26th December

Christmas is here already!

Santa has given away free coins, lotto tickets and vouchers to users you that joined us during Christmas. A series of chat games has been hosted and users were lucky to grab in some freebies.

Christmas Special: 

Our Christmas Event is still going on and will last till January 1st next year. We have been giving away user some sweet rewards for being able to hit some certain betID. User Eega has already claimed the 0.01 BTC reward by winning the betID 2,920,000,000 contest. Next on stop, betID 2,935,000,000 contest was won by Irazta winning 0.5 ETH! Don’t worry if you missed your chance. There is still more betIDs to be chased. Head to crypto-games.net and start betting. More information about the events can be found on this post.

Don’t forget, “no speed limit on dice” promo has already started and will be lasting for a week!

December Wagering Contest Update:

Less than 5 days left before December wagering contest comes to an end. Now is the best time to compete since there will be no delays on bet for one whole week. If you are already leading, then start wagering more to maximize your reward!

Bitcoin: The bitcoin wagering contest is still being dominated by Pepepu35 who has wagered 523.63 BTC and will be receiving the maximum reward of 1 BTC! The user is followed by brewdog2018 who has wagered 71.9 BTC and will receiving an estimated reward of 0.1366 BTC. Third place has been occupied by streetcypher who has wagered 63.56 BTC and will receive an estimated reward of 0.101 BTC out of 0.3 BTC as a reward.

Dogecoin: The current top position at Dogecoin wagering contest is being held by Kerrick880 who has wagered around 28,845,932 Doge and will be receiving an estimated reward of 57,691 doge if the user manages to hold his position. Second place is currently being hold by AGdx who has wagered 19,875,782 Doge and will receive an estimated reward of 35,776 Doge. The third place is taken by shanti963 who has wagered 12,019,981 Doge and will receive 18,029 Doge for his current position and wagered amount.

Ethereum: Aylmer555 as usual is still defending his top position. The user has wagered an astonishing amount of 10,003 ETH and will receive the max reward of 5 ETH! This user is followed by locyn816 who has wagered 2,448 ETH and will also receive the maximum reward of 3 ETH. Third place has been occupied by CloeliaAva who has wagered 1,346 ETH and has also maxed out on the reward and will be receiving 1.5 ETH if the user manages to hold her respective position.

Litecoin: Currently, 8808ln18 is holding the top position by wagering 14,646 LTC. The user will be receiving the maximum reward of 15 LTC assuming that the user was able to defend his position throughout the contest. Second place is currently being held by killer1984 who has wagered 1,725 LTC and will receive 3.1 LTC out of 10 LTC as a reward. The third place is under the control of GreenNumbers who has wagered 1,316 LTC and will receive 1.975 LTC.

If you haven’t jumped into the contest yet, there is still hope left since there is no limit on dice speed currently. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pockets filled with sweet rewards.

More information about the current contest can be found by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Contests”. Don’t forget, along with those free coins, you will also be getting lotto tickets (for selected coins only) and the [VIP] tag with access to exclusive VIP chat channel. VIPs also have no dice speed limit!


Only one jackpot has been hit since our last update. User Dellwin435 managed to hit the jackpot winning 0.03496 BTC (1% of the total jackpot) by betting only 50 satoshi.

More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the “Jackpot” section in FAQ. If you still have questions about the jackpot, feel free to ask us on the chat channel.


BTC lotto round 331 has been won by Vulee (1st place winning 0.01624 BTC with a 0.493% of win chance), imHD3D (2nd place winning 0.003045 BTC with a 10.345% of win chance) and Danny407 (3rd place winning 0.00105 BTC with a win chance of 2.463%).

Ethereum lotto round 135 ends in 8 hours. Currently, the first place winner will take 0.2472 ETH, second place will be taking 0.0464 ETH and the third place winner will get 0.0155 ETH. Head over to the lotto page and buy some tickets to test out your luck!

Spotlight Bets: 

User fatgooseNNA managed to hit (Dice betID: 2,895,791,044) the 2834.28570x multiplier winning 0.752 BTC by just placing only 0.00026547 BTC. The same user was able to hit the 2437.34640x winning 0.07 BTC by betting only 0.00003015 BTC. Being able to hit the same mulitiplier once again, the user made another 0.7 BTC profit by betting (Dice betID: 2,914,093,576) only 0.000293 BTC!

User locyn816 won 20.8 ETH in a single bet (Dice betID: 2,907,008,226) on dice doubling his bet amount. The same user won (Dice betID: 2,907,082,889) another 15 ETH on dice.

User Ingham241 turned his 0.064 BTC into 0.128 BTC profit by hitting the 3x multiplier on dice (Dice betID: 2,910,366,348).

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually.

The December wagering contest is about to end. Don’t worry if you missed this months wagering contest. There will be more of those contest every month starting afresh. Just make sure you don’t miss it next time. All the best!

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