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Greetings everyone! 2019 has been a year of progress and development,  helping us to strengthen our relationship with our excellent user-base.  We have always focused our efforts in trying to provide quality service to our players and this year was no different. We have made our community bigger and stronger, with more users than ever, with the intention of making friends and developing bonds from all over the world. And as we close the curtains on the decade and usher in a new one, we fervently hope you will continue to accompany us in our quest of providing the best gambling experience out there!

We have a lot of events and promotions planned for this year so keep your eyes glued to the site for any new announcements!

December Wagering Contest Winners:

The last month of the year saw relentless battle between users as they clawed their way to a better position on the leaderboard.  As the dust settled some new faces emerged as the new occupants at the top of the leaderboard, and with many old veterans still managing to cling onto their positions.   A brief summary of what ensued in the wagering contest and about the winners of the contest is posted below:

Bitcoin: After a vigorous battle at the top of the leaderboard, Omokata54 has emerged as the winner of the Bitcoin Wagering Contest  wagering a total of  238.4052 BTC and bagging a reward of 0.5244915 BTC! The second position was snatched up by the cunning Roma who wagered 67.036615 BTC and claimed a reward of 0.127369 BTC. User 9fya8a earned the third position and he wagered 42.49961892 BTC to win a reward of 0.06799940 BTC. Savvas22O and Kimpara secured the fourth and fifth positions by wagering 35.80696 BTC and 8.84524 BTC and winning 0.05012 BTC and 0.022614 BTC as rewards respectfully.  The sixth position was occupied by Attilaloe who received a reward of 0.017835 BTC by wagering 16.2136 BTC. Duccel910 claimed the seventh position by wagering 15.39899000 BTC and reaping a reward of 0.01539900 BTC. Users Hampusgbg and lvane took up the eighth and ninth positions after wagering 10.654403 BTC and 10.59000 BTC and winning rewards of 0.009589 BTC and 0.008472 BTC. They were followed by Maerla201 who wagered 10.07039032 BTC and was awarded a total of 0.00704930 BTC. A total of
0.8509489 BTC has been distributed to the winners. Along with those bitcoins, 828 lotto tickets have been spread out to the winners based on their rankings.

Odard569 has secured the top position in the BitcoinCash Wagering Contest for December. He wagered 111.9803 BCH and was rewarded 0.2239 BCH. Cuelino478 has claimed the second position and was rewarded 0.1972 BCH after wagering 109.6020 BCH. The third position was occupied by Claudio513 and he wagered 100.2476 BCH to reap 0.1503 BCH .The fourth position was won by Lutpin who wagered 78.0855 BCH and received 0.1093 BCH as a reward. The final position holder was to be taken by Omnamo 7, who won a reward of 0.08944 BCH after wagering 4.53894 BCH. A total of 0.7703822 BCH has been distributed among the winners.

DASH: Players endured a gruelling battle at the top of the DASH wagering contest leaderboard. Mohamadreza claimed the top spot at the Dash wagering contest by wagering a total of 158.611 DASH. The user has been rewarded with 0.3172 DASH for his victory. The relentless Egypxion has won the second position by wagering 151.4449 DASH and winning 0.2726 DASH as a reward. Goughe062 secured the third position and won a reward of 0.1871 DASH. He had to wager 124.755 DASH to get to this position. He has been followed by Pandarian who claimed the fourth position by wagering 98.8727 DASH. The user has bagged in a total reward of 0.13842 DASH.  Tudekiks took the final position by wagering a total of 64.9127 DASH to secure this position and earning 0.07789 DASH as a reward. A total of 0.9932739 DASH has been rewarded to users of the leader board winners.

Dogecoin:  The first place in Doge wagering contest leader board was won by none other than Krammillan. The user had to wage a total of 30,695,927.171 DOGE to earn his position and has been rewarded with 61,391.8543 DOGE. The second position has been secured by   Shineofasif who has wagered a total of 8,707,828.912 DOGE and has been rewarded with 15,674.0920 DOGE. Birch523 took the third winning position and was rewarded 8,097.08249 DOGE and he wagered an amount of 5,398,054.9949 DOGE. The fourth position has been taken by esmert who has wagered a total of 3,982,909.2215 DOGE and has been rewarded with 5,576.0729 DOGE. The fifth and the sixth winning positions have been taken by Eamon316 and roadcrypto respectively who wagered  3,864,830.341 DOGE and 3,077,965.328 DOGE  and were rewarded with 4,637.7964 DOGE and 3,385.76 DOGE respectably . The last winning position was obtained by chris who has wagered a total of 2,511,409.1608 DOGE was rewarded with 2,511.409 DOGE. The winners were awarded a total of 101,274.069221 DOGE. Along with those Doge coins a total 335 doge lotto tickets has been distributed to the winners based on their position.

Ethereum Classic:  Amans056 won the Ethereum Classic wagering contest of December. The user has wagered a total of 22,642.6641 ETC and has been rewarded with 45.28532 ETC based on securing the first position. rahul1607 grabbed the second position by wagering a total of 12,766.655 ETC and winning 22.9799 ETC. The third position now belongs to rimakk who has wagered a total of 5,001.27239 ETC. The user was awarded 7.501908 ETC as a reward. The fourth position is now held by Willcu888 who has wagered a total of 4,501.5445 ETC to win his position. The user was gifted 6.30216 ETC for his efforts. The last winning position has been taken by DemiGod who has wagered a total of 2,744.99363 ETC and has received a total of 3.29399 ETC as a reward. The winners of the wagering contest got a total of 85.3633714 ETC as rewards.

