31st January

Hey Gamblers! 

This whole week has been an exciting week for everyone. We have added a new game, “minesweeper” which has got everyone hooked. The response from the users was a success for us.
Along with this month, the wagering contest is also about to come to an end. Just few more hours remaining before a new month contest is about to begin. 


Our latest addition to the game list is the classic Minesweeper! Sweep your ways to sweet rewards by uncovering the fields and avoiding the bombs. We have also redesigned out initial release and added some awesome animations! Hope you enjoy the new game and all feedbacks are welcomed.

January Wagering Contest Update: 

Less than few hours remaining before January wagering contest comes to an end. Huge rewards are going to be dealt out very soon. A brief update of the contest is given below:

Bitcoin: User Pepeu35 is still leading the bitcoin wagering contest from the very begining. The user has wagered 231.04 BTC and will be receiving an estimated of 0.5 BTC reward out of the maximum reward of 1 BTC. The user is still followed by brewdog2018 who has now wagered around 92.2 BTC and will receive an estimated reward of 0.175 BTC. Third place is currently occupied by m4ansen who has wagered 82.63 BTC and will receive an estimate of 0.087 BTC as a reward based on his position and total wager for this month. User fatgooseNNA has lost his third position and has been sent down to fifth position.
Dogecoin: User Goobersmooch is still currently at the top and dominating the Doge wagering contest for this month. The user has wagered 28,362,052 Doge and will receive an estimate of 56,722 Doge out of the maximum reward of 300,000 Doge. Second place is still being taken by shanti963 who has wagered 20,586,862 Doge and will be receiving 37,056 Doge as a reward for his wagered amount and position. Shanti963 is now followed by Kerrick880 who has wagered 15,857,878 Doge and will receive an estimate of 23,786 Doge if he manages to keep his position till the end. 
Ethereum: User Huxford776 has taken over the first place by throwing Sceobba658 to the second place. The user has wagered 2,457.82 ETH and will be receiving the maximum reward of 5 ETH. User Sceobba658 is now sitting on the third place of Ethereum wagering contest by wagering a total amount of 1,978.4 ETH. Based on his position and wagered amount the user will be receiving 3 ETH which is the maximum reward. Third place has been currently occupied by Aylmer555 who has wagered 1,073.9 ETH and will receive reduced reward of 1.5 ETH due to losing his second position.
Litecoin: User jpt1016 is still currently at the top with his unbeatable wagered amount of 10,289.6 LTC and will be receiving 15 LTC as a reward. The user has already reached the maximum cap of the reward. 88xyxf has occupied the second position sending Elgar994 to the third position. User 88xyxf has wagered 7,135.133 LTC and will receive the maximum reward of 10 LTC. Elgar994 is currently on the third place by wagering 3,706.5 LTC and will receive 5 LTC as a reward based on his position and wagered amount.
Stratis:   User Grav is still currently defending the top position of stratis wagering contest by wagering 40,539.34 STRAT and will receive 81.07 STRAT. The user is once again followed by Skyelar who has wagered 18,306.133 START and will receive 32.95 START. Third place is taken by holzfritte by wagering 14,357 START and will receive 21.53 START.
Monero: spcm is still currently leading Monero wagering contest and has increased his wager to 2,204.68 XMR and will receive 4.04 XMR as a reward. User fuziondevops has lost his second place and thrown to third by user Thorn who has wagered 630.856 XMR and will receive 1.135 XMR. User fuziondevops is now at third place and has wagered 148.22 XMR and will receive 0.22 XMR.  
Peercoin: User Skyelar is still dominating the top position by wagering 52,602.2 PPC and will receive 105.2 PPC. The user is followed by Azaan and DemiGod each wagering 28,211 PPC and 26,767 PPC. They will receive 50.78 PPC and 40.15 PPC as rewards for their respective position. 
The contest is about to come to an end within few hours. Don’t worry if you missed this month wagering contest. A new contest will start soon which means a fresh start and a new opportunity to join the contest. 

More information about the current contest can be found by going to “Your Account” and clicking on “Contests”. Don’t worry if you miss this month’s wagering contest, you can always join the future contests. Keep in mind, along with those free coins, you will also be getting lotto tickets (for selected coins only) and the [VIP] tag with access to exclusive VIP chat channel. VIPs also have no dice speed limit!


Since having no jackpots for almost three weeks, we have now seen three users hitting the BTC jackpot within a week. User brewdog2018 has won 0.034 BTC (1% of the total jackpot) by placing only 67 satoshi bet. Another user Shahista has also won 0.034 BTC (1% of the total jackpot) by placing only 50 satoshi bet. User brewdog2018 once again won the latest jackpot winning 0.034 BTC (1% of the total jackpot) by placing only 150 satoshi bet.
More information on how to win the jackpot and claim 100% of the reward can be found at the “Jackpot” section in FAQ. If you still have questions about the jackpot, feel free to ask us on the chat channel.


Bitcoin Lotto round 340 has been won by s0lidus (first place with 13.337 % of win chance), Kryptolodge (second place with 11.321 % of win chance) and CryptoWorld (third place with 10.377 % of win chance) each winning 0.00848 BTC, 0.001590 BTC and 0.000530 BTC for their respective position.
Bitcoin Lotto round 341 has been won by Hohen (first place with a win chance of 2.372 %), MauroTree (second place with 1.186 % win chance) and s0lidus (third place with 15.810 % win chance each winning 0.02024 BTC, 0.003795 BTC and 0.001265 BTC for their respective position.

Spotlight Bet:

User Sceobba658 made a profit of 11.1 ETH (Roulette BetID: 11,432,252) at Roulette by betting only 2.7 ETH!
User Birly642 made a profit of 0.596 ETH on Slot (Slot BetID: 27,325,661) by wagering only 0.004 ETH
User fatgooseNNA made a profit of 1.03 BTC (Dice BetID: 3,097,741,442) by wagering only 0.00069 BTC and being able to hit the 1498.48940x multiplier! The same user once again managed to hit 4331.87770x multiplier on dice (Dice BetID: 3,101,122,135) winning 0.089 BTC by wagering only 0.00002064 BTC!

All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually. 
The January wagering contest is about to come to an end but there is more contest coming up to win some amazing reward by climbing to the top position. Don’t forget, there are coins that are not much active in the wagering contest right which you can join and easily reach the top position.  Good Luck!
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