New Challenge with up to 1 BTC in Prize pool

Accept our challenge on Video Poker, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Dice, Plinko and win from 0.0001 to 0.07 BTC for each bet fulfilling requirements below!

Video poker:
Hit Straight flush or Royal flush
Video Poker BetID must be 3,540,110 or higher.
bet equal or above 0.00001 BTC = 0.0002 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.0001 BTC = 0.002 reward
bet equal or above 0.001 BTC = 0.02 reward
5 rewards left!

Hit 2 Blackjacks on split hand
Blackjack BetID must be 4,445,490 or higher.
Only the players' hands are valid, the dealer's are not
bet equal or above 0.00001 BTC = 0.0001 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.0001 BTC = 0.001 BTC  reward
bet equal or above 0.001 BTC = 0.01 BTC reward
5 rewards left!

Hit 5 coins in the middle line.
Slot BetID must be 20,525,100 or higher.
bet equal or above 0.00001 BTC = 0.0005 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.0001 BTC = 0.005 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.001 BTC = 0.05 BTC reward
5 rewards left!

Hit 2 sevens in a row.
Both bets must be PROFITABLE (you must make profit on both bets).
Roulette BetID must be 6,144,766 or higher.
bet equal or above 0.00001 BTC = 0.0002  BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.0001 BTC = 0.002 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.001 BTC = 0.02 BTC reward
5 rewards left!

We're looking for betIDs:
roll 1.111 and betID must end with 1,
roll 2.222 and betID must end with 2,
roll 3.333 and betID must end with 3,
roll 4.444 and betID must end with 4,
roll 5.555 and betID must end with 5.
Example of winning roll: 4.444 with BetID 2,154,290,004
Each roll will be awarded once.
Must be a winning bet.
Dice BetID must be 2,154,290,000 or higher.
bet equal or above 0.00001 BTC = 0.0007 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.0001 BTC = 0.007 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.001 BTC = 0.07 BTC reward
5 rewards left!

Hit Payout 10, 20 and 50.
Plinko BetID must be 5,042,762 or higher.
Win payout 10 (green ball),
Win payout 20 (red ball),
Win payout 50 (blue ball)
Each win will be awarded once.
bet equal or above 0.00001 BTC = 0.0005 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.0001 BTC = 0.005 BTC reward
bet equal or above 0.001 BTC = 0.05 BTC reward
5 rewards left!

Each challenge is rewarded from 0.0001 to 0.07 BTC (depends on the game you played and bet amount) which will be added to your Crypto-Games account.
Maximum of 28 rewards (5 rewards on Video poker, 5 rewards on Blackjack, 5 rewards on Slot, 5 rewards on Roulette, 5 rewards on Dice and 3 rewards on Plinko) will be dealt.

Minimum bet on ALL games is 0.00001 BTC
Only bets with Bitcoin are part of this promotion.
At least 5 active days on your account at Crypto-Games
Claims will only be valid on the bitcointalk forum.
No forum ranks limitation.
Rewards will be dealt in 24 hours from your post in this thread
When you hit it, post your BetID(s) in this thread with your nickname on Crypto-Games and game you played.

Catch the winning spirit!

BitcoinCash added

By popular demand, Crypto-Games is proud to announce the addition of Bitcoin Cash to our coin family. Users can now use Bitcoin Cash to play all our games available (excluding Lotto), invest in our bankroll, tip players, and exchange coins.

This, along with our upcoming coin Stellar Lumens (XLM), were chosen by our users via a Strawpoll vote. Originally, the plan was to pick only one, but, due to the overwhelming support for both BCH and XLM, we opted to add the two in order to please the majority of our users. Back in August of last year, we paid out our users when the BTC/BCH hard-fork occurred, and we stated that we were not going to list or support the coin. We changed our minds because of you, and we hope you enjoy our new selection of coins!

We're using the new CashAddr Address format. Here's an example of such address: qpm2qsznhks23z7629mms6s4cwef74vcwvy22gdx6a Players can still withdraw to old "legacy" addresses, using the converter tools ( or if service/wallet is not yet supporting new address format.

As stated few weeks ago, we'll now finally remove Gridcoin from the site. After April 11th, 12:00 UTC it will no longer be possible to place bets with Gridcoin or request withdrawals of any leftover balances.

Catch the winning spirit!

Forums campaign!

Introduce us on Crypto/Gambling/Business forums and get paid!

