Important Announcement: Delisting Peercoin

As we refine and improve our selection of coins offered on CryptoGames, we have concluded that Peercoin (PPC) does no longer meet the requirements we have for a coin to be listed. Both our investors and players seem to agree, since the bankroll (valued just under 2 BTC as of right now) and the wagers on Peercoin have been considerably low in the last few months. Further, Peercoin has been sliding down in the overall crypto market and is trailing current technical standards, with development only going slowly, if at all. As a result, we have decided that the best course of action is to remove Peercoin from the list of available coins, in order to allow us to better focus our resources on the remaining coins, and possible new additions we might explore in the future.

This process will be carried out in two different phases. In the first phase, Peercoin will be removed from ongoing promotions like the monthly wagering contests and we will stop accepting deposits for Peercoin. The currently running contest (April 2019) will be the last one for Peercoin and once all players have been paid their rewards, Peercoin will be removed from the contests with no new round starting. This phase will begin on May 1st after the conclusion of the last round of the wagering contest. While betting will carry on without any limitations, only outgoing transactions will be processed. In the second phase, we will also stop accepting bets and processing automatic withdrawals. This phase will start with the final deadline for withdrawals, on June 1st. Everyone should withdraw their remaining balances before this date. If a user fails to do so, we will attempt to send their remaining coins to their emergency address. Users who have no emergency address set and didn’t withdraw in time will have to manually contact us for specific instructions.

To sum up the two key dates: No more deposits after May 1st, no more withdrawals after June 1st.