6th December

Hey Everyone!

November has ended. This was one of the most exciting months we have seen. The wagering contest was fierce, but only the most deserving ones were able to hold on to their position. The winners have already been announced and rewarded. With the end of November contest, the December wagering contest has already started. Hope to see everyone participating on the contest and stays with us till the very end.

Winners of November Wagering Contest:

November wagering contest ended with a spark. Those who weren’t able to be on the top, better luck next time. On other hand, those who truly deserved managed to secure their spots at the leaderboard has bagged in some sweet deals of rewards.

Bitcoin: Pepepu35 who was leading at the contest from the very beginning was able to hold onto his position till the end. The user wagered a total of 274.776 BTC BTC by placing 3,197,561 bets in total. The user claimed 0.604 BTC out of 1 BTC as a reward. Second place was taken by brewdog2018 who wagered 112.79 BTC claiming 0.214 BTC as a reward. Total bets placed by that user was around 6,206,350. The user was followed by locyn816 who wagered 111.155 BTC. The user placed in third with just a small difference between brewdog2018. The user was rewarded 0.177 BTC as a reward. The user managed to get into that position by just placing only 866 bets! Rest of the places were occupied by play, Ecci142, Erasmo578, attakorn, fatgooseNNA, MarcSains and redsquirrel. Each of those users were rewarded with 0.0569 BTC, 0.04837 BTC, 0.0376 BTC, 0.0295 BTC, 0.0241 BTC, 0.019 BTC and 0.0149 BTC for their respective position. A total of 1.227 BTC has been dealt as a reward to the winners! Along with bitcoins, 828 lotto tickets have been spread out to the winners based on their rankings.

Bitcoincash: User Aylmer555 has placed in first on the bitcoincash wagering contest. The user wagered 561.089 BCH and has been rewarded 1.122 BCH for his wagered amount and position. The user was followed by jermane821 who wagered 263.528 BCH winning 0.4743 BCH as a reward. Third place was taken by Timba who won 124.415 BCH and has been rewarded 0.185 BCH. Jobbless1 and Gordy894 came on fourth and fifth respectively. Each of them were rewarded 0.0858 BCH and 0.0686 BCH for ther wagered amount and position. A total of 1.937 BCH has been given to the top five winners.

DASH: The first place has been taken by spcm who wagered 1,375.28 DASH winning 2.75 DASH. Second place was taken by bttttttt who wagered 88.783 DASH and won 0.1598 DASH. Third place was occupied Eega who wagered 38.398 DASH and has been rewarded 0.057 DASH. Rest of the two palces, fourth and fifth was taken by Maxximm and Itibor winning 0.05316 DASH and 0.0376 DASH according to their position and total wager for that month. A total of 3.058 DASH has been dealt to the top five users.

DogeCoin: The first place in Dogecoin wagering contest was taken by Randee888 who wagered an astonishing amount of 85,592,220 DOGE by placing 1,562,371 bets. The user has been rewarded 171,184 doge coins for his acheivement. Second place was taken by Goobersmooch who wagered 41,603,485 DOGE winning 74,886 DOGE. Third place was occupied by Kothari12 who wagered 29,464,699 to secure his position. The user was rewarded 44,197 DOGE coins for his position. Kothari was followed by Kerrick880, Janaya996, Garvin101 and AGdx occupying fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh position. Each of those users according to their position and wagered were rewarded with 40,326 DOGE, 31,544 DOGE, 18,934 DOGE and 12,513 DOGE respectively. A total of 393,586.229 Doge coin has been distributed amoung the users along with 335 lotto tickets!

EthereumClassic: User Amans056 has taken the top place at EthereumClassic leaderboard. He has been leading the board by wagering 8,329 ETC and has been rewarded 16.659 ETC. Second came in Keaton361 who wagered 5,157 ETC and won 9.282 ETC. Third place was occupied by grav who wagered 2,542 ETC and won 3.81 ETC has a reward. Rest of the two position was taken by lugger3e09 and Wegland964 winning 3.262 ETC and 1.525 ETC as rewards for their position. A total of 34.544 ETC has been given out among the winners.

Ethereum: User Aylmer555 has dominated the ETH wagering leaderboard by wagering 15,287 ETH and winning the maximum reward of 5 ETH. Second place was Mayson018 who placed only 497 bets and wagered a total of 1,252.4 ETH winning 2.37 ETH. Third place was taken by Amans056 who wagered 1,145.45 ETH winning 1.5 ETH. Rest of the placed were filled by Jermane821, Unwona515, Presly106, Heywood940, Solidox, Aguisel935 and Edwardo919. According to their position, the users were rewarded with 1 ETH, 0.427 ETH, 0.31 ETH, 0.137 ETH, 0.121 ETH, 0.1 ETH and 0.05 ETH. A total of 11.035 ETH was dealt along with 828 lotto tickets.