  • Campaign is not meant to spam on forums.
  • Before posting on forums, send the link where you want to publish to Send also your link to forum profile.
  • You must have an account on suggested forum created before February 2018 with minimum 5 posts.
  • Introducing thread must be unique for each forum and must contain feautures we offer. Only few sentences is not enough.
  • Forum thread must contain at least two images presenting (screenshots, logos, banners)
  • Forum thread must contain backlink to our website -
  • Referral links are not allowed.
  • Only english forums are allowed and posts in english language.
  • forum is not part of this campaign.
  • Do not spam.
  • Not following any of the above rules will result in no payment.

  • For each eligible forum thread you will receive 0.002 BTC on your account (extra ordinary threads will receive 0.0025 BTC)
  • For each answer you'll give on created forum thread (answering to questions), you'll receive additional 0.0003 BTC per post, but for maximum 5 additional posts. Thread bump will result in no payment.
  • Payment for forum thread/post will be processed after 48 hours from posting it.
  • If forum thread/post is deleted by moderators, it'll result in no payment.

February 2018 Statistics

Hello once again, fellow gamblers! It’s the start of a new month, and this one has a lot to live up to, because February was an incredible month, especially in terms of total wagering, not to mention we’ve hit the 2 billionth bet milestone on Dice this month, and we’re very happy about that! We hope you stick around with us for the next couple billion bets coming up.

Last month, we had around 71,300,000 bets on all coins, and now have around 2,084,563,000 bets since the very start. Compared to October of last year, which was our most recent monthly summary, it’s not as impressive, but what makes last month truly special is the total wagered and the exciting wins we’ve had, we’ll get to that soon enough.


Game of the Month - Roulette

It’s no secret that our most popular game is Dice, which dominates the total wagered charts with a whopping 86.5% in BTC and 87.5% in ETH, however, this number has been much higher before, other games like Roulette and Blackjack are a big reason for this drop. Last month, Roulette overtook Dice in BTC wagering and is currently sitting at 6.2% of the total BTC wagers, thanks to a couple dedicated players that have placed some impressive bets. Over 742 BTC were wagered vs Dice’s 481 BTC, what truly makes this impressive is the fact that only one person alone contributed 95% of Roulette’s total wagered amount, which we’ll talk about in the Spotlight section.
And now, a brief statistic of all coins, not including GRC since we are in the process of delisting it, starting with Dice:
 Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
 BTC  1,521,628,278  43,175,655  57,847  482.78  196
 STRAT  39,596,859  7,371,259  502,347  39,500  188
 ETH  34,683,249  1,331,685  976,889  5,941  2,505
 LTC  67,063,731  2,556,192  557,497  6,949  2,808
 DOGE  63,399,566  2,173,715  13,421,383,846  95,796,341  32,599,001
 XMR  121,701,502  3,704,488  67,703  663  226
 GAS  1,691,058  1,691,058  1,369  1,369  451
 PPC  9,482,570  368,856  1,431,504  10,458  3,543
 DASH  14,715,398  393,310  50,739  601.27  537

Dice Jackpot:

There were only two jackpots last month, Birny926 with a 2,724,611 PLAY jackpot, making this his/her second jackpot ever, and interestingly enough, also featured in our last monthly summary. And Dellwin435 with a solid 0.03284349 BTC jackpot. Congratulations to these two players!

As for the total pot, it’s as following: 3.27 BTC, 103.09 ETH, 16.54 DASH, 2,675,845 DOGE, 110 LTC, 435 PPC, 163.6 STRAT, 12.15 XMR, and our newly introduced coin, 10.2 GAS.

Slot stats:

 Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
 BTC 7,349,453 119,999 818 6.8 2.9
 STRAT 291,582 39,270 18,782 508 208
 ETH 795,728 17,664 5,993 27 11
 LTC 576,645 22,373 9,676 201 80
 DOGE 2,179,173 40,402 204,743,558 2,264,180 1,030,561
 XMR 122,435 1,543 623 7.8 2.5
 GAS 6,792 6,792 13.59 13.59 7
 PPC 2,411,285 138,752 25,433 599 287
 DASH 149,675 1,143 972 9.2 3.7

Slot jackpots:

20 jackpots were hit last month, an impressive number! Player rrobbyr has been hunting the jackpot in numerous occasions, and has once again managed to hit one with a solid 10 STRAT win with a 0.01 STRAT bet! Stut875 and buddylucan have also hit some decent jackpots with small bets, taking home a solid 0.999 LTC and a 0.0099 BTC win, respectively. And our first GAS jackpot ever was taken by NobFox, with an almost impressive 1 GAS win!
 Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
 BTC 2,081,768 54,828 3,340 22 10
 STRAT 42,602 9,365 10,888 819 367
 ETH 516,354 22,834 84,988 437 197
 LTC 326,032 32,036 33,442 4,094 1,962
 DOGE 549,832 20,551 377,484,570 9,512 4,712,056
 XMR 27,889 640 957 42.9 20.8
 GAS 2,992 2,992 40 40 17
 PPC 461,549 28,327 14,413 495 253
 DASH 44,591 1,300 1,368 48 25

