17th February

Greetings People!
Hope everyone has had a fantastic month! We, here at CryptoGames, had a blast relishing the spectacular wagering contest!  We have loads to tell you, so go through this post to get a recap of the intense action that occurred during the past wagering contest.  Before you proceed forward, make sure you read our recent blogpost reminding users NOT to use our casino as an online wallet or cold storage.

January Wagering Contest Winners:
The monthly wagering contests see fierce competition between the zealous players of this community and this month was no different.  Players who managed to climb to the top positions on the leaderboard were at constant fear of getting dethroned by other gamblers, who would do anything to get a taste of the glory. CryptoGames always observes these intense battles with delight as healthy competition always strengthen bonds and creates new friendships within the community. So without further ado, here are the winners of January wagering contest.

Bitcoin: After an intense war for the top positions of the leaderboard, kimpara has emerged as the winner of the Bitcoin Wagering Contest wagering a total of 68.0004 BTC and bagging a reward of 0.13600090 BTC! The second position was grabbed by Savvas22O who wagered 62.81355525 BTC and claimed a reward of 0.10678300 BTC. User Xyxfyqr snatched the third position and he wagered 57.29491171 BTC to win a reward of 0.08594240 BTC. User fatgooseNNA secured the fourth position and the fifth positions was won by daidyu0909 and they each wagered 42.59706379 BTC and 36.34154731 BTC and won 0.05537620 BTC and 0.03997570 BTC as rewards respectfully.  The sixth position was occupied by Maerla201 who received a reward of 0.0168073 BTC by wagering 18.67479992 BTC. User Fungii achieved the seventh position by wagering 17.41974914 BTC and earning a reward of 0.01393580 BTC. Users fm0202 was the winner of the eighth position. He wagered 13.09431451            BTC and won 0.00916600 BTC.
Ktroll0 won the 9th position by wagering a total of 10.31363064 BTC and winning 0.00618820 BTC as the reward. They were followed by Cana327 who won 7.53017068 BTC and was awarded a total of 0.00376510 BTC. The winners were awarded a total of 0.4739406 BTC as rewards. Along with those bitcoins, 828 lotto tickets have been spread out to the winners based on their rankings.

BitcoinCash: The extremely cunning user code has secured the top position in the BitcoinCash Wagering Contest for February. He wagered 99.78964964 BCH and was rewarded 0.18960030 BCH. Lutpin has claimed the second position and was rewarded 0.0984454 BCH after wagering 61.52836997 BCH. The third position was attained by Claudio513 who had to wager an amount of 55.81423858 BCH and earned an amount of 0.07813990 BCH. The fourth position was taken by harutano who wagered 52.38897830 BCH and received 0.06286680 BCH as an award for his achievement. The final position holder is Suriadi, who won a reward of 0.02855210 BCH after wagering 28.55210352BCH. A total of 0.4576045 BCH was rewarded to the winners.

DASH: The DASH wagering contest saw an all-out war between the ardent gamblers who fought their hardest to attain a suitable position. The cleaver plerplerpler claimed the top spot at the Dash wagering contest by wagering a total of 281.47302122 DASH. The user has been awarded a total of 0.53479870 DASH for his victory. The relentless Trumwin334 has won the second position by wagering 71.15227431 DASH and winning 0.11384360 DASH as a reward. Goughe062 secured the third position and won a reward of 0.09279850 DASH. He had to wager 66.28461253 DASH to get to this position. He has been followed by Pandarian who claimed the fourth position by wagering 49.80794982 DASH. The user has bagged in a total reward of 0.05976950 DASH.  Mohamadreza took the final position by wagering a total of 45.98901365 DASH to secure this position and earning 0.04598900 DASH as a reward. A total of 0.8471993 DASH was distributed among the winners.

Dogecoin: Players endured a gruelling battle at the top of the Dogecoin wagering contest leaderboard.  The first place in Doge wagering contest leader board was won by none other than Roadcrypto. The user had to wage a total of 4,880,675.000 DOGE to earn his position and has been rewarded with 9,273.2825 DOGE. The second position has been grabbed by Eamon316 who wagered a total of 4,704,016.77906 DOGE and was rewarded with 7,526.42684 DOGE. Raden13 fought hard to attain the third position and was rewarded 5,919.1229 DOGE and he wagered an amount of 4,227,944.980 DOGE. The fourth position has been taken by Fajar01 who has wagered a total of 4,060,689.5792 DOGE and has been rewarded with 4,872.827 DOGE. The fifth position was won by krammillan who wagered 3,862,606.043 DOGE to win a reward of 3,862.6060 DOGE. The winners of the Doge wagering contest won a total of 31,454.2658569 DOGE. Along with those Doge coins a total 335 doge lotto tickets has been distributed to the winners based on their position.

Ethereum Classic:  Amans056 came out as the winner of the Ethereum Classic wagering contest of January after the spectacular battle at the top of the Ethereum Classic leader board. The user has wagered a total of 7,677.52935 ETC and has been rewarded with 14.58730 ETC based on securing the first position. Savykh grabbed the second position by wagering a total of 2,805.27766 ETC and winning 4.48844 ETC. The third position belonged to rahul1607 who has wagered a total of 2,717.279 ETC. The user was awarded 3.8041 ETC as a reward. The fourth position was held by Carda443 who has wagered a total of 2,096.7276 ETC to win his position. The user was rewarded 2.51607 ETC for his efforts. The last winning position has been taken by Ricati057 who has wagered a total of 1,324.6834 ETC and has received a total of 1.32468ETC as a reward. The winners of the wagering contest got a total of 26.7206982 ETC as rewards.

