October 29th

Hey everyone! 

October is about to end, but don’t worry, it’s not going to be a dreary end. We have already planned some exciting events for Halloween! Let us also not forget about the wagering contest which will come to an end soon with this month. Hope you all are excited!

Halloween Event: 

Halloween is here, scary and spooky! Get your costumes ready and join us on Halloween. To lift up the Halloween spirit, we have decided to remove bet speed limit during Halloween which will be lasting for 24 hours, starting from Halloween midnight. So, brace yourselves for making some spooky bets without any kind of bet delays. The fun does not end here. We will be hosting some series of chat games where winners will be rewarded with some sweet Halloween treats. No tricking though! Hope to see you all during the event.

October Wagering Contest Update: 

Only two days left for the wagering contest to come to an end. This month we have seen everyone trying their best to be on the leaderboard. Altcoins, which are usually less active in contest has been nimbler for the first time. People started realizing that joining the less active contest coins actually gives them better chances of winning something.

We already have a winner for our bitcoin cash contest. Jermane821 is currently at the top by wagering 982.97 BCH and way ahead of other users. He will be claiming 1.96 BCH as a reward for being at the top unless someone else comes and beat him!

Mannton456 has still remain unbeaten with a total wager of 762.62 BTC winning the maximum reward of 1 BTC with a chunk of lotto tokens. An interesting turn of event took place within these seven days. User BananoCoin and Pepepu35 were able to regain their previous position after Juan took over them. There were able to kick Juan off to fourth position. Bananocoin is now second on place wagering 275.94 BTC and Pepepu35 is sitting on the third place by wagering 230.17 BTC. Each user will receive 0.524 BTC and 0.3 BTC as a reward for their respective places. Juan’s reward has fell down to 0.25 BTC from 0.401 BTC. The user still has enough time to recover his position.

The Doge coin contest has still the same leaders. Timba still remains unbeaten with his 139.2 million doge coin wager. The second and third position are still occupied by Kothari12 and Randee888.

The Ethereum wagering contest is still lit with users still competition to gain the top position. Fortunate for Aylmer555 and Timber, no one has been able to take over them yet. But user cj7even has been knocked out from his third position by Jermane821 reducing his reward from 1.5 ETH to 1 ETH. Jermane821 will be claiming that 1.5 ETH by just wagering 6,038 ETH. The top seven users have already maxed out on their rewards.

This month the Litecoin wagering contestants has showed more interest than before. All top 7 users have almost maxed out on their rewards! The top position is still held by Eldan581 who overtook Dave86sxe10. Unfortunately, Dave86sxe10 has been also kicked off from his second place by killer1984 who got in second by wagering 4,287 LTC thus will be able to claim 9.55 LTC (out of 10 LTC) as a reward if he manages to keep his position.

More information about the current contest can be found by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Contests”. There are still plenty of time to join the contest and grab some sweet rewards. Don’t forget, along with those free coins, you will also be getting lotto tickets (for selected coins only) and the [VIP] tag with access to exclusive VIP chat channel. VIPs also have no dice speed limit!

The contest has only less than two days left. If you missed this month's contest, don’t worry. You will be able to join November’s wagering contest with a fresh start.


Another week has passed with no jackpots being taken by any users. This means, there are higher chances of having one anytime soon. So, head over and try your luck as you might be the next user to hit the jackpot.

You can find more information on how to claim the jackpot by going through the “FAQ”.


BTC lotto round 314 has been won by Rambogoham (9.929% win chance), Paecga129 (36.879% win chance) and Gordz (0.709% win chance) each winning 0.011280 BTC, 0.002115 BTC and 0.000705 BTC.

Round 313 has been won by play (16.034% win chance), Jackthenife(7.065% win chance) and Accountant (14.13% win chance). Each user won 0.014720 BTC, 0.002760 BTC and 0.000920 BTC for being First, Second and Third position.

Round 315 is about to end in less than 24 hours. Round 316 will be having a huge pot with entries from wagering contest winners! That’s not the case for bitcoin lottery only. Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoins will also be having some sweet risk worth taking pots.

Spotlight Bet:

User Sceobba658 made a risky bet (Roulette BetID:9,356,841) of 14.5 ETH and winning 28.1 ETH profit! The user also managed to make another 3.46 ETH profit by wagering 1.94 ETH (Roulette BetID:9,512,528).

User Aguisel935 was lucky enough to win (Roulette BetID:9,395,044) 1.367 ETH profit by just wagering 0.039 ETH only. The same user managed to make another 3.789 ETH by wagering just 0.108 ETH (Roulette BetID:9,430,866). This was not the end for Aguisel935. The user still once again managed to make a 25.8 ETC by wagering 0.737 ETC only (Roulette BetID:9,437,289).

User DraculaBlade won 34,560 Doge by wagering 11,520 Doge at roulette (Roulette BetID:9,434,031).

User Sniffy was lucky enough to hit a multiplier of 910.0x winning 0.02479 BTC by wagering only 0.00002728 BTC (Dice BetID:2,722,476,103)!

Mathias510 won the slot jackpot winning 0.0099 BTC by just wagering 0.00001 BTC (Slot BetID:25,131,234).

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually.

Hope to see you guys at the Halloween event which will be held on 31st October!

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