Roulette Stats:

 Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
 BTC 1,770,956 41,304 4,141 742 230
 STRAT 75,339 11,093 32,001 1,550 1,126
 ETH 604,536 22,515 42,639 3,672 1,510
 LTC 303,962 32,516 40,026 3,772 2,275
 DOGE 821,762 42,271 870,530,721 11,955,582 4,633,355
 XMR 52,428 392 13,191 66 24
 GAS 4,539 4,539 60 60 46
 PPC 473,786 36,856 49,385 2,769 1,811
 DASH 18,558 659 522 12.61 4.8

Video Poker Stats:

 Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
 BTC 983,246 47,500 305 34 18
 STRAT 83,483 9,522 3,657 354 194
 ETH 159,923 4,174 1,709 7.9 3.7
 LTC 267,596 15,444 7,579 568 270
 DOGE 554,178 16,193 95,911,376 2,048,289 1,009,446
 XMR 21,208 227 131 0.54 0.2
GAS 2,726 2,726 5 5 2.4
 PPC 461,549 28,352 14,413 495 253
 DASH 36,541 1,436 245 10 5

Plinko Stats:

 Coin Total Bets Bets Total Wagered Wagered Won
 BTC 1,716,166 117,716 397 5 0.69
 STRAT 145,382 18,619 5,667 119 12.93
 ETH 194,785 12,140 4,260 38.8 5
 LTC 269,868 79,820 3,916 538 67
 DOGE 529,326 36,721 69,717,530 1,064,993 120,928
 XMR 43,354 469 246 1.38 0.11
GAS 4,441 4,441 14 14 1.61
 PPC 551,716 75,795 7,857 1,102 138
 DASH 68,198 460 1,197 2 0.23

Max wins:

Two players have gotten max wins, and one of them got it twice! Stut875, which also won a Slot jackpot, got a 5.192 LTC and a 0.00649 BTC win. Alone1014 also had a max win of 6.49 PPC, Well done, you two!

February Wagering Contest Winners: 

These are the top 10 Bitcoin Wagering Contest winners of February and their respective rewards:
Place Nickname Wagered Amount Reward Amount of BTC Lotto Tickets
1 grunge65432 727.65 BTC 0.5 BTC 500
2 ulatec 123.29 BTC 0.25 BTC 350
3 rudaruda 28.95 BTC 0.1 BTC 200
4 doug975 28.50 BTC 0.05 BTC 150
5 s0lidus 19.94 BTC 0.025 BTC 100
6 Bluto 13.99 BTC / 60
7 Nick352 12.71 BTC / 50
8 Stremu251 10.91 BTC / 40
9 Rsdsalvador 10.83 BTC / 30
10  Bradyn642  10.16 BTC  /  20
These are the top 10 Ethereum Wagering Contest winners of February and their respective rewards:
Place Nickname Wagered Amount Reward Amount of ETH Lotto Tickets
1 grunge65432 2,695.17 ETH 2.5 ETH 500
2 Aylmer555 1,115.38 ETH 1.25 ETH 350
3 Parnall986 857.77 ETH 0.5 ETH 200
4 StStuck 473.72 ETH 0.25 ETH 150
5 phuocnh2953 372.82 ETH 0.1 ETH 100
6 Morland001 356.52 ETH / 60
7 Tearle746 327.48 ETH / 50
8 fireign 249.05 ETH / 40
9 iceberg 231.81 ETH / 30
10 Brentan953 205.58 ETH  / 20
These are the top 10 Litecoin Wagering Contest winners of February and their respective rewards:
Place Nickname Wagered Amount Reward Amount of LTC Lotto Tickets
1 YouPayNow 2,444.61 LTC 8 LTC 500
2 Adkyn566 1,784.84 LTC 4 LTC 350
3 Edmonn666 1,253.07 LTC 1.5 LTC 200
4 brewdog2018 995.10 LTC 0.75 LTC 150
5 Bluto 820.36 LTC 0.35 LTC 100
6 Cempa522 795.21 LTC / 60
7 Bitjing 585.74 LTC / 50
8 Cryptonator 417.38 LTC / 40
9 0neMore 357.24 LTC / 30
10 Dave86sxe10 271.29 LTC  / 20
These are the top 10 Dogecoin Wagering Contest winners of February and their respective rewards:
Place Nickname Wagered Amount Amount of DOGE Lotto Tickets
1 Goobersmooch 14,769,539 DOGE 500
2 Elvyn967 14,445,297 DOGE 350
3 Zero138 7,617,138 DOGE 200
4 DogeGuid 6,617,138 DOGE 150
5 Kailen002 5,312,447 DOGE 100
6 laiqmuhammad 2,961,652 DOGE 60
7 Leopold715 2,306,569 DOGE 50
8 shineofasif 2,174,593 DOGE 40
9 Loser 1,950,433 DOGE 30
10 sharma 1,876,314 DOGE 20