NeoGas: The NeoGas wagering contest top winner was DemiGod who placed in first by wagering 8,801.5 GAS and has won 17.603 GAS as a reward for her acheivement. Second place was spcm wagering 6,234.44 GAS and won 11.22 GAS as a reward. Third came in Osmund008 who wagered 2,906.67 and won 4.35 GAS. Rest of the two position, fourth and fifth was taken by fatgooseNNA and Lutpin winning 3.231 GAS and 1.923 GAS as a reward for their position and wagered amount. A total of 38.340 GAS has bee distributed among the winners.

Litecoin: User In2018hxf has wagered 35,094 LTC for securing his top position. The user managed to get hold of the maximum reward of 15 LTC. In2018hxf was followed by Gip042 who placed in second by wagering 1,694 LTC and won 3.049 LTC as a reward. The user placed only 322 bets. Goobersmooch came in third by wagering 1,296 LTC and won 1.945 LTC. Rest of the place was occupied by Lutpin, Shahista, Claudio513 and Achan230 each user winning 1.625 LTC, 1.388 LTC, 0.750 LTC and 0.673 LTC. A total of 24.432 LTC has been given out to the winners along with 790 lotto tickets!

Peercoin: Claudio513 has stood top on the Peer coin leaderboard by wagering 13,400 PPC and was won 26.8 PPC. Second place was filled by Dimagog who wagered 13,039 PPC winning 23.47 PPC. Skyelar came in third by wagering 8,704 PPC and won 13.056 PPC. The rest of the position was filled by Wadley and DemiGod each winning 11.33 PPC and 6.7887 PPC. A total of 81.446 PPC has been given out as a reward to the winners.

Startis: User holzfritte dominated the top position by wagering an unbeatable amount of 214,034 Start and won the maximum reward of 400 Start. Second place was occupied by grav who wagered 16,289 Start and won 29.32 START. Third place was taken by DemiGod wagering 15,347 Start and winning 23.02 START. Fourth and fifth position was filled by xitonfera and Lutpic each winning 17.93 Start and 7.69 Start. A total of 477.977 Start has been given out to the top users of the wagering contest.

Monero: Treebeard has placed in first by wagering 421.007 XMR and won 0.842 XMR as a reward for his achievement. Grav placed in second by wagering 199.49 XMR and won 0.359 XMR. Third place was taken by Johnson356 by wagering 82.7299 XMR and won 0.124 XMR. Rest of the two position was taken by maxownage01 and Alvan689 each winning 0.1142 and 0.0913 XMR. A total of 1.530 XMR has been dealt to the winners of Monero wagering contest.

All rewards have been dealt to the players within few hours. Along with the rewards, the top five users for each coin have received the [VIP] tag. They now have access to all the VIP exclusive features. The tag will last until the end of the next wagering contest. December's wagering contest has already been started with almost 25 days left for users to fight for the top position and claim in those sweet rewards. If you weren’t able to participate on last month’s contest, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.


After a long week of no jackpot, last week we have seen one user being able to hit the jackpot. User stampy won 2.24 million Play money (1.1% of the total jackpot) on dice jackpot by wagering only 1,000 Playmoney. More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the “Jackpot” section in FAQ. If you still have questions about the jackpot, feel free to ask us on the chat channel.


Last week's lotto was filled with tickets that came from the winners of the wagering contest. The total pot was huge and we had lucky winners with small percentage who won the lotto.

Bitcoin Lotto Round 324 was won by Pepepu35 who placed in first and second (with a win chance of 21.708%) winning a total of 0.13129 BTC. Third place was taken by Skyelar (with a win chance of 14.761%) winning 0.006910 BTC.

Ethereum Lotto Round 132 has been won by Moner (with a win chance of 22.316%) winning 5.3772 ETH! Second place winner was Unwona515 winning 1.0082 ETH with just a small win chance of 3.347%. Third place was taken by once again Skyelar who won 0.03361 ETH (with a win chance of 22.540%).

Litecoin Lotto Round 74 has been won by Skyelar who took in first and second position with a win chance of 11.835% winning 17.86 LTC in total. Third place was taken by Shahista (with a win chance of 1.33%) winning 0.940 LTC.

Dogecoin Lotto Round 162 has been won by Randee888 who took in the first and second place with a win chance of 22.255% winning 128.06K doge coins. The third position was taken by Kothari12 with just a small percentage of win chance (5.935%) winning 6.74K doge coins!

Spotlight Bets: 

User locyn816 made a profit of (Dice BetID: 2,828,476,343) 0.5 BTC on one single bet.

User Ingham251 was able to hit x3 multiplier on dice (Dice BetID: 2,842,464,163) making a profit of 53.739 ETH! The same user was able to make another profit of 3.932 ETH in one single bet (Dice BetID: 2,848,621,168).

User fatgooseNNA was able to hit the x3139.24 multiplier (Dice BetID: 2,843,865,844) winning 0.0139 BTC.

User Kensey895 made a profit of 0.128 BTC by just wagering (Roulette BetID: 10,324,991) 0.056 BTC.

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually.

The November wagering contest has come to an end but there is more to go. The December wagering contest has started with completely new statistic. Jump on that and wager enough to win something. Don’t forget, there are coins that are not much active in the wagering contest which you can join and easily reach the top position.