BitcoinCash’s contested November 15th Hardfork

0) Introduction & General information
The BitcoinCash network is undergoing regular upgrades via scheduled hardforks every 6 months, the last of which happened on May 15th and included a maximum blocksize increase to 32MB and various opcode changes. Based on this schedule, the next hardfork would be due on November 15th. Unlike last time, though, there is no clear consensus about what kind of changes to be included in the upcoming November hardfork, and the way to approach it has been contested for the last couple of weeks, with two groups fighting over the direction into which they believe BitcoinCash should be going.
As this conflict does not seem to be resolved before the November 15th deadline, the BitcoinCash network is heading towards a possible chainsplit as result of the two proposed, incompatible hardforks. In this contingency plan, we’re going to have a look at the current situation on the BitcoinCash network, outline the preparations CryptoGames is taking in response to it, brief the process CryptoGames has previously established for similar situation (for example during the BTC/BCH split, the BTC/BTG split or the ETH/ETC split), and explain what you, as a user on CryptoGames have to do in order to ensure a smooth process through all of this.

1) The Situation of the BitcoinCash network
Who are these two groups and what are the differences in their proposed hardforks?
The two groups can be best described based on their clients. First off, there is the group around BitcoinABC (sometimes also called “BCHABC”). This group includes the following compatible implementations: BitcoinABC v0.18.3, BitcoinUnlimited v1.5.0.1, BitcoinXT Release K, and bcoin v1.1.0, which has yet to be released. Their proposed hardfork includes a change to canonical transaction ordering, newly added OpCodes, and a minimum transaction size limit.
The opposing group formed around the BitcoinSV client (equivalent to the first group also called “BCHSV”), with SV standing for Satoshi Vision. The group backing this implementation includes nChain, Craig Wright, and the mining pool CoinGeek. The main aspects of the hardfork proposed by BitcoinSV is the maximum blocksize increase to 128MB which is the biggest increase so far, and the reactivation of some old OpCodes initially added by Satoshi himself (thus the name of their implementation).
Other clients that have not yet released compatible versions for either of the proposed hardforks or client versions that are older than the thresholds and thus not compatible with the proposed hardforks will remain on the legacy chain and not undergo any hardfork.
If you are interested in an overview about the stance mining pools, nodes, and other service have regarding these two groups and the legacy chain, Coin.Dance has a statistics overview page dedicated to this hardfork.

What are the possible scenarios for the days after the fork arise from this situation?
There are a few possible ways in which this could play out. The outcome that is most likely to happen is the hardforks resulting in two split chains coexisting from this point, BitcoinCash ABC and BitcoinCash SV. Depending on whether or not the legacy chain is continued to be mined by some, there could not only be two, but three parallel chains fighting for the BitcoinCash name. It is however also possible, though less likely, that only one of these chains survives long term. Which of these situations will happen in the end remains to be seen. Due to the uncertainty, it is best to prepare for every possible outcome.

