11th January

Greetings Everyone!

December has already ended and so has the year 2018. The year was filled with full of excitement. The wagering contest held through out the year was totally staggering. The last wagering contest of 2018 was also exceptional. We have seen old as well as new users winning the leader board.
Upcoming Ethereum Fork:
We might be seeing some few Ethereum Forks and chain split. We have already made an announcement post on our blog. We will keep you updated if any kind of action has to been taken by you.

Winners of December Wagering Contest:
December wagering contest was a total blast. Users fought with each other to secure their position on the leader board and did very well to defend it. Here are the winners of the December wagering contest:

Bitcoin: Once again, user Pepepu35 has managed to win the bitcoin wagering contest. The user once again placed an amazing total wager of 582.82 BTC and was able to claim the maximum reward of 1 BTC! The second placed has been conquered by brewdog2018 by wagering 92.451 BTC. The user has bagged in 0.175 BTC as a reward. Third place was captured by Play who has wagered a total amount of 63.97 BTC. This user has been rewarded by 0.102 BTC. Play was followed by fatgooseNNA, Gunit1, Jermane821, Ingham241, 8808ln18, Recinte and Jay472. Each user has won 0.077 BTC, 0.05355 BTC, 0.053 BTC, 0.049 BTC, 0.038 BTC, 0.0297 BTC, 0.022 BTC and 0.0165 BTC based on their wagered amount and position. A total of 1.56 BTC has been dealt as a reward to the winners! Along with bitcoins, 828 lotto tickets have been spread out to the winners based on their rankings.

Ethereum: Aylmer555, who we have seen several times on the top of the leader board, once again took the top position by wagering 10,003.75 ETH. The user has claimed the maximum reward of 5 ETH. Locyn816 has placed in second by wagering 2,486.2 ETH and winning 3 ETH which is also the maximum reward for the position. Locyn816 was followed by CloeliaAva who has wagered 1,346.46 ETH and has also claimed the maximum reward of 1.5 ETH. Rest of the position were filled by Parnall986, Unwona515, Amans056, Aguisel935, d3ca, Ovader and Tudekiks. Each user has won .99 ETH, 0.629 ETH, 0.555 ETH, 0.441 ETH, 0.321 ETH. 0.282 ETH and 0.2 ETH based on their position and wagered amount. A total of 12.92 ETH has been given away to winners along with 828 Lotto tickets!

Doge: Kerrick880 has stood first on the Doge coin wagering contest. The user has wagered 29,211,602 Doge to secure his position and win 58,423 Doge as a reward for his achievement. Goobersmooch held the second place by wagering 20,964,059 Doge and won 37,735 Doge based on his wagering amount and position. Third place has been taken by AGdx losing marginally against Goobersmooch. AGdx has wagered 20,748,529 Doge and won 31,122 Doge. Rest of the positions has been filled by shanti963, grav, Skyelar and Matta795. Each of this user has won 20,719 Doge, 15,177 Doge, 10,116 Doge and 7,999 Doge based on their position and total wagered amount for that month. A total of 181,293 Doge has been distributed among the winners along with 335 doge lotto tickets.

Litecoin: Our user 8808ln18 has captured the top position at LTC wagering contest by wagering 14,646.39 LTC. This amount has allowed the user to grab in the maximum reward of 15 LTC. Killer1984 came in second by wagering only 1,725 LTC and winning 3.106 LTC. GreenNumbers stood on third by wagering 1,375.04 LTC and winning 2.06 LTC. Other spots were filled by Goobersmooch, DemiGod, Claudio513 and Adkyn566. Each user based on their position won 1.814 LTC, 1.454 LTC, 1.122 LTC and 0.993 LTC. A total of 25.536 LTC has been given out to the winners. Along with those litecoins, 790 LTC lotto tickets has also been distributed to the top seven users.

Bitcoincash: Aylmer555 who has already been top on the Ethereum wagering contest was also able to reach the top position on Bitcoincash wagering contest. The user has wagered 1,022.6 BCH and has been rewarded 2.04 BCh. Claudio513 who has wagered 514.08 BCH came in second for which has been rewarded with 0.925 BCH. Claudio513 was followed by Dimon4ik who came in third by wagering 250.86 BCH and winning 0.376 BCH. Rest two position were filled by LegendaryPK and fatgooseNNA, each winning 0.174 BCH and 0.137 BCH. A total of 3.66 BCH has been distributed among the winners.

Dash: User grav was seen topping the December Dash wagering contest. The user has wagered 192.5 Dash to reach that position and beat others. This in turn rewarded the user with 0.385 Dash. Brun935 stood second by wagering 83.78 Dash and won 0.15 Dash. Third place has been taken by Herald442 wagering 83.722 Dash (just 0.06 Dash less than second place) and winning 0.125 Dash. Fourth and fifth place has been taken by Edwardo919 and Lutpin each winning 0.098 Dash and 0.077 Dash.

