27th November

Hey CryptoGamers!

December is almost here. We can almost smell the Christmas spirit everywhere. With this November wagering contest will also come to end. We have a lot coming up next month. Hope you all enjoy your stay and keep gambling with us!

BitcoinCash Update:

All activities related to BitcoinCash has been resumed. The deposits have been re-enabled. Please do keep in mind we do not support BCH SV. So, do not send BCH SV to your given address. Sending any other coin to those address will result in losing your funds.

Planned Maintenance: 

We will be running a planned maintenance tomorrow (28th of November) starting from 7:00 UTC and will be lasting few hours. Apologies for any kind of interruption.

November Wagering Contest Update:

November wagering contest is about to end soon with only less than three days remaining. We have seen contestants fight each other to reach the top of the leaderboard to grab in some handsome rewards.

User Pepepu35 is still dominating the leaderboard and has added more to his total wager. The user wagered a total 255.39 BTC up till now and now will be claiming 0.561 BTC as reward based on his total wager. The user is still followed by brewdog2018 was has also increased his total wager to 10.783 BTC. The estimated reward has been increased to 0.204 BTC out of the maximum 0.6 BTC for his position. The third position has been taken by locyn816 bringing Ecci142 to the fourth position. Locyn816 has wagered a total of 89.82 BTC and will receive 0.143 BTC as a reward for his position and wager this month. Ecci142 has fallen down to fourth position with a total wager of 40.313 BTC and will receive an estimated reward of 0.056 BTC.

Dogecoin: User Randee888 is still unbeaten and is leading the board. The user got into the first position by wagering 74.57 million Doge and will be receiving 149.158k Doge as a reward out of the maximum 300k Dogecoin. The user is followed by Goobersmooch who took over Kothari12 by wagering 29.87 million doge and will be receiving an estimated reward of 53.7k doge. Kothari12 ended up being third with just a marginal difference. The user wagered 29.45 million doge and will receive 44.1k doge for his position. The user still has enough time to take back his previous position.

Ethereum: User Aylmer555 is still at the top position without placing a single bet for the last two weeks. The user wagered 15,287 ETH and will receive the maximum reward of 5 ETH. The user is still followed by Amans056 who also haven’t added much to his wager. The user wagered a total of 1,135 ETH and will win an estimated reward of 2.157 ETH if he can keep hold of his position. User Mayson018 is also holding onto his position but added more to his total wager which increased his estimated reward to 1.5 ETH. The user wagered 1,116 ETH in total. Jermae821 has taken the fourth place by wagering 1,030 ETH and will also be receiving the max reward of 1 ETH.

Litecoin: User xyxfkxkl is still occupying the first position by wagering an incredible amount of 28,568 LTC and will be receiving the maximum reward of 15 LTC. The user is still followed by Gip042 and Goobersmooch each wagering 1,694 LTC and 1,276 LTC placing second and third on the leaderboard without placing anymore bets since last week. Each user will receive 3.049 LTC and 1.94 LTC each based on their total wager and position.

Stratis:The first position is still taken by holzfritte who added a little to his total wager making it 59,253 Start and will receive 118.5 Start for his position and total wager. User Grav is still second by wagering 15,677 Start and will be winning 28.2 Start as a reward. DemiGod has taken over the third position from xitonfera by wagering 14,405.2 START and will be receiving 21.6 STRAT as a reward. Xitonfera ended up being fourth by wagering 12,775.7 START and will be receiving 17.88 START.

Monero: Treebeard is currently on the top of the Monero Wagering contest by wagering 414.354 XMR and will receive 0.828 XMR as a reward for his position. The user is followed by grav and Alvan689 each wagering 197.381 XMR and 76.084 XMR. Each of those user will receive 0.355 XMR and 0.114 XMR for their respective position.

Ethereum Classic: User Amans056 is on the top of the leaderboard by wagering 8,295.8 ETC and will receive 16.59 ETC. The user is followed by Keaton361 and lugger3e09 each wagering 5,148.3 ETC and 2,326.2 ETC. The users will receive 9.26 ETC and 3.48 ETC each for their postion on the leader board.

Just less than three days left before this contest ends. If you didn’t manage the join in this month's contest, don’t worry. A new contest will be starting on December. Hop into that as soon as you can to claim a position and defend it.

More information about the current contest can be found by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Contests”. There are still plenty of time to join the contest and grab some sweet rewards. Don’t forget, along with those free coins, you will also be getting lotto tickets (for selected coins only) and the [VIP] tag with access to exclusive VIP chat channel. VIPs also have no dice speed limit!


No new jackpot has been seen last week. This means, we can expect to see some new jackpots being hit within next few weeks. So, head over and try you luck at dice and win the jackpot.

More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the “Jackpot” section in FAQ. If you still have questions about the jackpot, feel free to ask us on the chat channel.


Bitcoin Lotto round 321 has been won by fatgooseNNA taking first (with a win chance of 4.688%) winning 0.00512 BTC. Second place was taken by diRe (with a win chance of 17.188%) winning 0.000960 BTC. Third place has been taken by baapvis with only 1 lotto ticket (with a win chance of 9.375%) winning 0.000320 BTC.

Bitcoin Lotto round 322 has been won by Skyelar (with a win chance of 23%), CXaivier (with a win chance of 1%) and Rhrodri873 (with a win chance of 3%) placing in first, second and third position. Each won 0.008 BTC, 0.0015 BTC and 0.0005 BTC based on their position.

Head over to the lotto page and get some tickets to test out your luck! Each btc lotto ticket costs only 0.0001 BTC!

Spotlight Bets: 

User Jefford303 won 2.35 ETH on dice (Dice BetID: 2,809,520,005) with one single bet! User locyn816 won an amazing 1.8 BTC on dice (Dice BetID: 2,823,014,962) by risking 2 BTC on one single bet!

User Presley106 won 4.3 ETH on roulette (Roulette BetID: 10,204,484) by wagering only 0.5 ETH!

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually. The

November wagering contest is about to come to an end but there is more to go. The December wagering contest will start with completely new statistic. Jump on that and wager enough to win something. Don’t forget, there are coins that are not much active in the wagering contest which you can join and easily reach the top position.

Catch the Winning Spirit!