are currently very pleased. We have heard no objections from them yet and we are hoping to receive none in the near future. Investors are always our top priority, and whenever any updates are given where the bankroll might get affected, the investors are alerted before the updates are rolled on.

A game where numbers decides your luck - Dice

Dice betting has been a hit since the very beginning of crypto-casinos. Last month approximately 89,990,000 bets has been placed on dice alone, which compromises of 97.7% of all bets, only 2.3% of bets were played on other games. 2,580 BTC has been wagered and users have won around 1,084 BTC. Ethereum is also running on its own pace, with 64,075 ETH being wagered and users winning 15,550 ETH. Dogecoin had a very impressive volume with around 429,768,633 DOGE being wagered, almost half a billion. An average of 16 million dogecoins are being wagered on each day.  Players managed to win around 138,892,062 DOGE. Stratis, which has been added on August 29th, is the second most coin played on dice and has greatly exceeded our expectation. 8,643,293 bets have been made on dice using Stratis. A total of 182,272 STRAT have been wagered since then, with 177,215 STRAT being wagered last month. 52,630 STRAT were won by users. Bitcoins baby brother, Litecoin, is being moderately used by users with a total wager of 19,815 LTC in the last 30 days, with users making around 6,816 LTC in profit. A brief statistic of other coins can be seen on the table below.

Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
BTC 1,277,688,044 89,990,000 53,265 2,580 1,084
STRAT 8,643,293 7,738,871 182,272 177,215 52,630
ETH 26,073,149 2,213,427 931,035 64,075 15,550
LTC 47,952,971 4,371,373 495,439 19,815 6,816
DOGE 47,654,293 2,969,290 12,120,255,614 429,768,633 138,892,062
XMR 95,173,708 4,970,816 53,986 1,180 421
GRC 17,050,157 681,719 51,332,954 564,145 175,622
PPC 7,252,755 646,996 1,338,810 36,414 18,280
DASH 12,653,551 307,712 47,834 376 197

Dice Jackpot: 

The current jackpot is around 3 BTC, 16.3 DASH, 2,429,956 DOGE, 100 ETH, 100 LTC, 13,397 GRC, 414 PPC, 115 STRAT and 10.7 XMR!
Only two jackpots were hit last month. Tyquan087 managed to hit a XMR jackpot and won 1% (0.107 XMR) of the total pot. Birny926 managed to bag in 2,424,850.99826212 PLAY and was the last jackpot hit since. We can expect to see another jackpot being hit anytime soon.

Spin and Win – Slot:

Last month’s brief statistic:
Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
BTC 6,572,450 210,934 779 14 6
STRAT 113,394 88,263 13,293 11,264 5,737
ETH 648,938 27,122 5,530 139 67
LTC 467,323 24,717 8,334 649 298
DOGE 1,606,288 189,897 179,206,043 10,420,310 4,422,802
XMR 107,441 2,776 591 5 1
GRC 93,926 1,176,921 11,454 564,145 6,151
PPC 1,660,382 119,684 20,003 949 487
DASH 132,886 7,257 921 17 8

Slot Jackpot:

Hostage was able to hit the jackpot on slots and managed to jump up his profit by 200 STRAT, with just betting 0.2 STRAT! Cart007 was also lucky enough to hit the jackpot and won 99.9 STRAT by risking 0.1 STRAT!
Start playing slots now and you could be the next lucky winner!


Last month’s brief statistic:
Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
BTC 1,800,013 69,831 3,219 64 30
STRAT 5,501 4,610 4,619 2,911 1,370
ETH 409,970 24,488 82,727 6,431 3,122
LTC 184,439 32,102 24,706 3,303 1,592
DOGE 409,107 52,397 303,310,910 23,440,550 11,235,250
XMR 19,504 1,295 794 14 6
GRC 38,487 379 1,751,112 938 416
PPC 75,988 5,757 10,203 339 172
DASH 38,026 252 1,233 3 1


Last month’s brief statistic:
Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
BTC 1,445,287 82,921 2,651 152 52
STRAT 14,140 11,594 4,913 4,775 3,746
ETH 414,904 36,152 34,507 627 381
LTC 189,157 21,475 19,167 970 349
Doge 326,479 42,623 75,074,442 8,922,953 4,403,129
XMR 46,299 4,198 4,198 118 61
GRC 27,032 2,419 566,230 25,853 14,020
PPC 249,340 31,036 37,292 1,696 1,243
DASH 16,485 3,076 473 65 25

Video Poker:

Last month’s brief statistic:
Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
BTC 750,115 68,977 225 18 9
STRAT 15,116 13,284 1,831 1,712 951
ETH 118,195 5,350 1,570 33 14
LTC 171,156 24,489 4,166 1,466 806
Doge 545,650 57,690 758,395,190 32,555,553 20,172,144
XMR 15,258 171 85 5 2
GRC 30,913 547 125,042 1,318 595
PPC 286,931 24,605 10,089 535 241
DASH 29,116 935 192 6 3

Royal Flush:

 Last month 6 users were lucky enough to hit a Royal Flush. Guyon760 managed to win 35.92 LTC by betting only 0.072 LTC. The same user was again extremely lucky to hit another Royal Flush a few days later, but this time he won a whopping 71.85 LTC by just betting 0.144 LTC! Guyon760 was not only lucky with LTC, he made a 149.7 STRAT profit by simply flopping one more Royal Flush while betting only 0.3 STRAT. Another lucky user called Nunyabidniz was able to win 0.1497BTC by betting 0.0003 BTC and getting a Royal Flush aswell!


