October 15th

Hey Crypto-Gamers!

This week has been crazier than ever before. We can say, it was the week for the investors who made hefty profit through their investments on the bankroll. The upcoming week will be more exciting since there might be new events taking place. Talking about events, let’s not forget about the wagering contest which is about to end within the next two weeks!

October Wagering Contest: 

Half a month gone and only few more weeks left before this month's wagering contest comes to an end. We have seen exciting bets being placed to conquer the top position by our different users.

Currently, the BTC wagering contest is being dominated by user Mannton456. The user has wagered an astonishing amount of 762.62 BTC and will be grabbing 1 BTC as reward if the user is able to hold his position. Pepepu35 and BananoCoin are currently placed in 2nd and 3rd position. Both the users were also one of the winners of last month’s wagering contest with BananoCoin leading over Pepepu35.

Timba is leading the Doge coin wagering contest by being on the top through wagering around 139.212 million Doge coins! If the user remains unbeatable, he will be claiming 278k Doge coin as a reward out of 300k doge coin max reward.

Once again Aylmer555 has managed to reach the top position by wagering 8,025.74 ETH and might be able to claim the max reward of 5 ETH. The user is followed by doge coin leader, Timber who has wagered around 7,224.8 ETH and will also be claiming the max reward of 3 ETH.

The Litecoin contest is also on fire with the top user Dave86sxe10 wagering 4,287.3 LTC followed by YouPayNow wagering 4,176 LTC. A close fight might take place between these two users.

More information about the current contest can be found by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Contests”. There are still plenty of time to join the contest and grab some sweet rewards. Don’t forget, along with those free coins, you will also be getting lotto tickets (for selected coins only) and the [VIP] tag with access to exclusive VIP chat channel. VIPs also have no dice speed limit!


Two weeks have passed and we have seen no jackpots. But, finally user Birny926 was able to hit the roulette jackpot and win almost 3.3 million playmoney. The next jackpot was hit within few days again by brewdog2018 and won 0.034 BTC.


This week’s round 309 btc lotto winners are Rambogoham (11.348% win chance), Skyelar (18.794% win chance) and tuesday (7.092% win chance) each winning 0.022560 BTC, 0.004230 BTC and 0.001410 BTC each. Round 310 winners are Skyelar (10.744% win chance), B4RF (0.826% win chance) and Nowles358 (17.355% win chance) winning 0.009689 BTC, 0.001815 BTC and 0.000605 BTC. Round 311 is about to end in less than a day. The current pot for first position is around 0.005 BTC. Head over to the lotto page and buy some tickets as you might be the next lucky person! Each ticket cost only 0.0001 BTC.
Round 154 of doge coin lottery had an amazing total of 93,800 Doge! Skyelar was able to win the first place and claim 75,040 Doge. Nico0808 and Goobersmooch ended up being second and third, each winning 14,070 Doge and 4,690 Doge.


Spotlight bets:

User Timba made a profit of 44.8 ETH by betting (Dice Bet ID:2,647,418,826) only 3.2 ETH with a risky multiplier of 15x!

User Remo461 made a profit of 138.17 Start by wagering only 0.852 Start with 163x multiplier.

User YouPayNow managed to hit a full house in video poker winning 0.189 BTC by betting 0.027 BTC. The same user was lucky enough to get a 4 of a kind winning 0.648 BTC by betting (Video Poker BetID:4,628,426) the same amount!

User Amans056 was lucky (or unlucky) enough to almost win the slot jackpot. The user won 13.8 ETC by betting (Slot Bet ID: 24,854,532) 0.2 ETC only.

User Mannton456 took a thrilling ride by make some risky bets, but unfortunately did not end up well for him.

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