BitcoinCash added

By popular demand, Crypto-Games is proud to announce the addition of Bitcoin Cash to our coin family. Users can now use Bitcoin Cash to play all our games available (excluding Lotto), invest in our bankroll, tip players, and exchange coins.

This, along with our upcoming coin Stellar Lumens (XLM), were chosen by our users via a Strawpoll vote. Originally, the plan was to pick only one, but, due to the overwhelming support for both BCH and XLM, we opted to add the two in order to please the majority of our users. Back in August of last year, we paid out our users when the BTC/BCH hard-fork occurred, and we stated that we were not going to list or support the coin. We changed our minds because of you, and we hope you enjoy our new selection of coins!

We're using the new CashAddr Address format. Here's an example of such address: qpm2qsznhks23z7629mms6s4cwef74vcwvy22gdx6a Players can still withdraw to old "legacy" addresses, using the converter tools ( or if service/wallet is not yet supporting new address format.

As stated few weeks ago, we'll now finally remove Gridcoin from the site. After April 11th, 12:00 UTC it will no longer be possible to place bets with Gridcoin or request withdrawals of any leftover balances.

Catch the winning spirit!