Last month’s brief statistic:
Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
BTC 1,036,503 143,347 358 20 2
STRAT 23,832 17,111 2,238 2,096 271
ETH 108,344 8,846 3,159 22 2
LTC 84,918 14,871 1,496 444 67
Doge 172,112 46,215 41,318,015 4,283,669 480,032
XMR 34,560 5,286 206 22 3
GRC 17,187 1,932 107,537 4,149 481
PPC 272,268 41,405 3,564 365 41
DASH 64,154 2,839 1,162 13 2

Max Wins:

Last month only one user Boomer was successful enough to get the Max Hit multiplier of x650 and won 0.00649BTC!

September Wagering Contest Winners:

September was a wild month with some strong competitors, but alas, only the top ten were able to make it and get greatly rewarded!

These are the top 10 Bitcoin Wagering Contest winners of September and their respective rewards:

Place Nickname Wagered amount Reward Amount of BTC Lotto tickets
1 lolzwinner 459.30 BTC 0.4 BTC 500
2 Alchred488 319.65 BTC 0.2 BTC 350
3 Dallton547 180.37 BTC 0.1 BTC 200
4 Ether 163.65 BTC 0.05 BTC 150
5 Dontell341 158.18 BTC 100
6 Bisi201 135.27 BTC 60
7 Lear144 123.84 BTC 50
8 Rigaldo 78.28 BTC 40
9 Ruviljo104 66.009 BTC 30
10 Lyonis763 66.003 BTC 20

These are the top 10 Ethereum Wagering Contest winners of September:

Place Nickname Wagered amount  Reward Amount of ETH Lotto tickets
1 Marl568 55,530.37 ETH 2 ETH 500
2 Gilson196 3,035.78 ETH 1 ETH 350
3 Ping391 2,282.39 ETH 0.5 ETH 200
4 Blade737 1,651.48 ETH 0.25 ETH 150
5 Cafnoth934 1,277.01 ETH 100
6 Tireless 810.92 ETH 60
7 Peirce710 741.73 ETH 50
8 Teowulf091 454.97 ETH 40
9 EverLucky 378.11 ETH 30
10 lulz4head 281.12 ETH 20

These are the top 10 Litecoin Wagering Contest winners of September:

Place Nickname Wagered amount; Reward Amount of LTC Lotto tickets
1 Cart007 6,443.87 LTC 6 LTC 500
2 Guyon760 2,881.42 LTC 3 LTC 350
3 Tireless 1,868.79 LTC 1.5 LTC 200
4 Ailin015 994.92 LTC 0.75 LTC 150
5 Aytrop186 950.45 LTC 100
6 kikilove 912.84 LTC 60
7 Neophyte 830.97 LTC 50
8 Gafa968 764.42 LTC 40
9 Orvyn573 715.46 LTC 30
10 WubbaLub 706.71 LTC 20

These are the top 10 Dogecoin Wagering Contest winners of September:

Place Nickname Wagered amount  Amount of DOGE Lotto tickets
1 sharma 96,117,282 DOGE 500
2 nevergiveup 46,163,243 DOGE 350
3 Ailin015 41,320,681 DOGE 200
4 Afknow 16,642,924 DOGE 150
5 Cart007 15,212,275 DOGE 100
6 Attilaloe 14,221,835 DOGE 60
7 Aguisel935 13,596,700 DOGE 50
8 Leopold715 12,707,419 DOGE 40
9 PvtDeren 11,076,197 DOGE 30
10 davood1977 10,698,802 DOGE 20


You are randomly playing at crypto-games and then you see a user get very lucky. Does it occur to you that it would have been better if you have placed the bet and got lucky?

We see such lucky users every month. Here are some noteworthy and highlight bets made by our users: An anonymous user risked 4 BTC and ended up making 1.8 BTC profit within few seconds. Now he is $7,700 USD richer! Take a look at this bet: 3685769

User Guyon760 ended up getting 3 royal flush back to back in few days within a month! He made a total profit of 150 Strat and 106 LTC by risking only few cents! Now we know who is to be blamed for being “unlucky”.

Marl568 took the wagering contest too seriously and made sure no one was able to beat him by wagering an astonishing amount of 55,530 ETH! We all know who the winner is now.

As his/her username states, EverLucky was lucky enough to win the Ethereum Lottery Round 67 with just 50 tickets, that gave them around 2.9% chance of winning. The user won 3.42 ETH by just buying 0.1250 ETH worth of tickets!

Cuelino478 started with a 1 BTC bet and lost it. He wanted to cover his loss and make a profit. So, he doubled his initial wager to 2 BTC and lost it again! Made another 2 BTC bet, but unfortunately, he lost it all again. Such bad luck. This time, no doubt he was so very annoyed that he ended up betting 20.6 BTC with a x1.3 payout and he won! He probably googled how to tie a noose before he made that bet - I would if I was him.

Remember you "gotta risk it to get the biscuit!" 

What’s New?

The Voucher Codes: Last month we introduced redeemable voucher codes! Voucher codes can be redeemed by going to “your account” -> “rewards” -> “vouchers”. Currently only we can generate the codes. Right now voucher codes will be used for giveaways and/or contests. Keep an eye on the chatbox or the official Bitcointalk thread and all social media channels for some free vouchers. Also, join us on discord for some exclusive vouchers.
Jackpot: As a way of showing gratitude towards our users, we have decided to manually increase the dice jackpot to 3 BTC, 100 ETH and 100 LTC! Now is the perfect time to go for some jackpot hunting, we wish you all good luck.
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" - Seneca