17th March

Greetings Fellow Gamblers! Hope everyone is having a great time relishing the wagering contests! This has been one action-packed month here in CryptoGames, with the action getting better and better as the month nears its end. Below is a recap of the brutal action that ensued in this month’s wagering contest. 

February wagering contest update

This month’s wagering contest has been an absolute tough fight with gamblers battling it out for better positions on the leaderboard. The wits of the table leaders were continuously put to the test as players below them fought tooth and nail to gain the upper hand. The carnage that ensued was a sight to behold and the spectators here at CryptoGames immensely enjoyed the healthy competition. Here is a detailed account of the wagering contest:

Bitcoin: After a heated battle for the top position of the leader board, Cana327 has emerged victorious as the winner of the Bitcoin Wagering Contest wagering a total of 84.960 BTC and bagging a reward of 0.170 BTC! The second position was grabbed by xyxfyqr who wagered 72.241 BTC and claimed a reward of 0.123 BTC. User Bitminer snatched the third position and he wagered 28.079 BTC to win a reward of 0.042 BTC. Maerla201 secured the fourth position and the fifth positions was won by RCmartins and they wagered 25.601 BTC and 19.229 BTC and won 0.033 BTC and 0.021 BTC as rewards respectfully.  The sixth position was occupied by fm0202 who received a reward of 0.0144 BTC by wagering 15.967 BTC. User s0lidus achieved the seventh position by wagering 15.012 BTC and earning a reward of 0.012 BTC. Users daidyu was the winner of the eighth position. He wagered 14.109 BTC and won 0.009 BTC.
Omokata54 won the 9th position by wagering a total of 9.864 BTC and winning 0.005 BTC as the reward. They were followed by Vickyddude who wagered 8.713 BTC and was awarded a total of 0.004 BTC. The winners were awarded a total of 0.436 BTC as a reward. Along with those bitcoins, 828 lotto tickets have been spread out to the winners based on their rankings.
BitcoinCash: User code has secured the top position in the BitcoinCash Wagering Contest for February. He wagered 181.268 BCH and was rewarded 0.344 BCH. Shahista has claimed the second position and was rewarded 0.119 BCH after wagering 74.829 BCH. The third position was attained by Lutpin who had to wager an amount of 74.808 BCH and earned an amount of 0.105 BCH. The fourth position was taken by tmills who wagered 69.056 BCH and received 0.082 BCH as an award for his achievement. The final position holder was taken by masashi0625, who won a reward of 0.049 BCH after wagering 49.457 BCH. A total of 0.723 BCH was rewarded to the winners.

DASH: The DASH wagering contest witnessed extreme competition as gamblers fought hard to achieve better positions on the leader board. The cleaver Carda443 claimed the top spot at The Dash wagering contest by wagering a total of 99.382 DASH. The user has been awarded a total of 0.188 DASH for his victory. The relentless locus has won the second position by wagering 54.665 DASH and winning 0.087 DASH as a reward. Radolf108 secured the third position and won a reward of 0.066 DASH. He had to wager 47.338 DASH to get to this position. He has been followed by Mohamadreza who claimed the fourth position by wagering 40.171 DASH. The user has bagged in a total reward of 0.048 DASH.  Odda093              took the final position by wagering a total of 39.433 DASH to secure this position and earning 0.0394 DASH as a reward. A total of 0.430203 DASH was distributed among the winners.
Dogecoin: Players engaged in fierce combat at the top of the Dogecoin wagering contest leader board to get control of the top positions.  The first place in Doge wagering contest leader board was won by none other than the extremely intelligent Rocati240. The user had to wage a total of 24,123,890.103 DOGE to earn his position and has been rewarded with 45,835.391 DOGE. The second position has been grabbed by krammillan who wagered a total of 10,742,026.750 DOGE and was rewarded with 17,187.242 DOGE. Achan230 fought hard to attain the third position and was rewarded 13,930.775 DOGE and he wagered an amount of 9,950,553.809 DOGE. The fourth position has been taken by Calli596 who has wagered a total of 6,691,368.400 DOGE and has been rewarded with 8,029.642 DOGE. The fifth position was won by acexpress who wagered 5,251,634.791 DOGE to win a reward of 5,251.634 DOGE. The winners of the Doge wagering contest won a total of 90,234.686 DOGE. Along with those Doge coins a total 335 doge lotto tickets has been distributed to the winners based on their position.
Ethereum Classic:  Savykh came out as the winner of the Ethereum Classic wagering contest of February after a breathtaking fight at the top of the Etheruem Classic leader board. The user has wagered a total of 2,043.417ETC and has been rewarded with 3.882 ETC based on securing the first position. Calli596 grabbed the second position by wagering a total of 1,313.326 ETC and winning 2.101 ETC. The third position now belongs to Pix2907 who has wagered a total of 993.635 ETC. The user was awarded 1.391 ETC as a reward. The fourth position is now held by lilllSlllil who has wagered a total of 678.421 ETC to win his position. The user was gifted 0.814 ETC for his efforts. The last winning position has been taken by Oladapo who has wagered a total of 436.902 ETC and has received a total of 0.436 ETC as a reward. The winners of the wagering contest got a total of 8.626 ETC as rewards.
Ethereum:  After an all out war at the top of the Ethereum wagering contest leader board, User BigDragon stood as the first winner of the December wagering contest. He had to wager 746.713 ETH and was awarded 1.493 ETH for his great victory. The second position was occupied by tmills who wagered 697.217 ETH and received 1.185 ETH as reward. User mccong stood third and was rewarded 0.826 ETH after wagering a total of 550.766 ETH. The next two positions were claimed by users cryptoSETAN and Carda443 who wagered 530.086 ETH and 190.629 ETH and won 0.689 ETH and 0.209 ETH respectively. The sixth position was occupied by lilllSlllil who had to wager 165.949 ETH to win his reward of 0.149 ETH and get his position. User Savykh holds the seventh position after wagering 146.432 ETH and he won 0.117 ETH as a reward. User JimPansen holds the eighth position as he wagered a total of 113.401 ETH and claimed a prize of 0.079 ETH. The next position holder was DatBcH who won 0.060 ETH. He had to wager 101.127 ETH to earn the ninth position.  The last position is held by Bondig389. He wagered 99.504 ETH was awarded 0.049 ETH. A total of 4.860 ETH was awarded to winners. Along with those ETH 828 lotto tickets has been distributed according to the users of the wagering contest winners.
NeoGas: The first winner of the NeoGas wagering contest is User Vlad326 and he won a reward of 26.482 GAS after wagering 13,938.208 GAS. The second position holder is RTVI, who wagered 8,917.659 GAS to win 14.268 GAS as a reward.  User xHAWAIIANx won the third position after wagering 8,318.263 GAS and was awarded 11.645 GAS. The forth position was claimed by luismateo06 who secured his position after wagering 8,232.018 GAS and received 9.878 GAS as a reward. The final position was grabbed by DatBcH who wagered 2,692.454 GAS to win his reward of 2.692 GAS. The players earned a total reward of 64.9672945 GAS.

