Forums campaign!

Introduce us on Crypto/Gambling/Business forums and get paid!

  • Campaign is not meant to spam on forums.
  • Before posting on forums, send the link where you want to publish to Send also your link to forum profile.
  • You must have an account on suggested forum created before February 2018 with minimum 5 posts.
  • Introducing thread must be unique for each forum and must contain feautures we offer. Only few sentences is not enough.
  • Forum thread must contain at least two images presenting (screenshots, logos, banners)
  • Forum thread must contain backlink to our website -
  • Referral links are not allowed.
  • Only english forums are allowed and posts in english language.
  • forum is not part of this campaign.
  • Do not spam.
  • Not following any of the above rules will result in no payment.

  • For each eligible forum thread you will receive 0.002 BTC on your account (extra ordinary threads will receive 0.0025 BTC)
  • For each answer you'll give on created forum thread (answering to questions), you'll receive additional 0.0003 BTC per post, but for maximum 5 additional posts. Thread bump will result in no payment.
  • Payment for forum thread/post will be processed after 48 hours from posting it.
  • If forum thread/post is deleted by moderators, it'll result in no payment.