The Year in Review: A Look Back at 2018!

2018 was a thrilling and productive year for us as we embarked on our own ongoing improvement journey. We dedicated most of our time to enhance our user experience at our casino. We began the year with a renewed vision to have a closer relationship with all our users, to strengthen their trust on us and to make our community bigger. We don’t consider ourselves as a typical crypto-currency based casino, where people just gamble all day. It has become more of a social gambling site where people interact with each other through the chat box. We have brought people from all over the world together to share their knowledge with us while gambling. We love it this way. It helps us from not being insular and broadens our reach. 

As we bid farewell to 2018, we would like to share with you some of our achievements made throughout the year.

An Overview:
2018 has been a crazy busy month for us! A total of 1,062,682,750 bets has been placed all together on Dice, Roulette, Slot, Blackjack, Video Poker and Plinko within that year. That is an average of 2,911,460 bets per day. Impressive, isn’t it? Thanks to the server upgrades we have made last year which made it possible for us to handle such high volume of bets every day without any issue. Up till today, users have placed a total of 3,010,270,254 bets on our casino!
Statistics of each game has been briefly given below.

Dice is the most popular crypto-currency based gambling game. This year we have achieved a lot on our Dice game. The numbers have been quite impressive, and we wish to keep it up. Users have placed a total of 1,040,133,177 bets on dice. 

This means around 97.87% of the total bets combining all other games have been placed on dice alone. 54% of those bets were made using BTC! Moreover, an average of 2,849,679 bets has been placed on dice daily. 

While most bets were placed using BTC, Stratis stood out to be the second favorite. Around 86,499,488 bets were played using Stratis which takes up 8% of the total bets. Overall, the statistics on dice has met our expectation and we are proud of it.

 Dice Jackpots:
As of now, the current jackpot is around 3.413 BTC, 17.06 DASH, 2,843,501 DOGE, 106.68 ETH, 33.5 ETC, 116.97 LTC, 5.75 BCH, 617.38 PPC, 22.79 GAS, 515.1 STRAT and 13.84 XMR!

A total of 245 jackpots has been hit on slot! That’s like almost one jackpot each day. Slots are always fun to play with. Around 0.85% of the total bets combining all games has been placed on slot. 

Play money was mostly used for wagering at slot. Around 34% of wagered coins on slot was Play money. Users next favorite coin was PPC. 24% of the coins wagered at slot was PPC only to be followed by BTC covering 16% of the total bets placed on slot. Among the other coins, least played was DASH, GRC and XMR covering only negligible amount of the bets.

We are pleased with the numbers but hope that we can do better at slots this year!

Users have placed around 1,469,188 bets on Blackjack last year. This takes around 0.138% of the total bets played on all games combined.

Users has mainly chosen to play with BTC when betting at Blackjack. Around 34% of the coins wagered at Blackjack was done with bitcoin. Ethereum, Doge and Litecoin were also wagered covering rest major of the bets. 

Up till now, users have placed 5,350,452 bets on blackjack. We have seen those numbers increasing even more each year and won’t be surprised to see an increase of average daily bets placed this year.

Last year a total of 5,934,215 bets has been placed a Roulette. That is around 0.55% of the total bets combining all the games has been played on Roulette. Blackjack has been played using Playmoney the most by users. 42% of the bets were made using playmoney.

PPC was the second most used coins being 16% of the total. The most well-known coin, BTC has covered 14% of the bets. XMR, GRC and DASH were the least favorite and has covered insignificant number of bets.

Roulette has gathered 11,083,593 bets from the beginning till today. We have also introduced jackpot on Roulette this year. Users can now win the jackpot by playing roulette. The criteria for winning the jackpot can be found in the FAQ.

Video Poker:
Who doesn’t love to play some Video poker? Users have placed 2,166,534 bets on Video Poker last year. 0.2% of the total bets played on all games has been covered by Video Poker. It has somehow managed to beat the more popular game, Blackjack in terms of betting.

