Crypto Gambling History is Revealed!

Since the beginning of Bitcoin in 2009 the world of crypto has had an exciting and incredible journey. Bitcoin Gambling and other cryptos have played a massive part to play in this history, for instance did you know that once half of all the transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain were made by bitcoin gambling sites!

With such a rich and diverse history, it was a surprise no one had made a timeline displaying this. This could be due to the best thing about Bitcoin and alt-coin gambling - the anonymity offered and how it lets you play anywhere in the world. Crypto-Games has been an industry leader in this respect and a major driving force for all forms of alt-coin gambling.

However the anonymous nature of Bitcoin gambling makes it incredibly difficult to find the facts and discover the important milestones that made this revolutionary industry what it is today. Luckily one of our new partners has put in the effort, done the research, and created a wonderful timeline to showcase this fantastic history.

The Official Timeline of Crypto Gambling

We’re proud to announce that the official timeline for crypto gambling has been released to mark the end of 2017.It includes the important dates throughout the course of Bitcoin gambling and allows you to see all the important events that made the crypto gambling industry what it is today. Featuring important milestones such as the biggest win recorded at a Bitcoin casino, other important dates like the first (and biggest) recorded sale of a Bitcoin Gambling site and of course, when Crypto-Games was founded!

Here it is for your enjoyment, as revealed by the team at Bitcoin Gambling 101.

Well that is the history, so far. We are sure this year will bring lots more excitement, so why not join us at the now history crypto casino - Crypto-Games!