2) The preparations taken by CryptoGames
After distributing both BCH and BTG to BTC holders, as well as distributing ETC to ETH holders, we at CryptoGames had previously announced that we would no longer support chainsplit tokens and would not distribute any minority forks to our users, thus users who would want to access coins resulting from chainsplits and forks off the supported coins on CryptoGames would have to withdraw their coins prior to the forking date, take care of securely splitting those coins themselves, and could later redeposit those coins that are still supported by CryptoGames. We did so with BitcoinGod, BitcoinPizza, BitcoinSmart, BitcoinInterest, and a long list of other forks splitting off the Bitcoin network during the last two years. A full explanation of our current policy regarding chainsplits and minority forks can be found in the following blogpost: Our renewed policy about hardforks and chainsplits.
While we do not plan to alter this policy, we are prepared to make an exception in the case of BitcoinCash’s November hardforks. This is correct, CryptoGames will distribute any coins resulting from the November 15th BitcoinCash hardforks and possibly resulting chainsplit to its users. We believe this is the right step to take since both proposed hardforks have a roughly equal amount of support. The problem with many previous chainsplits was that there was only one majority chain and a tiny minority splitting off that chain, making preparing for distribution split tokens and processing their withdrawals costlier than the value gained from doing so. In this case, however, there is no clear majority yet, and we believe users should be able to decide for themselves on which chain they continue to operate, not being forced into taking one side by the services they use to hold their coins.
A few technical aspects: We at CryptoGames are currently running the latest version of BitcoinABC, meaning we will continue to operate on the BCHABC chain after the fork/split. We will only support the BCHABC chain from that point forward, and do not plan to add BCHSV to our portfolio. As a result, we will make BCHSV tokens available for withdrawal to those users holding BCH at CryptoGames during the split.
On November 15th, shortly before the two hardforks activate, we will halt all incoming and outgoing transactions for BCH. Deposits and withdrawals will thus no longer be possible, until the network has stabilized after the split and we deem all resulting chains to be stable, most importantly the BCHABC chain which we will operate on. Once the block for the activation of both hardforks is mined, we will take a snapshot of all user’s BCH balances. This snapshot will include the balance of all those users who hold 0.05 BCH or more in their accounts, meaning either in their active playing balance or as an investment into the BCH bankroll. The distributions of BCHSV will be according to this snapshot, any changes afterwards, wins or losses, as well as tips, will not be reflected in your BCHSV distribution amount.
The distribution of BCHSV tokens itself will only start a little while after the forks happen, depending on how fast the networks stabilize, whether there is any replay protection available, how this replay protection is implemented and depending on how many requests for BCHSV withdrawals we get. Transactions will be processed in the order BCHSV addresses are submitted to us, so if you want your coins as early as possible, make sure to submit your BCHSV address as soon as possible.

3) Things you have to do as a user
There are a few things you have to consider as a user when holding BCH on CryptoGames during the split. First off, ensure you are eligible to receive a distribution of BCHSV via CryptoGames, meaning check if you hold more than 0.05 BCH with us. If you are eligible, you will have to decide whether you want us to take care of splitting the coins for you or not. If you want immediate access to both your split coins after the fork, you should consider handling the coinsplit yourself. If you hold less than 0.05 BCH, but still want access to your BCHABC and your BCHSV, you will also have to handle the split yourself, and should withdraw your BCH from CryptoGames. If you are not in a hurry and can wait some days to get all your resulting coins, or if you do not know how to split the coins yourself, letting CryptoGames take care of the split for you might be the best option.
All users that hold more than 0.05 BCH on CryptoGames and that want to take advantage of the distribution offered by CryptoGames will have to submit an address they want their BCHSV sent to. The feature for address collection has already been enabled and users can submit BCHSV addresses to us starting right now. To do so, head over to CryptoGames, select Your account -> Settings, and you will see a “BCH SV address” tab on the very right end of the window. Enter your desired address into the input section, and click the button to confirm your input. After that, please verify the correct address has been saved by closing and reopening the window.
Users will be able to submit BCHSV addresses for up to 10 days after the fork, until November 25th 23:59 UTC, after this deadline, no more addresses will be accepted and those who did not submit an address in time will lose their claim, so please ensure you complete your submission before the time runs out. Claims from users that did submit an address in time, but could not have their transactions processed within the time window, will of course still be honoured.

4) Further information
If you have any general questions regarding the BitcoinCash hardforks, the split, our handling of the situation, or the necessary actions from your end, you can best ask them directly in our on-site chatroom. Should you get no answer there, you can also post a public response on our bitcointalk thread (right here), maybe someone else has a similar question, or can help you find the answer. If you have specific account related issues, the support team ( is around to help you resolve those and ensure a smooth distribution process.
Should there be any major new development or any important change to this situation and the distribution done by CryptoGames, we will do our best to update you about the events on here with another blogpost, and via newsletter and social media.

6th November

Greetings Gamblers! 