Ethereum:  After an intense wagering contest, user mccong stood as the first winner of the January wagering contest. He had to wager 3,783.030 ETH and was awarded 7.56606 ETH for his great victory. The second position was occupied by ABoLLooN who wagered 521.91864 ETH and received 0.88726 ETH as reward. User tmills stood third and was rewarded 0.59656 ETH after wagering a total of 397.70823 ETH. The next two positions were claimed by users ltibor and lvane who wagered 373.0454555 ETH and 335.866400 ETH and won 0.484959 ETH and 0.369453 ETH respectively. The sixth position was occupied by Cafna455 who had to wager 121.649152 ETH to win his reward of 0.10948 ETH and get his position. User Amans056 holds the seventh position after wagering 108.45882 ETH and he won 0.086767 ETH as reward. User Mafemo97 held the eighth position as he wagered a total of 102.40336 ETH and claimed a prize of 0.071682 ETH. The next position holder was BigDragon who won 0.0528193 ETH. He had to wager 88.03209546 ETH to earn the position of 9th.  The last position was held by dchain. He wagered 85.18660 ETH was awarded with 0.0425933 ETH. A total of 10.2676425 ETH was awarded to winners. Along with those ETH 828 lotto tickets has been distributed according to the users of the wagering contest winners.

NeoGas: The first winner of the NeoGas wagering contest is user RTVI and he won a reward of 32.07036 GAS after wagering 16,879.13915 GAS. The second position holder is Lutpin, who wagered 6,480.7274998 GAS to win 10.36916 GAS as a reward. User DemiGod won the third position after wagering 6,470.88685 GAS and was awarded 9.059241 GAS. The forth position was claimed by prince94 who secured his position after wagering 6,393.19753 GAS and received 7.6718370 GAS as a reward. The final position was grabbed by Trumwin334 who wagered 6,303.453467 GAS to win his reward of 6.30345350 GAS. The players earned a total reward of 65.4740605 GAS.

Litecoin: The Litecoin wagering contest for January witnessed an all-out war between the contestants, who fought tooth and nail to win the first position and claim its lucrative reward. User Wertolino snatched the first position from all his competitors and won the Litecoin wagering contest. The extremely clever gambler had to wager  1,871.0612896 LTC to earn his position. He was awarded 3.742122 LTC. Second position was occupied by RedBear who wagered a total of 1,674.9839398 LTC and has received a reward of 2.67997430 LTC. Third position was won by Trumwin334 who wagered 461.26949903 LTC to be awarded with 0.64577730 LTC. User sator now sits on the fourth position after wagering 420.89423300 LTC and winning 0.50507310 LTC. The fifth position holder is v8stahl who won the position after wagering 252.65907683 LTC and winning 0.25265910 LTC as his reward. The final two positions were claimed by Users Papouch and Eamon316 who were awarded 0.1888313 LTC and 0.1529062 LTC and had to wager 209.812508 LTC and 191.132748 LTC to secure their positions. The players won a total of 8.1673439 LTC. A total of 14.9088 LTC has been distributed among the winners. Along with those coins 790 LTC lotto tickets has been given to the winners.

Stratis: Stratis wagering contest was the battleground for some ardent gamblers who gave it all to be able to win and to attain the ultimate prize. The winner of the Stratis Wagering contest is user DemiGod, who had to wager 84,585.993891 STRAT and won 160.713388 STRAT for his excellent performance. The second position is now secured by Shahista who wagered 18,613.95630 STRAT and was awarded 29.782330 STRAT. User Radolf108 won the third position after wagering 16,896.09964 STRAT and received 23.65453 STRAT for his effort. Munandar1986 earned the fourth position by wagering a total of 15,217.30798 STRAT and got a reward of 18.2607696 STRAT for his clever tactics. The final position in the leaderboard now belongs to User Morse496 who wagered 11,932.363 STRAT and received a reward of 11.93236 STRAT.  A total of 244.343392 STRAT was distributed among players.

Monero: User Rayy defeated all competition to win the Monero wagering contest of January after wagering 171.493614 XMR and was rewarded with 0.3258379 XMR for his position in the leaderboard.  The second position has been secured by fuziondevopswho has wagered a total of 64.585733 XMR and has been rewarded with 0.103337 XMR. Roadcrypto played a clever hand and as a result got his position on third in the leaderboard. He was rewarded 0.05365XMR after wagering a total of 38.32467444 XMR. The fourth position was won by enzosepiol who wagered 36.95000 XMR and received 0.044340 XMR as a reward. User rvzbtc secured the final position after wagering a total of 29.761605 XMR and winning 0.02976XMR as a reward. Winners were awarded a total of 0.5569312 XMR for the Monero wagering contest.

The month of January was witness to an extreme vigorous competition in the wagering contest as players tried to inch closer to better positions at the top of the leaderboard. The players at the top fought long and hard, placing strategic and clever bets, to outwit other gamblers to strengthen their grip on the higher positions on the board whereas players near the bottom of the table battled it out to attain better positions on the board. After the dust settled, the winners emerged to lay claim to their rewards and cement their fame. They were rightfully handed their winnings after a few hours from the end of the contest. Moreover, the [VIP] tag was rewarded to the top selected players of each coin, giving them access to all the VIP exclusive features. This tag will exist till the start of the next contest giving the champions enough time to enjoy the exclusive features and privileges. If you had not participated in the contest there is no need to lose hope, there is still ample time for you to make your mark on the leader board of the next month wagering contest. The next month will give you a fresh start so you can utilise the time and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Take note of the Mondays, which can come as a blessing for users to climb higher up on the leaderboard.

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