PPC seemed to be the most used coin at Roulette holding up 28% of the bets. BTC and Playmoney were equally used covering 21% by each. Rest of the bets were made using STRAT, BCH, DOGE, ETH, ETC, LTC and GAS. XMR, DASH and GRC were the least used coins having little to no effect on the total bets

A total of 50 Royal Flushes has been won by our users. On average, we can see at least 2 Royal Flushes per month! We have a total of 5,031,754 bets played on Video Poker since it was introduced.

Users have placed 3,937,077 bets on Plinko this year. That is around 0.37% of the bets placed on all games has been played on Plinko. Around 25% of the bets played on Plinko was done by using bitcoin.

Playmoney was the second most used coin covering 20%. Peer coin was the third favorite coin to play with which has taken 15% of the bets followed by Doge holding 11%.

Plinko is really a mesmerizing game to play with. Up to today 7,680,571 bets has been placed on Plinko! Let us not forget about the amazing max win at Plinko where a user won 3.89 BTC by just wagering 0.006 BTC.

Through out the whole year of 2018, users have bought Lotto tickets worth of 8.8627 BTC, 92.361 ETH, 205.64 LTC and 8,689,100 Doge. We have seen people getting extremely lucky and being able to win huge amount of coins with very less percentage of win chance.
The Wagering Contest:
The wagering contest has been a huge hit ever since it was introduced. We have seen regular people actively participating on the contest to win some rewards while gambling, after all who doesn’t love some sweet free coins?

Achievements and Changes throughout the year:
 January: It was on the beginning of 2018 we have decided to make a change on lotto pay-out where users will be given 100% of the total coins raised from tickets.
February: We have delisted GRC from our supported coins but as a counter added NeoGas.  We reached our 2 billion bet mark and rewarded the user 0.05 BTC for hitting the mark. We also hosted a fun dice challenge with a bounty of 0.04 BTC.
March:  Not much has taken place during this month. We decided to open a poll and let users vote for the next coin to be added to
April: Bitcoincash (BCH) has been added to our supported coin list. Due to overwhelming support for Stratis Lumens (XLM), we have decided to add that coin too. We also updated our policy regarding hard forks and chain splitting. With the end of our previous challenge, a new challenge involving various games has been started with a reward going up to 1 BTC.
May: We had a short maintenance during the start of the month to improve server efficiency.
June: We have adjusted the rules of monthly wagering contest in order to make it fairer. Along with new rules, we increased the rewards dealt for winning the contest. We also added progressive jackpot for Roulette.
July: Ethereum Classic has been added to our supported coin list.
August: turns 4 years old!  We celebrated our birthday by hosting chat games and giving away free vouchers along with no speed limit on betting. We also increased the rewards on wagering contest. 7,777,777 bet id on dice was reached and the user hitting it was rewarded with 1 ETH.
September: We had a series of long maintenance. We upgraded our system and servers which made our casino more efficient in handling user bets. This also allowed us to lower dice speed limit by 30% for all users. Speed limit from VIP and VRN users has been removed permanently.
October: No bet delay promotion was initiated and lasted for one whole day. Spooky Halloween was celebrated, and users were given free coins along with another no bet delay promotion.
November: We prepared us for Bitcoincash hard fork and decided to honour users with their forked coins as an exception despite our policy change. We reached 10 million bets on Roulette and rewarded the user who played the 10 millionth bet with 0.05 BTC. A short maintenance took place to improve user experience.
December: Bitcoincash forked coins has been distributed among the users that made prior request. We celebrated Christmas by hosting series of games and challenges along with giving away lot of free coins, vouchers and lotto tickets. The year ended with a blast.
January 2019: Hoping for a better future!

Thanks for being with us throughout the whole year. It has been one of the most memorable years for everyone at We really appreciate your support. Hope to see you guys around forever!
Oh, and with all these nostalgia we almost forgot to say….Happy New Year! May the year be the one you always wanted.

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