This past month was definitely full of exciting wagers, some of the biggest win streaks we’ve ever seen happened, too.

If we were ranking the spotlights, the first place would go without a doubt to this anonymous gambler that gave the Roulette a run for its money. This user had an incredible streak and placed enormous bets that will surely impress about anybody. Just take a look at this Roulette bet. A 37.20 ETH win, by risking 11.40 ETH. Impressed yet? If the answer is no, don’t worry, that’s not everything.

This player won over 40 BTC, in just a couple minutes. You heard it right. On the brink of losing it all, this anonymous player had an amazing comeback which placed him/her at the top of our ‘Most Profit’ Leaderboard. The strategy? Placing huge bets of over 1 BTC each. But, alas, the end result wasn’t so favorable for our big player. Even so, it was an amazing run and we wish him the best of luck in the future if he/she decides to try it again. Here are some of the bets: 5,542,429, 5,542,482 and 5,542,497.

Another anonymous player also has been trying his luck on our Dice game, with some huge ETH bets! Getting up to 8 ETH wins, like this one: 2,038,866,765. And still hasn’t given up yet, we can see still see this player rolling every now and then on the High Rolls tab.

And last but not least, our 2 billionth dice bet with a 0.05 BTC reward: 2,000,000,000. Congratulations to Lutpin for getting it!

What’s New?

Goodbye, Gridcoin: Given the current circumstances, we had to stop receiving Gridcoin deposits and will be completely removing the coin as soon as possible. More info here.

Welcome, NeoGAS: We introduced our newest coin, GAS, to compensate for Gridcoin’s delisting. More info here.

Don’t forget to check out our current running promotions, don’t miss out on these opportunities to win big! We are currently running a Dice challenge until March 10, be on the lookout for more promotions and, as always, “Catch the winning spirit!”.

Raising Awareness of Phishing Attempts

It has come to our attention that a lot of people as of late have been victims of 'Phishing' attempts, and we can't stress this enough; your account security is of utmost importance to us. We want to raise awareness to take pre-emptive action against these attacks.

First of all, what is Phishing? 

It is the attempt to steal your private information (usernames, passwords, etc.) for malicious reasons, by disguising themselves as a trustworthy entity. In this case, as an example, someone disguising as CryptoGames on Twitter gives you a link to a website that looks like, but you notice the address bar says "". This is a red flag and an obvious phishing attempt.

What do I do to prevent this?

Firstly, don't click every link you come across and verify it is from a trusted source. As an example, our only verified Twitter account goes by @Crypto_Games. If you see an account called @Crypt0_Games, it is not a trusted source and you must stay away from it.

Secondly, when you visit the website, check the address bar and it should be exactly like this, with a very small difference depending on your browser. If it doesn't look like this, leave immediately. Chances are your private information is at risk, and you do not want to take that risk.


And lastly, make sure you have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled on your account as a counter-measure. This will prevent them from accessing your account if they manage to obtain your e-mail and password.


  • Bookmarking the site is a safe way to access it, and we recommend doing so.
  • Keep in mind, CryptoGames’ staff members will never ask for your login information.
  • Never input your private information on a site that is not HTTPS. HTTP websites are insecure and cannot be trusted. 
  • To check shortened links and make sure you are safe when visiting a link, use a Short Link Reverser.

Stay safe

Be cautious about every link you visit, there are malicious people waiting for someone to take the bait so they can steal all their precious data. If a website gives you additional security options, use them. When your funds are on the line, you must act responsibly.

New coin added - GAS

GAS has been added as the 9th currency on CryptoGames (together with BTC, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, PPC, STRAT and XMR). For those of you unfamiliar with GAS and the NEO Smart Economy, we’ve prepared a short introduction, aimed to help you getting to know the newest member of the  CryptoGames family of coins.

What is NEO, how does it relate to GAS?