Litecoin: The Litecoin wagering contest for February was bloody battlefield for the contestants, who fought tooth and nail to win the first position and claim its lucrative reward. User ltibor snatched the first position from all his competitors and won the Litecoin wagering contest. The extremely clever gambler had to wager  432.270 LTC to earn his position. He was awarded 0.86453920 LTC. Second position is now occupied by Wertolino who wagered a total of 420.339 LTC and has received a reward of 0.672 LTC. Third position was won by xyxfyqr who wagered 356.062 LTC to be awarded with 0.498 LTC. User RedBear now sits on the fourth position after wagering 351.660 LTC and winning 0.421 LTC. The fifth position holder is RTVI who won the position after wagering 332.312 LTC and winning 0.332 LTC as his reward. The final two positions were claimed by Users buyTrend and Rambogoham who were awarded 0.265 LTC and 0.227 LTC and had to wager 294.637 LTC and 284.058 LTC to secure their positions. The players won a total of 3.28 LTC as a reward for holding different positions on the wagering contest leader board. Along with those coins 790 LTC lotto tickets has been given to the winners.
Stratis: Stratis wagering contest was the battleground for some devoted gamblers who gave it all to be able to win and to attain the ultimate prize. The winner of the Stratis Wagering contest is User morris777, who had to wager 101,737.141 STRAT and won 193.300 STRAT for his excellent performance. The second position has been secured by DemiGod who wagered 70,911.021 STRAT and was awarded 113.457 STRAT. User Munandar1986 won the third position after wagering 39,499.065 STRAT and received 55.299 STRAT for his effort. Locus earned the fourth position by wagering a total of 28,154.082 STRAT and got a reward of 33.784 STRAT for his clever tactics. The final position in the leaderboard belonged to User Shahista who wagered 23,919.414 STRAT and received a reward of 23.919 STRAT.  A total of 419.761 STRAT was distributed among players.
Monero: User s0lidus conquered all competition to win the Monero wagering contest of February after wagering 287.657 XMR and was rewarded with 0.546 XMR for his position in the leaderboard.  The second position has been secured by Jok354 has wagered a total of 109.782 XMR and has been rewarded with 0.175 XMR. . DemiGod played a clever hand and her position is third in the leaderboard. She was rewarded 0.105 XMR after wagering a total of 75.066 XMR. The fourth position was won by d06nuts who wagered 21.395 XMR and received 0.025 XMR as a reward. User roadcrypto secured the final position after wagering a total of 20.155 XMR and winning 0.020 XMR as a reward. Winners were awarded a total of 0.873 XMR for the Monero wagering contest.

The month of February was filled with absolute excitement. The top players of the leader board tried their utmost to cling onto their positions at the relentless onslaught of the gamblers below them. As the dust cleared, the victors stood triumphant and ready to claim the spoils of the fierce battle. They were rewarded their winnings within few hours from the end of the contest. Furthermore, the top five players of each coin will be assigned [VIP] tags, which will grant them exclusive access to all the VIP features. This tag will be there till the start of the next tournament, giving the victors enough time to relish the benefits. If you had failed to participate in the wagering contest, you should not be upset as there is enough time to prepare for and join the next month’s wagering contest. Remember Mondays are a perfect opportunity to climb higher up on the leaderboard.

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