October has come to an end. The month was filled with excitement and ended with the Halloween event. We have had back to back no bet delay promotion along with free treats (coins) for the Halloween spirit. The month ended with a spark by announcing and rewarding the wagering contest winners of October. Hope everyone enjoyed and is staying with us till the end.

Winners of October Wagering Contest:

October has been one of the best months at crypto-games. Contestant have tried their best to secure their position at the wagering contest. But those who truly deserved managed to secure their spots at the leaderboard and bag in some sweet deals of rewards.

Bitcoin: Mannton456 who was leading at the contest from the very beginning was able to hold his position till the end. The user wagered a total of 762.622 BTC by placing only 398 bets in total. The user claimed the maximum reward of 1 BTC! Second place was claimed by BananoCoin receiving 0.526 BTC. BananoCoin was followed by Pepepu35 who placed in third claiming 0.3 BTC. Juan came in third receiving 0.25 BTC. The user was followed by brewdog2018, Gunit1, holzfritte, abbasabba, YouPayNow and fatgooseNNA. Each user received 0.131 BTC, 0.092 BTC, 0.08 BTC, 0.05 BTC, 0.0515 BTC and 0.034 for their respective places. A total of 2.53 BTC has been dealt to all the winners! Along with bitcoins, 828 lotto tickets have been spread out to the winners based on their rankings.

Dogecoin: Timba placed in first by wagering 139.2M doge and winning 278.4k dogecoins for his position. Kothari12 and Randee888 came in second and third winning 107.7k dogecoin and 39.8k dogecoin. They were followed by cj7even, Skeylar, papabab and juan each winning 11.9k doge, 8.6k doge, 5.7k doge and 3.9k doge for their respective positions. A total of 416.2 k doge has been given out along with 335 lotto tickets!

Ethereum: The Ethereum contest has been one of the most active last month with top 7 users claiming the maximum reward. Aylmer555 was once again able to secure the top position by wagering 8,361.9 ETH winning the max reward of 5 ETH! The user was followed by Timba who won 3 ETH. Third came in Jermane821 claiming 1.5 ETH. Cj7even, Aguisel935, YouPayNow, Sceobba658, Carda443, Kirkby543 and Solidox took over rest of the position. Each user was given 1 ETH, 0.8 ETH, 0.6 ETH, 0.5 ETH, 0.254 ETH, 0.111 ETH, 0.096 ETH as a reward for being on the top 10 leader board. A total of 12.88 ETH was dealt along with 828 lotto tickets.

Litecoin: User Xyxfkxkl got in first place wining 15 LTC by wagering 19,079.25 LTC. He was followed by killer1984 winning 9.55 LTC (out of 10 LTC). Third place was captured by dave86sxe10 winning 5 LTC. YouPayNow, Goobersmooch, Eanulf710 and Keaton361 took over rest of the four places and recived 3 LTC, 1.933 LTC, 1.5 LTC and 1 LTC respectively. A total of 36.9 LTC has been given out to the winners along with 790 lotto tickets.

Bitcoincash: Jermane821 secured the first position by wagering 1,057.84 BCH winning 2.115 BCH. He was followed by cj7even, jobbless1, juan and Claudio513 each winning 0.264 BCH, 0.19 BCH, 0.126 BCH and 0.0783 BCH. A total of 2.78 BCH has been dealt as a reward to the winners.

Dash: Top place was claimed by spcm who wagered 102.282 DASH winning 0.2045 DASH. Rest of the winners were Maxximm, Abbo675, Nathan and Acexpress each winning 0.175 DASH, 0.069 DASH, 0.05 DASH and 0.04 DASH respectively. Total rewards distributed amount the winners summed up to be 0.54 DASH.

Ethereumclassic: Cjeven once again can be seen on the leaderboard, but this time on the first place of ETC wagering contest. The user wagered 22,371.88 ETC winning 44.743 ETC! The user was followed by Goobersmooch, Aguisel935, Amans056 and Grav each winning 8.03 ETC, 6.63 ETC, 5.06 ETC and 3.8 ETC. A total of 68.274 ETC has been dealt as a reward!