The NEO Smart Economy consists of two native assets sharing a blockchain. NEO, the governance token, and GAS, the utility and fee token. Started in August 2016 (as AntShares/AntCoins) with an ICO, NEO aims to build a “smart economy”, which consists of digital identities, digital assets and smart contracts. For the latter feature, it’s often branded as “Chinese Ethereum”. While the comparison is near, there are a few main differences between NEO and ETH, most importantly, NEO offers compiling of smart contracts written in different languages (eg C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python), while Ethereum is limited to the JS-based Solidity language. The binary relation between NEO and GAS is another big difference to Ethereum, which only has one native token, ETH.

Both NEO and GAS have a maximum supply of 100,000,000 units. While the full amount of NEO was created in the genesis block, the supply of GAS started at 0. With each passing block, new GAS is being distributed to NEO holders, and thus added to the ecosystem. After roughly 22 years, GAS will reach its maximum supply, at which point 100M GAS will be in circulation, equaling 1-to-1 every NEO in circulation.

Why selecting GAS over NEO?

Some of you might have asked themselves why we opted to offer GAS instead of going with NEO. There are a few differences and advantages that made us pick GAS as the better option for a gambling coin. NEO, the governance token, gives you voting rights over the NEO Smart Economy. Also, with each block, holders of NEO gain a small reward that is paid out in GAS (as above mentioned, 1 NEO produces 1 GAS over the course of 22 years). Those features incentive owners of NEO to keep them in their own wallets, while GAS, the utility token, has no such incentives, GAS is meant to be spent. Also, unlike NEO, GAS can be divided up to 8 decimals, which allows us to offer more fitting limits for both wagering and transacting (NEO can only be transferred in full units, thus the minimum deposit/withdrawal would be 1 NEO, or over $100 at the time of writing).

I’m curious now, where can I learn more about NEO and GAS?

If you’re looking to further explore the NEO Smart Economy, here’s a list of links that you can use as a starting points:
-    Official website:
-    Whitepaper:
-    Bitcointalk thread:
-    Reddit:

But most importantly: Catch the winning spirit!

Important announcement: Delisting Gridcoin (GRC)

Starting today, CryptoGames will no longer accept Gridcoin deposits. This is the first step towards a complete removal of the coin from the CryptoGames platform. Investors who are part of the Gridcoin bankroll are asked to divest and withdraw their coins. For this process, there will be a 14 day window (until 5th March) designated. While betting with Gridcoin is still possible during this withdrawal period, first priority for players and investors with a Gridcoin balance should be to move those coins into their own wallets. Users who don't request a withdrawal in time will have their Gridcoin sent to their emergency address on the 5th, if they have set a Gridcoin emergency address before.

After the 5th March, Gridcoin will be removed from the site, and it will be no longer possible to place bets with Gridcoin or equest automatic withdrawals of any leftover balances. There will be a specific reclaim process for those users that fail to withdraw their coins in time and don't use emergency addresses.

Crypto Gambling History is Revealed!

Since the beginning of Bitcoin in 2009 the world of crypto has had an exciting and incredible journey. Bitcoin Gambling and other cryptos have played a massive part to play in this history, for instance did you know that once half of all the transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain were made by bitcoin gambling sites!

With such a rich and diverse history, it was a surprise no one had made a timeline displaying this. This could be due to the best thing about Bitcoin and alt-coin gambling - the anonymity offered and how it lets you play anywhere in the world. Crypto-Games has been an industry leader in this respect and a major driving force for all forms of alt-coin gambling.

However the anonymous nature of Bitcoin gambling makes it incredibly difficult to find the facts and discover the important milestones that made this revolutionary industry what it is today. Luckily one of our new partners has put in the effort, done the research, and created a wonderful timeline to showcase this fantastic history.

The Official Timeline of Crypto Gambling

We’re proud to announce that the official timeline for crypto gambling has been released to mark the end of 2017.It includes the important dates throughout the course of Bitcoin gambling and allows you to see all the important events that made the crypto gambling industry what it is today. Featuring important milestones such as the biggest win recorded at a Bitcoin casino, other important dates like the first (and biggest) recorded sale of a Bitcoin Gambling site and of course, when Crypto-Games was founded!

Here it is for your enjoyment, as revealed by the team at Bitcoin Gambling 101.

Well that is the history, so far. We are sure this year will bring lots more excitement, so why not join us at the now history crypto casino - Crypto-Games!

Lottery payout change

We'll be changing payout on all future lotteries from current EV+ of 1% to 0% House edge. 100% of the money raised with ticket sales will be paid out to the three winners.

This change will come in place from the following rounds:
  • Bitcoin lottery round 236
  • Dogecoin lottery round 118
  • Litecoin lottery round 30
  • Ethereum lottery round 88 

Catch the winning spirit!