17th December

Hey Crypto-Gamers!

December is almost half way done till it ends. This means Christmas is quite near and don’t get surprised if you see Santa gambling with us! With December almost ending, this means the wagering contest is also about to end soon. Just less than two weeks left to grab your sweet spot at the wagering leaderboard.

Christmas Special:

Santa came in early this year at Crypto-Games! Our Christmas special giveaway has already begun. Users who are active at Bitcointalk will be eligible to receive presents from Santa. Head over to our giveaway thread at Bitcointalk and let us know what you like about us. Please make sure you meet our criteria before posting your nickname. If you are not eligible, don’t worry. We will be hosting a series of events (trivia, free coins and random games) at crypto-games were everyone can participate. We will be notifying everyone once the event starts.

December Wagering Contest Update: 

Just less than 15 more days left till the wagering contest ends. Participants has been very active to secure their positions on the wagering leaderboard. A short update on this month wagering contest has been posted below.

Bitcoin: User Pepepu35 is leading the bitcoin contest by wagering 325.905 BTC! The estimated reward is 0.716 BTC out of 1 BTC based on the users position and wagering statistics. The user is followed by streetcypher who wagered 63.04 BTC and will be currently be given an estimated reward of 0.119 BTC if the user manages to hold his position. Third place is Jermane821 who wagered 44.75 BTC and will be given an estimate of 0.07 BTC.

Dogecoin: Our current top user AGdx at dogecoin contest has wagered 18,127,997 doge and will be given an estimate reward of 36,255 Doge. Second place is currently taken by Skyler who has wagered 8,953,459 Doge and will be given 16,116 Doge. Third place is occupied by Kerrick880 who currently placed a total of 5,506,001 Doge and will be receiving 8,259 Doge if the user is not taken over by another user.

EthereumClassic: User Amans056 has placed an astonishing amount of 57,711 ETC bets and will be receiving the maximum reward of 70 ETC! Goobersmooch has been placed second by wagering 9,739 ETC and will receive 17.53 ETC. Dimagog has currently taken over the third spot by wagering 3,509 ETC and will receive 5.26 ETC.

Ethereum: The top position is currently being hold by Aylmer555 who has wagered a breathtaking amount of 8,726 ETH and will receive the max reward of 5 ETH if no one takes over his position. Second place is taken by locyn816 who wagered 1,841 ETH and will also be receiving the max reward pf 3 ETH. The third-place holder, CloeliaAva will also receive the max reward of 1.5 ETH who wagered 1,346 ETH.

Litecoin: 8808ln18 has conquered the top position by wagering 14,646 LTC and will likely remain unbeaten. The user wagered 14,646 LTC and will receive 15 LTC which is the maximum reward. The user is followed by Miquel399 who wagered 935 LTC and will receive 1.68 LTC. The third place has been taken by Adkyn566 who wagered 892 LTC and will win an estimate reward of 1.33 LTC.

If you haven’t jumped into the contest yet, there is still enough time to join and get fill your pockets with sweet rewards.

More information about the current contest can be found by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Contests”. There are still plenty of time to join the contest and grab some sweet rewards. Don’t forget, along with those free coins, you will also be getting lotto tickets (for selected coins only) and the [VIP] tag with access to exclusive VIP chat channel. VIPs also have no dice speed limit!


Two weeks have passed and we have seen only one jackpot being hit. User brewdog2018 won 0.035 BTC (1% of the total jackpot) by placing only 42 satoshi bet. We might be seeing back to back jackpots being hit on the upcoming weeks. More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the “Jackpot” section in FAQ. If you still have questions about the jackpot, feel free to ask us on the chat channel.


Bitcoin Lotto round 328 has been a lucky round for users with low win chance. User 7O13145 won the first-place winning 0.0158 BTC (with a win chance of 3.535% chance), second place being taken by B4RF winning 0.00297 BTC with a win chance of (with a win chance of 1.151% chance) and third place taken by fuziondevopes winning 0.000990 BTC (with a win chance of 2.252%).

Spotlight Bets: 

User Edwardo919 made a profit of 29.36 LTC (Dice betID: 2,860,287,165) by wagering only 9.72 LTC on a single bet managing to hit x4.02 multiplier.

User Goobersmooch won 32.76 ETC by wagering 81.92 ETC (Dice betID: 2,878,408,316) on one single bet.

User Sss01 won 1 BCH on slot by hitting the slot jackpot (Slot betID: 26,153,387) and wagered only 0.001 BCH.

One of our anonymous users won (Slot betID: 26,176,131) 0.1 BTC by wagering only 0.0001 BTC and hitting the jackpot. A

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually.

The December wagering contest is still going on. Jump on that and wager enough to win something. Don’t forget, there are coins that are not much active in the wagering contest which you can join and easily reach the top position. Also keep an eye on the chat during Christmas and win some free coins.

Catch the Winning Spirit!