Etheruem:  After a fierce wagering contest, User roma stood as the first winner of the December wagering contest. He had to wager 1,710.2836 ETH and was awarded 3.76262 ETH on his triumph. The second position was occupied by Amans056 who wagered 1,226.6992 ETH and received 2.33072 ETH as reward. User Aylmer555 stood third and was rewarded 1.0679 ETH after wagering a total of 667.4392 ETH. The next two positions were claimed by users Gold170 and Besyara who wagered 361.7317 ETH and 301.188 ETH and won 0.506424 ETH and 0.361426 ETH respectively. The sixth position is now occupied by Jok354 who had to wager 195.790600 ETH to win his reward of 0.215369 ETH and get his position. User Aykin126 holds the seventh position after wagering 165.44378 ETH and he won 0.165443 ETH as reward. User Tudekiks holds the eighth position as he wagered a total of 144.57585 ETH and claimed a prize of 0.1301183 ETH. The next position holder was Ivane who won 0.102304 ETH. He had to wager 127.8800 ETH to earn the position of 9th.  The last position was held by s0lidus. He wagered 114.6764 ETH was awarded 0.0802735 ETH. A total of 8.722 ETH has been distributed among the winners. Along with those ETH 828 lotto tickets has been distributed according to the users of the wagering contest winners.

NeoGas: The first winner of the NeoGas wagering contest is User mavrin and he won a reward of 16.705839 GAS after wagering 8,352.9198 GAS. The second position holder is azka18, who wagered 5,632.52525 GAS to win 10.13854 GAS as a reward.  User luismateo06 won the third position after wagering 4,308.59923 GAS and was awarded 6.4628989 GAS. The forth position was claimed by RTVI who secured his position after wagering 4,042.2450 GAS and received 5.65914 GAS as a reward. The final position was grabbed by codewho wagered 3,252.83921 GAS to win his reward of 3.90340 GAS. A total of 42.869 GAS has been distributed among the winners.

Litecoin: User Wertolino fought hard and won the Litecoin wagering contest for December. The extremely clever gambler had to wager 2,450.293426 LTC to earn his position. He was awarded 4.900586 LTC. Second position is now occupied by Trumwin334 who wagered a total of 1,805.74504 LTC and has received a reward of 3.250341 LTC. Third position was won by Cuelino478 who wagered 1,641.10082 LTC to be awarded with 2.46165 LTC. User v8stahl now sits on the fourth position after wagering 1,557.5487 LTC and winning 2.180568 LTC. The fifth position holder is Papouch who won the position after wagering 722.76256 LTC and winning 0.867315 LTC as his reward. The final two positions were claimed by Users rahul1607 and sator who were awarded 0.695477 LTC and 0.55291 LTC and had to wager 632.252001 LTC and 552.91628 LTC to secure their positions. A total of 14.9088 LTC has been distributed among the winners. Along with those coins 790 LTC lotto tickets has been given to the winners.

Stratis: Stratis wagering contest saw vigorous competition among the participants who tried to claw their away to the top of the leader board. The winner of the Stratis Wagering contest is User luismateo06, who had to wager 117,134.80402 STRAT and won 234.269608 STRAT for his excellent performance. The second position is now secured by Trumwin334 who wagered 113,546.0062 STRAT and was awarded 204.38281 STRAT. User Elka won the third position after wagering 22,517.26339 STRAT and received 33.77589 STRAT for his effort. DemiGod earned the fourth position by wagering a total of 19,011.20951 STRAT and got a reward of 26.61569 STRAT for his clever tactics. The final position in the leaderboard now belongs to user Tudekiks who wagered 15,085.81080 STRAT and received a reward of 517.1469 STRAT. A total of 344.717 STRAT has been distributed among the winners of Strat wagering contest.

Monero: User fuziondevops won the Monero wagering contest of December after wagering 90.30856 XMR and was rewarded with 0.180617 XMR for his position in the leader board.  The second position has been secured by Rayy who has wagered a total of 59.18772 XMR and has been rewarded with 0.10653 XMR. . LoliPhabay played a clever hand and his position is third in the leaderboard. He was rewarded 0.0802925 XMR after wagering a total of 53.528308 XMR. The fourth position was won by expektor who wagered 48.763006 XMR and received 0.068268 XMR as a reward. User Rvzbtc  secured the final position after wagering a total of 35.691825 XMR and winning  0.0428302 XMR as a reward. A total of 0.47854 XMR has been distributed among the winners of XMR wagering contest winners.

The month of December saw vigorous competition in the wagering contest as players tried their utmost to claim better standings in the leader board. After fierce competition, the winners finally emerged to lay claim to their rewards. They were rightfully handed their winnings after a few hours from the end of the contest. Moreover, the [VIP] tag has been awarded to the top five players of each coin, who will now be able to enjoy all the VIP exclusive features. This tag will last till the start of the next contest; therefore the winners will have ample time to enjoy the new privileges and benefits. If you had missed the previous contest, then fret not! The January contest will go on for 13 more days, therefore this is the perfect time to put on your game-face and participate in the lucrative contests!
All bets made at crypto-games.net are provably fair and each bet can be verified individually.

With the start of the new decade, more players will join the alluring world of gambling ushering in a new era of superb entertainment and fierce competition. CryptoGames hopes to kick off the year in style with the end of the January wagering contest, which is paying witness to some of the most gruelling competition ever in the sites history. The year has just begun which is why you have ample time to stamp your mark on the leader board and claim excellent prizes. The battle for the top five is gruelling but holds the ultimate prize in the form of the VIP tag, which is why you should do your best to get there. Not all coins are super active in the wagering contests which is why some effective  strategy and quick thinking might earn you that lucrative VIP tag.  Stay with our site for daily updates. In case of queries and suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us via our support email or chat. One of our moderators is bound to reply and our instructions and comments will be replayed to you. Let us strive to make our community bigger and better! Good Luck Have fun and happy Gambling!

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