Ethereumclassic: Goobersmooch has wagered 67,339.38 ETC which has helped him to secure the top position and has claimed the maximum reward. The user has been rewarded 70 ETC. The user has been followed by Amans056 who has wagered 58,832.611 and has also claimed the maximum reward which is 40 ETC. Third place has been taken by grav who wagered only 4,321.33 ETC and won 6.481 ETC. Rest of the two position has ben taken by Dimon4ik and spcm each winning 4.916 ETC and 3.226 ETC. A total of 124.61 ETC has been distributed among the winners.

NeoGas: User spcm has placed first by wagering 11,316.93 GAS and won 22.633 GAS. Second place has been taken by NiMa who has wagered 2,483.62 GAS and won 4.47 GAS. DemiGod became third by wagering 2,421.13 GAS and won 3.631 GAS. Forth and fifth place has been taken by rups and s0lidus each winning 3.001 GAS and 1.258 GAS. A total of 34.99 GAS has been distributed among the winners.

Peercoin: Tudekiks wagered 249,003.930 PPC to come in first. For his achievement, the user has been rewarded with 498.007 PPC. Second place has been taken by Skyelar by wagering 11,984.93 PPC and based on his position and wagering amount, the user has been rewarded with 21.57 PPC. Third place winner, Claudio513 has wagered 9,396.93 PPC and has won 14.095 PPC. Dellwin435 and Marji860 came in fourth and fifth each winning 6.744 PPC and 5.765 PPC. A total of 546.178 PPC has been distributed to the winners of PPC wagering contest.

Stratis: User holzfritte once again became first at the leader board by wagering 134,671.2 XLM. The user won 269.34 XLM. Second place winner Play wagered 67,696.368 XLM winning 121.85 XLM. Grav has been placed third for wagering 52,586.65 XLM and won 78.879 XLM. Shahista and Adzino came in fourth and fifth each winning 24.388 XLM and 19.97 XLM. Altogether, user has won a total of 514.42 XLM.

Monero: Once again we can see user spcm and grav who has been placed first and second on Monero wagering contest leader board. Spcm has wagered 170.049 XMR winning 0.34 XMR. Grav has wagered 131.768 XMR and won 0.237 XMR. Third place has been captured by brewdog2018 wagering 125.304 XMR and winning 0.187 XMR. MrMondo and Eega has taken hold of the rest position winning 0.156 XMR and 0.1307 XMR. A total of 1.053 XMR has been distributed among the winners.

All rewards have been dealt to the players within few hours. Along with the rewards, the top five users for each coin have received the [VIP] tag. They now have access to all the VIP exclusive features. The tag will last until the end of the next wagering contest.  January’s wagering contest has already been started with less than 20 days left for users to fight for the top position and claim in those sweet rewards. If you weren’t able to participate on last month’s contest, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Let this New Years first contest be on your favor.

Since our last weekly blog update, we have seen three more jackpots being hit! User Pandarian won the BCH jackpot winning 0.0566 BCH (1% of the total jackpot). The next jackpot has been won by Jay472. The user was rewarded 0.0346 BTC (1% of the total jackpot) for hitting the jackpot. The most recent jackpot has been won by Keon719 winning 0.0344 BTC (1% of the total jackpot).
More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the “Jackpot” section in FAQ. If you still have questions about the jackpot, feel free to ask us on the chat channel.

Last week's lotto was filled with tickets that came from the winners of the wagering contest. The total pot was huge, and we had lucky winners with small percentage who won the lotto.
Bitcoin Lotto Round 333 was won by Pepepu35 who placed in first (with a win chance of 28.571%) winning a total of 0.084 BTC. Second place has been taken by Play (with a win chance of 9.714%) winning 0.015750 BTC. Third place was taken by Pepepu35 (with a win chance of 28.571%) winning 0.005250 BTC. 

Ethereum Lotto Round 136 has been won by DemiGod (with a win chance of 1.449%!) winning 1.242 ETH! Second place winner was Aylmer555 winning 0.2329 ETH with just an extremely good win chance of 28.986%. Third place was taken by d3ca who won 0.0776 ETH (with a win chance of 1.932%). 

Litecoin Lotto Round 79 has been won by DatBcH who stood first with a win chance of 15.045% winning 9.864 LTC in total. Skyelar is the user who took in second and third position with a win chance of 34.185% winning 2.466 LTC in total 

Doge coin Lotto Round 167 has been won by Skyelar who has managed to take all three positions! The user has won a total of 155,800 Doge with a win chance of 32.991%. Extremely lucky to take in all three positions!

Head over to the Lotto page at crypto-games and buy some tickets to try out your luck. Currently the first place winner of doge lotto will be taking 10,880 Doge, second place will be taking 2,040 Doge and the third place will win 680 Doge!

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually. 
The December wagering contest has come to an end, so has the year 2018 but there is more to go. The January wagering contest has started with completely new statistic. Jump on that and wager enough to win something. Don’t forget, there are coins that are not much active in the wagering contest which you can join and easily reach the top position. Be at least on top five to get the VIP tag and access all its feature for one whole month. A huge surprise is coming up ahead. Keep an eye on this site. Thanks for staying with us.

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