Important announcement: Delisting Gridcoin (GRC)

Starting today, CryptoGames will no longer accept Gridcoin deposits. This is the first step towards a complete removal of the coin from the CryptoGames platform. Investors who are part of the Gridcoin bankroll are asked to divest and withdraw their coins. For this process, there will be a 14 day window (until 5th March) designated. While betting with Gridcoin is still possible during this withdrawal period, first priority for players and investors with a Gridcoin balance should be to move those coins into their own wallets. Users who don't request a withdrawal in time will have their Gridcoin sent to their emergency address on the 5th, if they have set a Gridcoin emergency address before.

After the 5th March, Gridcoin will be removed from the site, and it will be no longer possible to place bets with Gridcoin or equest automatic withdrawals of any leftover balances. There will be a specific reclaim process for those users that fail to withdraw their coins in time and don't use emergency addresses.