September 30th

Hey fellow gamblers! 

We are back with our weekly blog update. We decided to keep everyone updated and let everyone know what is happening at every week!

New Server, Faster Bets: 

This month we started with a series of long maintenance. We bought over new hardware and servers so that we can handle the increasing number of bets that are made daily. This also allowed us to lower dice speed limit by 30%. You will now notice that your bets are faster than before! [VIP] and [VRN] users no longer have any dice speed limit - that’s the cherry on the top! We hope you will now have a better experience than before.

September Wagering Contest: 

Just less than two more days left before this month's wagering contest winners are selected. This month's rewards are:
• BitcoinCash - 5 prizes, up to 13.50 BCH total bonuses
• Bitcoin - 10 prizes, up to 3.26 BTC total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
• Dash - 5 prizes, up to 11.00 DASH total bonuses
• Dogecoin - 7 prizes, up to 765,000.00 DOGE total bonuses + 335 lotto tickets
• EthereumClassic - 5 prizes, up to 145.00 ETC total bonuses
• Ethereum - 10 prizes, up to 13.30 ETH total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
• NeoGas - 5 prizes, up to 220.00 GAS total bonuses
• Litecoin - 7 prizes, up to 37.50 LTC total bonuses + 790 lotto tickets
• Peercoin - 5 prizes, up to 1,100.00 PPC total bonuses
• Stratis - 5 prizes, up to 880.00 STRAT total bonuses
• Monero - 5 prizes, up to 17.90 XMR total bonuses

User BananoCoin is currently top on the BTC leaderboard by wagering 241.1 BTC followed by user Pepepu35 who wagered around 231.2 BTC. User Aylmer555 has taken over the lead on ETH contest by wagering 23,722.9 ETH followed by kirkby543 who has wagered 1,141.7 ETH. Aylmer555 will easily bag in 5 ETH along with 300 Lotto tickets as a winner.
More updates about the current contest can we found by clicking on “Contests” under “Your Account” tab.


User Thelandir has been lucky enough to hit the jackpot twice in two consecutive day. Thelandir won 0.034 BTC and 1.134 LTC by just making a bet of 50 satoshi and 0.00128622 LTC. Another jackpot was hit by the user brewdog2018 by making a small bet of 50 satoshi. User Enna580 won around 20,000 doge coin by winning the slot jackpot with just a 20 doge coin bet.


This week's bitcoin lotto was won by Skyelar (0.012 btc with 14% win chance), Sojourner (0.00225 btc with 0.667% win chance) and Rambogoham (0.000750 btc with 18% win chance). Next week’s lotto is going to be a big one as users who won the wagering contest will be given free lotto tickets. So, go get some tickets and join the pot. We have seen users with very low percentage win huge amount before.

High-lighted bets:

Congratulation to Kelsie080 for making an amazing profit of 3.894 BTC. The user was lucky enough to hit x650 in plinko by wagering 0.006 BTC.

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