NeoGas: Kekie placed in first by wagering 3,307.63 GAS and bagging in 6.6152 GAS as a reward. The user was followed by tmills, Lutpin, Eega and DemiGod each winning 3.826 GAS, 2.25 GAS, 1.64 GAS and 1.5 GAS according to their respective position. A total of 15.74 GAS has been dealt to the winners as a reward for their position at the leader board.

Peercoin: Dimagog has been seen on last month's top wagerer at Peercoin wagering contest. The user won 68 PPC by wagering 34,004.9 PPC. Rest of the placed were claimed by DemiGod, fatgooseNNA, Skyelar and Lutpin each winning 42.61 PPC, 8.995 PPC, 6.74 PPC and 5.13 PPC. A total of 131.475 PPC has been dealt to the winners.

Stratis: User holzfritte waggered a total of 21,154.717 STRAT which helped him to gain the first position and claim 42.3 START as a reward. The user was followed by Shahista, Grav, DemiGod and SAQAsaqa each winning 31.68 START, 23.338 START, 19.030 START and 13.3766 STRAT. A total of 129.57 START has been given out to the winners as a reward.

Monero: SamSepiol placed in first on Monero wagering contest by wagering a total of 497.96XMR and claimed 0.995 XMR as a reward. Rest of the place was taken by Mannton456, Shahista, Bruns428 and Brun935 each claiming 0.735 XMR, 0.29 XMR, 0.26 XMR and 0.2 XMR. A total of 2.49 XMR has been dealt to all the winners.

All rewards have been dealt to the players within few hours. Along with the rewards, the top five users for each coin have received the [VIP] tag. They now have access to all the VIP exclusive features. The tag will last until the end of the next wagering contest. November's wagering contest has already been started with almost 24 days left for users to fight for the top position and claim in those sweet rewards. If you weren’t able to participate on last month’s contest, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.


As expected, two jackpots were hit (after seeing none for the previous two weeks). User CharlesTown won 0.035 BTC by wagering 50 satoshi and Reciente also won 0.035 BTC by wagering 100 satoshi for hitting the jackpot. Both users got 1% of the total jackpot (this is based on their base bet). More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the FAQ “Jackpot” section.


Last week’s lotto had some huge total pots due to tickets given to the winners from the wagering contest. Bitcoin lotto round 316 has been won by RoadCrypto with only a win chance of 1.120% winning 0.078 BTC! The second and third place was claimed by Mannton456 (win chance of 30.55%) winning 0.014 BTC and 0.0049 BTC. Round 317 has already been started with only few hours left to end. Buy some tickets and test out your luck.

Ethereum Lotto round 127 has been won by Aylmer555 (first place with a win chance of 25.189%), Wiatt596 (second place with a win chance of 3.529%) and Timba (third place with a win chance of 16.793%) each winning 1.429 ETH, 0.268 ETH and 0.0893 ETH.

Litecoin Lotto round 70 has been won by Dave86sxe10 (first place with win chance of 17.59%), killer1984 (second place with win chance of 17.59%) and Gray900 (third place with a win chance of 3.606%). Each winner won 4.548 LTC, 0.853 LTC and 0.284 LTC for their respective position.

Dogecoin Lotto round 158 has been won by Kothari12 (first place with a 18.1% win chance), s0lidus (second place with a 0.905% win chance) and roadcrypto (third place with a 2.941% win chance). Each user won 70,720 doge, 13,260 doge and 4,420 doge according to their place.

Spotlight Bets: 

One of our anonymous users managed to hit the multiplier of 1843.866x winning 0.00995 BTC by wagering only 0.00000540 BTC (BetID Dice:2,740,706,457).

User Aguisel035 won 1.395 ETH in roulette by waggering 0.039 ETH (Roulette BetID:9,551,890).

Presly106 won the slot jackpot (Slot BetID:25,416,353) by wagering 0.1 ETH and winning 6.9 ETH!

All bets made at are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually.
Hop into the November wagering contest and win some amazing reward. There is more than enough time to claim the top position.

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